Are Dogs Allowed In Lowes? Here’s Our Observation

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Are Dogs Allowed In Lowes

Dogs are human’s best friends. They sometimes have total freedom to roam around most houses. Most dog owners carry their pets wherever they go. That’s how close they can be.

You can’t blame people for being so affectionate towards their furry friend. A dog could be the only family most individuals have. Most people even treat their dog as they would their child. The bond could be that strong.

In the past, most stores denied dog owners the opportunity to take their dogs with them. It made many pet owners leave their dogs at home when going shopping.

But that is in the past now, as most stores have relaxed this policy. They now allow dogs in. But there are certain conditions that dogs must satisfy for most stores to let them in.

Here’s a hot question many dog owners keep asking about Lowe’s.


Lowe’s stores in the United States of America are pet-friendly. The company’s pet policy shows that they allow dogs into their stores. But then, local management has the final say. So don’t be surprised if your dog gets turned back at a Lowe’s store.

For Lowe’s stores in Canada, the case is different. Lowes understands customers prefer shopping with their dogs by their side. But their pet policy doesn’t permit taking a dog into their stores. Only service animals and guide dogs accompanying individuals with disabilities are allowed in Lowe’s Canada.

That’s the straightforward answer to the question. But we decided to dig deeper to reveal more details about Lowe’s dog policy to help you make an informed decision that will benefit you and your furry friend. Do you care to find out? If yes, continue reading.

Lowe’s Stores Dog Policy – What Dog Owners Need To Understand

Lowe’s stores in the United States of America are pet-friendly. These include all the stores across the country, not just one or two at certain locations. Those at the helm of affairs at Loe’s understand Americans love going shopping with their dogs.

So it was easy for them to review their previously hostile dog policy to start allowing dogs into their stores.

However, Lowe’s dog policy is tricky. Don’t be surprised when employees in one of their branches end up stopping your dog from entering their store. It happens most times.

Here are things about Lowe’s every pet owner needs to understand.

  • Lowe’s stores are pet-friendly:

Lowe’s is not against customers bringing dogs around. They are one of the top pet-friendly stores across the United States of America.

Lowe’s runs one of the largest home improvement stores in the country. So feel free to bring your dog around. Even if your dog is denied from entering the store, don’t worry. There’s enough space to keep it outside why you buy the items that brought you down to the Lowe’s store.

  • Your dog’s fate could be in the store manager’s hands:

Lowe’s has a detailed pet policy. But your pup’s fate could be in the hands of the store manager.

The store manager may decide against letting non-service dogs into the store. And it could be for a good reason. Lowe’s employees and owners themselves have never relented in their effort to prove their love for pets.

Most Lowe’s employees even move around with dog treats in their pocket. Even if you get to a store and your dog isn’t allowed in, accept it in good fate.

But if there’s another Lowe’s store a bit close by, take your pet there and see if things are quite different over there.

  • Easy passage for service dogs:

On Lowe’s pet policy; you will discover that service dogs are the only ones permitted to enter the stores together with their owners. The same also includes guide dogs.

So, if yours is not a service dog, you might get turned back. If it is, you have nothing to worry about when going to a Lowe’s store located in the United States of America.

Now here’s the thing. Lowe’s employees might never request documents to prove that your dog is a service dog. They also may not stop you and your dog from entering the store.

The policy to allow only service dog is there, and employees are charged to enforce it. But it seems they don’t.

  • Your dog must be on the leash:

No matter the number of people and dogs in a Lowe’s store, every dog must be on a leash. If your dog isn’t on a leash, feel free to carry it around in the shopping cart.

Lowe’s doesn’t have problems with people placing their dogs in the shopping cart. But don’t forget why you’re in the store. You’re there to shop so continue the shopping.

However, if you’re comfortable having your dog on a leash walking side by side with the shopping cart, go for it.

  • Pet policy may change:

Most dog owners have complained bitterly about how some Lowe’s stores that have been allowing their pets in for years, suddenly decided to do a u-turn on their policy. Some customers that were already in the store with their well-behaved dogs got kicked out politely.

Truth is such Lowe’s stores have their reasons for changing their policy all of a sudden. If you ask properly, you’ll also figure out why.

Surprisingly, most Lowe’s store management cites canine fights and accidents as the reason for the change in pet policy or total implementation of their pet policy.

  • Lowe’s store favor well-behaved dogs:

If your dog is well-behaved and not aggressiveness when in public, Lowe’s employees won’t have any issue with you.

But if your dog is aggressive and doesn’t mind confronting other dogs, you and the dog could get kicked out of the store. The reason is to ensure other customers’ safety and prevent any damage that might occur as a result.

How You Can Avoid Disappointment When Taking Your Dog To Lowe’s Store 

If you’re planning to take your dog along the next time you visit Lowe’s store, do these things to avoid disappointment.

  • Contact customer support:

Assuming a Lowe’s store allows dogs or certain pets in would be a huge risk. Call the Lowe’s store you plan on visiting directly to be 100% sure.

Taking this decision will help you avoid wasting your precious time and money. You will also be saving yourself from the embarrassment and stress of looking for where to keep your dog before going inside to do your shopping.

  • Is your dog used to loud sound?

How well your dog reacts to stimulus matters when taking it to a place like Lowe’s. Why? It’s simple.

If you have ever been to Lowe’s, you will understand how busy, noisy, and crowded it can sometimes be.

You will find a bunch of super energetic children, adults, and diverse pets moving around. The loud sound from the speakers as the music plays non-stop may also unsettle your dog.

So, how do you prepare your dog to overcome these experiences? Try to desensitize and acclimatize the dog.

Play some music in the dog’s presence at home and increase the volume gradually until it becomes very loud. At first, your dog may feel uncomfortable. Over time, it would get used to it.

  • Keep an eye on your dog and the environment:

Just because your dog has been desensitized, doesn’t mean you should forget about the dog and focus on the items you’re buying.

Keep an eye on your dog all through. Please don’t lose sight of it. If someone else’s dog reacts violently upon meeting your dog, move your dog away from that area.

Most dogs would react when approached by someone from behind unexpectedly. When this happens, don’t leave that area without apologizing to the person.

A Handy Tip – If you plan to spend a lot of time in Lowe’s store shopping, there might be no need to take your dog along with you. The same thing should happen if you wish to focus more on what you’re buying than your dog.

  • Be ready to clean up your dog’s mess:

It would be better if your dog did his business at home before moving to Lowe’s store. That would help to reduce the occasional cleanup you may have been forced to do.

Again, keep an eye on your dog all the time. Ensure the dog is always slightly ahead of you, so you would know when it poop or pee in the store.

  • Make your dog comfortable around little children:

If you have been to any Lowe’s store, you will understand that adults and pets are not the only ones you will find there. You will also find kids running around.

So, how comfortable is your dog around little children? Does it always react aggressively while around kids?

Kids could react in either of two ways when they encounter a dog. Some would pet the dog, while others are afraid and would run straight into their parent’s arms.

Lowe’s has had an encounter where a dog injured a child so bad that the youngster had over 50 stitches to close up the wounds.

So, they are very conscious about how dogs allowed into the store behave around kids. This explains why you should train your kids to be comfortable around dogs.


The major question is; are dogs allowed in Lowe’s stores? Yes, but there’s more you need to know. Lowe’s, in general, are pet-friendly and have a dog policy to back up this claim.

But then, it would be wise to put a call through before visiting any Lowe’s store with your dog. Just find out if the Lowe’s store nearest to you permits such before embarking your journey.

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