Can You Fit The Entire World Population In Texas? Fun Facts

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Can You Fit The Entire World Population In Texas

There are concerns about overpopulation in the world. However, the world still has extensive lands yet to be farmed, so how is the world overpopulated. 

Each day you will see the traffic is increasing, and more people are constructing houses. It’s an indication that the world population is steadily increasing. 

Today there are more than seven billion people globally, and the UN projects that the number will hit nine billion by around 2045. 

For the first time in the world’s history,  Kchbck. K.  Cn Cn h  nCnchcCcc j    Nn kncvcN.  Cm nNcClccMg Vnve m E ee  e eEe ee  E e  E ee E e  ee   e eEeekmeEeee Ee mee    E  ene E eeEEEeeeEeEeneEeeeNeeEeeEeeeeeeEeeeeeeeeerCn. C      CCCcNfCKcmcCk. Mh are seven billion people (more or less) living on Earth, quite a considerable number. Can the seven billion people fit in one city, specifically Texas? Here is the answer to the question. 

Can You Fit the Entire World Population in Texas?

The world population can surely fit in Texas State. The exciting bit is that each person will be comfortable and enjoy the essential benefits like air. 

Theoretically, the entire world population can fit in Texas, which is 268,581 square miles. In Texas, each person will get at least one thousand square feet which is not much but enough. 

For easier understanding, a thousand square feet equates to the size of ten parking spaces. However, if this were to happen in real-life situations, there would be limited places to farm, shop, dispose of waste, etc. 

There are thousands of problems that make this unique and exciting situation a mind-blowing disaster. 

Putting Everybody In One City

Human beings rely on food and water to live. The desert covers one-third of the Earth’s surface, and this place supports only a few people. 

Usually, people visit deserts occasionally, but long-term survival in these regions is very tenuous. Most American cities stand over deserts like Las Vegas, Tucson, and Los Angeles exist by pumping water from deep aquifers or importing water. 

However, during certain times they do suffer from water shortages. Equally, it’s tough for human beings to survive in the mountains for longer periods. Humans occupy almost all the habitable lands. 

The entire world population can fit in Texas. That’s with the logic that Texas’s size is approximately 262,000 meters square. 

If you divide it with seven billion human populations, each person will have enough space for about one hundred square meters. 

However, it would help if you also considered other factors; for example, half of Texas State is desert. 

There are other things like hospitals, schools, prisons, roads, etc. With all these amenities in place, the land is so small for humans to be near comfortable. 

The Other Us States 

The United States of America ranks as the 3rd most populated country in the world. It has a population of approximately 324,260,700 people. 

The population figures of the United States do not include the members of armed forces who are overseas or their dependents and citizens that reside outside America. 

The population of the US is steadily increasing day by day. The number of immigrants entering using is more than in previous years—the state with the most population in California, 39,144,818 people. 

The other states with a high population are New York with 19,795,791 people, Florida with 20,271,272 people, and Texas with 27,469,114 people. The region with the highest density in the District of Columbia is 10,994 people per square mile. 

According to National Geographic, more than 108 billion people have lived on Earth. Today the young population is much more; those between age ten and twenty-four are approximately 1.8 billion. 

Most of them are found in developing countries. The world’s population will be at a low of seven billion or a high of seventeen million by the end of this century. However, it all depends on life expectancy and fertility rates. 

New York

Today the world population is at seven billion or more. However, the entire world population can perfectly fit into New York if people stand shoulder to shoulder. 

Los Angeles 

As mentioned, the world’s population is at seven billion or more which is massive. However, you feel the population is manageable when you learn that all these people can fit in Los Angeles. 

According to National Geographic, if the people stand shoulder by shoulder, they will perfectly fit in Los Angeles 500 square miles. 

Federally Owned Land In America

United States federal government owns and controls 47% of land in the west. It’s because of the national reserves and parks. 

The fish and wildlife service and many more own the biggest pieces of land in the western states, such as Nevada. 

In Michigan, the federal government owns 10% of the land. In the eastern and central states, the federal government owns less than 5% of the land. 

How Many People Can The Earth Support? 

You need to know that the population power is much more superior to the Earth’s power to produce subsistence for man. 

Some people believe that the urge to reproduce by humans will ultimately overpopulate the planet. Therefore the people will feed on all the resources and then start dying of mass famine. 

The Earth Capacity

Many scientists believe that Earth can carry a maximum of nine to ten billion people. The estimation is according to the resources available on Earth. 

Scientists say that several constraints cannot allow the Earth to take care of more than ten billion people. 

It includes limited availability of clean and fresh water, the amount of food that Earth can produce, etc. Even if nations decide on maximum efficiency, there is a limit on how the quantities can stretch. 

Slowing Population Growth

The brighter side of the slow population growth is that we are saved from entering the end-times of overpopulation which includes starvation.

According to United Nations, the human population will be about nine billion by 2050 and ten billion by 2100. 

However, the humans will make a U-turn somewhere on the road towards those figures. How? The UN estimate of the global population clearly shows that families are becoming smaller. Another thing is that the fertility rate of humans is declining globally.

What Can Drive The Worlds Human Population To Extinction?

Climate Change 

Climate change is one of the threats to human life that you cannot assume.  It’s a phenomenon that’s already causing the extinction and decline of several species on Earth. 

It has left many wondering if climate changes hurl the same fate toward humanity. Climate change will undoubtedly lead to water scarcity, food insecurity, and extreme weather events – all these threaten human life. 

Climate change can also amplify other issues like conflict between nations. Imagine water and food scarcity triggering conflict between nations, with each wanting to control the available resources. It might trigger severe nuclear wars that will lead to deaths. 


Misuse or poor handling of biotechnology is an existential risk that can lead the human race to extinction. Biotechnology is the type of technology that uses biology to create a new product, mostly war weapons. 

The pathogens that have been specifically engineered are more deadly and contagious than the naturally existing pathogen. 

Therefore if they are accidentally or intentionally released, it will wipe a considerable percentage of the world population. 

Nuclear War

Popular culture and history have made us believe that nuclear war is the biggest risk to human survival, and it’s so true. 

Despite the ban on producing nuclear weapons, countries continue to produce uranium and are manufacturing nuclear weapons. 

With the continuous political tensions among nations, the entire human population is vulnerable. There is no uncertainty that nuclear weapons can destroy the entire world population. 

However, nuclear weapons such as nuclear winter and reduced food production after wars will cause extinction.

The smoky nuclear haze will block the sunlight from reaching the Earth, and plants need light to grow. 

Humanity Itself

There are undoubtedly several risks that can lead to the extinction of humans. But they all have one thing in common, which is, it’s the humans that have the power to determine the severity of the risks. 

So, this makes the humans their own biggest extinction risk. The human attraction to continue creating nuclear weapons, exploitation and conflicts will be their undoing. The continuous civilization is another thing that will also lead to our extinction. 


The population did hit the 7.6 billion mark in mid-2017, and today is somewhere above 7.6 billion. In the last sixteen years, the world has added approximately more than one billion inhabitants, a considerable number. 

The most populated countries are China, India, and the USA. A fun fact, 7.6 billion people, sounds extra, but they can fit in Texas State. 

However, this does not dispute the fact that the world is moving towards possible overpopulation. Something to worry about is that even with the increase in death rates, the population continues to grow at a fast rate. 

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