250 Funny Lizard Names That Will Leave You in Stitches

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Choosing the perfect name for your pet lizard can be a fun and creative process. A good name not only reflects your pet’s unique personality but can also serve as an icebreaker and conversation starter. In this blog post, we will explore 250 funny lizard names that will make you smile, chuckle, or even laugh out loud. These names are filled with humor and puns, so get ready to find the perfect moniker for your new scaly friend!

Think About Giving Your Pet A Name From One Of These Entertaining Categories.

1. Punny Lizard Names for the Witty Reptile Lover

Looking for a lizard name that’s both clever and humorous? Look no further than these punny options! Whether you want to name your pet after their unique physical characteristics (such as “Iggy Pop” for a spiky iguana) or a lizard-related play on words (like “Snoop Lizard” for a snoopy chameleon), there’s a punny name out there for every witty reptile lover.

2. Quirky Names for Your Scaly Companion

If you want your lizard’s name to reflect its quirky and unusual nature, consider some of these offbeat monikers. From “Pickle” to “Ziggy Stardust”, these names are as unique as your pet’s scales and will set them apart from the more traditionally named lizards out there.

3. From Draco to Liz Lemon: Pop Culture-Inspired Lizard Names

Are you a pop-culture enthusiast looking for a lizard name that pays homage to your favorite movie, TV show, or book? Check out these pop culture-inspired options, such as “Draco Malizard” for Harry Potter fans or “Liz Lemon” for 30 Rock enthusiasts. With these names, your pet will be a conversation starter wherever you go.

4. Laughing All the Way: Our Favorite Funny Lizard Names of All Time

If you just want to go all-out with a funny and outrageous name for your lizard, you won’t want to miss these top picks. From “Godzilla” to “Sir Reginald Frizzlesworth”, these names are sure to bring a smile to your face (and maybe even a laugh). So go ahead and embrace the silliness – your lizard will thank you for it.

Funny Lizard Names Inspired By Pop Culture

Name inspired by Movie and TV show references

  1. Leonardo DiLizardo
  2. Silvester Scalelone
  3. Lizzie McGuire
  4. Godzilla Giggles
  5. Chameleon Diaz
  6. Geckzilla
  7. Listerine
  8. Scales and Recreation
  9. Jurassic Bark
  10. GeckoBusters
  11. Indiana Geckones
  12. Luke Skyhopper
  13. Reptar Wars
  14. Lizard of the Rings
  15. Sherlock Home-lizard
  16. Liz-teria Lane
  17. Doctor Scale-who
  18. Geck to the Future
  19. Jurassic Perch
  20. Lizard McGuire
  21. Geck and Morty
  22. Game of Scales
  23. Breaking Shed
  24. Chameleonalisa
  25. Gecko Libre
  26. Green Eggs and Geck
  27. The Lizard of Oz
  28. The Scalefather
  29. The Bearded Dragon King
  30. Orange is the New Lizard
  31. LizVivor
  32. The Scaley Bunch
  33. Chameleon Night Live
  34. The Fresh Prince of Cold-Blood
  35. Scaled by the Bell
  36. The Geck-Files
  37. The Big Shed Theory
  38. Anole’s Anatomy
  39. The Reptile Housewives
  40. Lizard’s Drag Race
  41. Geck-Lo’s World
  42. The Lizard Queen
  43. Stranger Scales
  44. The Bearded Witcher
  45. Claw and Order
  46. One Scaly Hill
  47. The Lizard’s Office
  48. Gila’s Island
  49. Lizard Peaks
  50. Gecko’s Anatomy

Name inspired by Music and band references

  1. Elizabeth Taylor
  2. Lizard Minnelli
  3. Blue Scaled Group
  4. Gecko and the Bunnymen
  5. The Bearded Dragons
  6. Lizard Skynyrd
  7. Iguana Grande
  8. Scale-yonce
  9. Notorious B.I.G.uana
  10. Skink Floyd
  11. David Scale-ie
  12. The Rolling Scales
  13. Led Gecklin
  14. Lizard Gaga
  15. Maroon Geck
  16. Chameleonna Lewis
  17. Gecko Mode
  18. Radiohead Lizard
  19. Cold-scaled Play
  20. Blink-1lizard2
  21. Imagine Lizards
  22. The Lizard Beatles
  23. Gecko’s Midnight Runners
  24. The Reptile Chili Peppers
  25. Lizardtop

Hilarious Male And Female Lizard Names

Male Funny Lizard Names

  1. Scales McSquishy
  2. Scaly Dan
  3. Larry Lizardpants
  4. Slippy the Gecko
  5. Chuck Scale-a
  6. Jim Lizardson
  7. Geico Gecko
  8. Justin Timberlizard
  9. Bob Scaley
  10. Vincent Van Gecko
  11. Tailor Swift
  12. Scale Armstrong
  13. Draco Malscale-a
  14. Gecko Suave
  15. William Shakescale
  16. Lizardardo Da Vinci
  17. Alexander Scale-a
  18. Scalemail Shakespeare
  19. Brad Scalepitt
  20. Johnny Depth-scaler
  21. Albus Scale-dore
  22. Barack Ogecko
  23. Lebrizard James
  24. Gecko Washington
  25. Scalevester Stallizard
  26. Tom Scale-ise
  27. Gecko DiCaprio
  28. Channing Scale-tum
  29. Reptilian Reynolds
  30. Robert Downey Scales
  31. Lizard Newton-John
  32. Chris Hemsscale
  33. Scaly Joel
  34. Gecko Jackman
  35. Lizard Astaire
  36. Scale Sinatra
  37. Gecko-very Jones
  38. Elvis Pres-scales
  39. Scale-Vester Stalizard

B. Female Funny Lizard Names

  1. Lizzy Borden
  2. Scaley Berry
  3. Rihannaconda
  4. Lady Gila
  5. Chamelia Earhart
  6. Betty Blue-tongue
  7. Lizardbeth II
  8. Iggy Azlizard
  9. Michelle Oba-melon
  10. Scaledary Clinton
  11. Taylor Swift
  12. Reptile Witherspoon
  13. Scaly Clarkson
  14. Liza Minnelizard
  15. Charlize Theron-scaly
  16. Emma Scaly
  17. Gila Davis
  18. Geckolene Dion
  19. Britney Speared Lizard
  20. Angelina Joliescale
  21. Zoey Descale-channels
  22. Emma Scale-fur
  23. Betty White-tongue
  24. Geckona Ryder
  25. Adele Lizard
  26. Meryl Streeplizard
  27. Katy Perrythons
  28. Shakiragon
  29. Ellen Degeckeneres
  30. Tina Turner-lizard
  31. Mary Scale-Asbury
  32. Lizarda Lovelace
  33. Salma Hay-lizard
  34. Kristen Scalewart
  35. Scarlett Johanscales
  36. Lizarda Gaga
  37. Keira Knight-scaley
  38. Scaley Portman
  39. Queen Elizagila
  40. Olivia Scalen-John

Comical Names Based On Lizard Species And Traits

A. Spotted and Patterned Lizard Names

  1. Polka Dot Paul
  2. Speckled Sally
  3. Dalmatian Dave
  4. Checkered Charlie
  5. Spotty Sue
  6. Leopard Lenny
  7. Zebra Zelda
  8. Mosaic Mike
  9. Camo Carol
  10. Pixel Pete
  11. Freckle Fanny
  12. Stipple Steve
  13. Pinstripe Percy
  14. Patchy Pat
  15. Marbled Mary
  16. Freckle-faced Frank
  17. Streaky Sam
  18. Dot-to-Dot Dan
  19. Mottled Molly
  20. Blotch Bob

B. Names for Different Lizard Species (30 names)


  1. Geck Norris
  2. Geico Jr.
  3. Sticky Steve
  4. Gexagon
  5. Geco Kid
  6. Gecktopus
  7. Gex Luthor
  8. Gexy Lady
  9. Geck-Head

Bearded dragons

  1. Beardie Mercury
  2. Dumbledore’s Beard
  3. Whiskerface
  4. Bearded Lady
  5. Sir Beardington
  6. Bearded Bruce
  7. Lady Whiskers
  8. Baron von Beardo
  9. Beardmeister


  1. Karma Chameleon
  2. Huey the Chameleon
  3. Colorama
  4. Camille Chameleon
  5. Cami the Chameleon
  6. ChameleoNinja
  7. Chameleonster
  8. Chammy Chang
  9. Cham Cham


  1. Iggy Pop
  2. Iguanathon
  3. Iguanarama
  4. Iguanazilla
  5. Iguana Jones
  6. Iguanapunk
  7. Iggy Azalea
  8. Iguanaconda
  9. Iggy Stardust


  1. Anole Arnold
  2. Anoley McBeal
  3. Anole Skywalker
  4. Anoleymous
  5. Anole-o
  6. Anole Jolie
  7. Anole-a-Go-Go
  8. Anole Loco
  9. Anole King

Funny Lizard Names Inspired By Hobbies And Interests

A. Sports and athletics names

  1. Lebron Scales
  2. James Lizard
  3. Lizard Messi
  4. Serena Scale-iams
  5. Gecko Maradona
  6. Tom Scale-dy
  7. Usain Bolt-tongue
  8. Scale-ton Manning
  9. Mia Hamm-eleon
  10. Michael Jor-dragon
  11. Larry Scale-bird
  12. Kobe Scalen
  13. Tiger Woodscale
  14. Lizard Armstrong
  15. Rafa Nadlizard

B. Food and beverages names

  1. Taco the Gecko
  2. Pizza Chameleon
  3. Sushi Skink
  4. Hamburger Iguana
  5. Bearded Fries
  6. Mocha Monitor
  7. Anole Salad
  8. Gecko Latte
  9. Reptilian Ravioli
  10. Chameleon Cappuccino

C. Literature and mythology names

  1. Smaug the Lizard
  2. Medusa the Gecko
  3. Dragon the Slayer
  4. King Lizardon
  5. Basilisk the Brave
  6. Salamandragon
  7. Lizardbeth
  8. J.K. Rowlizard
  9. Sir Lancelizard
  10. Rumpelstiltskin

Punny Lizard Names From Everyday Language

A. Common phrases and expressions

Lizard of Oz

Scale-ing Heights

Lizard’s Leap

Geckoing Green

Lizard and Dandy

Scales of Justice

Cold-blooded Charm

Shedding Light

Geckoing the Distance

Slither and Shake

B. Wordplay and puns based on the word ‘lizard’ 






Wizard Lizard


Lizardly Love




We hope this list of 250 funny lizard names has brought a smile to your face and helped you find the perfect name for your scaly friend. Remember, choosing a name that fits your pet’s personality can be a fun and bonding experience. Enjoy the laughter and joy that comes with having a hilariously named lizard in your life!

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