Are You Taller In The Morning? All  You Need To Know

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Are You Taller In The Morning

Have you ever notice that your height in the morning is a bit inches higher than when you fell asleep the previous night? If you are not aware of this, you can try one night and use a ruler or other measurement tool to check on the height difference when you wake up.

It’s not some illusion. There is a science behind this. Here is the response to the question.

Are you taller in the morning?

Yes. The associated phenomenon is due to the compression of your spine due to gravity. While lying down on the mattress, the spine spreads out, therefore, making you taller in the morning.

The issue of height might not be a significant concern for standard persons. However, if you want to get into a basketball team or being an air hostess, this article might come in handy. It will assist you in standing out in the competitive space.

How To Increase Your Height

Several factors contribute to your height growth; with genetic elements accounting for around 80 percent of your height and nutrition, exercise might take up the other remaining percentage.

Research works show that we grow at a rate of 1 inch every year from birth to puberty. Most individuals have a growth rate of 4 inches every year during puberty. That is not a guarantee for everyone. We all have different growing paces.

When at the adulthood phase, your height might stop growing. You can elevate your stature by doing the following:

1. Taking a balanced diet

Your body needs adequate nutrients for significant development and health. You might consider nurturing your health with a well-balanced diet in all your meals.

Your diet might include fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. These foods have higher nutritional values that work magic on your body height. Some of the things to avoid in your meals might include sugar and saturated fats.

In case of medical complications, you might consider consulting your physician on the proper diet intake to consume for your daily meals. Most aged individuals have decreasing heights. It is advisable to consume more calcium foods between the years of 55 and 70.

2. Using approved supplements

There are fewer supplements in the market that older people can use to minimize height shrinkage. Also, children can take these supplements to boost their body heights.

Most of these products associate with vitamin D and calcium nutrients. However, it would help to be cautious when it comes to these products. Only take supplements prescribed by your doctor.

Some of these products might not provide all those benefits as it appears in the advertisements.

3. Sleep well

Sleeping for fewer hours might not be an issue in the short term. However, it might come along with complications after a long while.

While you sleep, there is the release of the human growth hormone contributing to your body’s development. Less sleep might produce less of this hormone. Ensure you get effective hours of sleep for an increased height in your junior or adult years.

4. Be active

Being active is advantageous to your body. The regular exercises that you take make you stronger and boost the production of the human growth hormone.

School-going children should have at least one hour of daily exercise to nurture their physical body development. They might engage in push-ups or rope skipping activities.

Adults should also exercise to maintain their overall health. It minimizes the risks of suffering from osteoporosis. The condition comes by when you have brittle-like bones. It might result in body shrinkage.

5. Maintain a good posture

Did you know that your body posture might affect your height? Poor posture might make you look shorter than you are. How you position yourself while sleeping, sitting, or standing matters a lot.

You might reach your doctor for advice on how to ensure an ergonomic lifestyle in your daily routine. A comfy pillow or a workstation might do more good than harm to your body posture.

6. Do Yoga

If posture activities are not your cup of tea, you might consider yoga exercises. It assists in making your body firmer and will undoubtedly help with your posture. Therefore, boosting your body height.

If you are more outgoing, you can do yoga with a social group or your favorite gym. Otherwise, you can still practice good yoga while at home. There are multiple video resources online related to yoga exercises.

How Tallness Affects Your Health

Being tall might assist you in getting your dream position on the basketball team. However, more towering heights might affect your physical health.

Below are some of the ways tallness can affect your health.

1. Increase of cancer risks.

Some research works found a 4 percent increase in the mortality rate for any two and a half-height growth inches.

A tall stature activates some body processes that weaken the cells for mutations. Massive organs tend to have higher risk chances of malignant transformation.

Other researchers found out that taller men are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. In comparison, taller women might as well have high chances of getting ovarian or breast cancer growth.

2. Lower risks of heart disease and diabetes infections

When it comes to infections related to diabetes and heart diseases, the taller people are safe from these diseases.

Every two and a half inches of your body height might minimize getting heart infection by an approximate rate of six percent. It is due to their more giant lung and heart organs.

3. Blood clotting

There are research studies associated with height and venous thromboembolism. The last word is one of the ultimate causes of stroke and heart attack in humans.

A statistics group of about two million people found out that men shorter than 5’3” had a reduced risk of getting this blood clot.

Those with higher body heights had higher risks of getting the vein clot. Also, pregnant women with decreased size less than 5’1” had a 69% lower chance of having thromboembolism.

4. Higher risks of fibrillation

Taller individuals might have more significant risks of developing atrial fibrillation. It is a fatal heart disorder that affects your heart rhythm. Bigger women might have more giant heart cells that might cause heart distension when subjected to lots of pressure.

In general, height might have more minor impacts on your health than other factors like diet and exercise.

Exercises To Boost Your Height

Increasing your height in the adulthood phase is possible. But not simple. You have to stick with a good diet full of proteins and engage in several exercises that eliminate decompression on the vertebrae.

Here are exercises that can boost your height.

1. Pelvic shift

Does your daily routine involve excessive sitting? If so, this might not be good for your posture, which therefore affects your height. You might try the pelvic shift exercises to work on the sitting body imbalances.

The exercise curves both your lower and upper spine. To do this exercise effectively, you might comply with the following steps:

  1. Lie down on a comfy flat with your shoulders on the floor.
  2. Stretch out your arms with the palms facing down.
  3. Bend your knees, drawing your feet closer to your bottoms.
  4. Arch your back to lift your pelvis.
  5. Now, tuck your buttocks for the legs and shoulders to lift your body weight.
  6. Take around 30 seconds and redo the process.

2. Side stretch

Side stretch will elongate and grow your intercostal muscles. You can follow the below steps to perfect this exercise.

  1. Make a straight stand.
  2. Grip your hands together and stretch over your head.
  3. Make a bend of your body in the right direction.
  4. Do the stretch for at least 20 seconds and begin over the initial position.
  5. Redo the stretch twice. You can do the stretching in opposite directions.

3. Jogging

Jogging is a simple exercise that you can try to make your legs longer. It makes your leg bones firmer naturally. It would be wise to do jogging before or during your puberty stage regularly.

4. Swimming

Swimming does magic to your body when you do it often. It grows and strengthens your muscles in your arms, legs, and body. If gym sweats are not your thing, you might opt for a swimming exercise.

5. Skipping

You can add some fun to your exercise by engaging in skipping and jumping ropes. The higher the number of your daily jumps, the longer your legs become.

If you are not comfortable with a rope, you might consider purchasing a trampoline. Both of the tools might assist with your height.

Myths About Height Increase

The primary two factors that affect your body height are hormones and the plates on your spine cartilage.

Here are some of the myths that people have on your height increase.

1. Drinking coffee might affect your height

Coffee drinking does not affect your height. However, taking too much coffee before bedtime might hinder your sleeping pattern. It might have an indirect effect on your health.

2. Surgery is a secure method to boost your health after attaining 18

Such a type of surgery involves implanting devices to your body to increase height. The surgery does not guarantee you incredible height outcomes. It might cause health complications like injuries.

3. Weight lifting might stunt your height

Lifting weights do not affect your height. It would be best if you considered shunning away from such exercise that might cause hazardous pressure on your spine.


You might indeed have increased height inches in the morning than during the night. The compression of the spine bones is the scientific phenomenon causing this.

Good height has a tremendous effect on your health and saves you from deadly infections and diseases like diabetes. You might work on your size through several mentioned exercises and natural practices. Get that dream body that also assures you of excellent health.

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