6 Best Balloons Activities For Kids

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6 Best Balloons Activities For Kids

Balloons are not only perfect for decorating your celebration, but you can also play some amazing games with them! Indeed, a colorful balloon is a great toy: it is pleasant to the touch, it helps develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills and, in general, it is insanely fun to play with such balloons! Don’t forget to grab strong, high-quality items for the game: just order balloons here and start the fun soon!

Now we will share with you the top balloons activities for kids that won’t let your little guests get bored at the party!

Balloon Basketball

Take some well-inflated balloons, prepare hoops, and divide all players into two teams. The rules are simple: you need to throw the ball into the basket!

To make the game even more fun, you can move hoops, run with them, and hold them vertically. Also, you will need to choose a referee who will count the points for each team and give a verdict later, giving a prize to the winning team!

Balloon Hockey

Use different game options to make it even more fun! Players can push balls into the goal in the following ways:

  • with one or two fans (this works well for children from 9 years old): the kid should keep in mind that they can’t touch the ball with the fan — they just need to wave the fan, creating strong airflow
  • a badminton racket, using it as a club
  • another balloon (usually, twisting items are used)

Remember that only two players can play the game at the same time: they stand side by side on the line, and each of them gets a ball and a club. Whoever scores first wins!

Rounded Fun

This game is a great option to get creative with your kid!

Pour flour into a small balloon, tie the neck into a knot or use a thread (try to leave no air inside), and you will get a soft ball as if made from plasticine: a child can crush it, flatten it, and make funny faces out of it. If not balloon hockey, you can also get an air hockey table which is fun and exciting. 

Now, let the kid show his/her imagination and draw the ball’s eyes, nose, and smile. If there are several kids invited to a party, then you can arrange a competition for creating the most unique face. By the way, adults will also like this toy: it perfectly helps relieve stress!

If You’re Lucky

All players must stand in a circle, surrounding the one that will “lead” in the game first.

Those lined up in a circle start passing the ball, and the person who is in the center should try to catch it. If this person succeeds, he/she joins the circle, and the one who failed to hold the ball takes their place in the center of the circle. If you want to make the game a bit more difficult, you can use several balls at the same time.

“Centipede” Relay

Divide the children into teams (there can be 2 or more players in a team). Kids should stand in a row one after another and squeeze a ball between the back of the previous child and the stomach of the next child. All kids should have their hands down.

And now, let’s go! The “centipede” needs to walk 5-7 meters to the chair (you should prepare it in advance), take the “strawberry” (the first player takes the small red ball from the chair), and go around the chair and return to the beginning of the distance. If the centipede does not crumble along the way, then the team wins the game!

Multicolored Pops

Divide the children into two teams. Give each team a chair and enough inflated balloons (use the same number of balloons for each team, but make sets of different colors).

On cue, the first players in the line of each team must run and take one of their balloons, put it on the chair, and sit on it until it pops. When it happens, the kid runs to their friends, touches the next member of the team, and repeats the same (runs, takes the balloon, puts it on the chair, and pops it).

The game continues until one of the teams has popped all their balls. The first team to complete the task wins.

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