Can You Wear Galaxy Buds Plus In The Shower?- The Limits Of The Ipx2 Rating

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Can You Wear Galaxy Buds Plus In The Shower

The emergence of wireless headsets has revolutionized the tech world. There are several competitive high-end wireless headsets in the market today. The Galaxy Buds Plus by Samsung is some of the best headsets in the market today.

The Galaxy Buds Plus, much like other wireless headsets, archive connectivity via Bluetooth. They have a decent 10-meter range allowance. They are light and comfortable, as opposed to wired earphones.

The Galaxy Buds Plus are known for their durability and exceptional build quality. Their battery life is outstanding, as is the audio quality. 

They offer water resistance, as they have an IPX2 rating. This implies that they can survive being struck by water droplets at a 15-degree angle.

So, Can You Wear Galaxy Buds Plus in the Shower?

No, you cannot. The IPX2 rating is far too low to withstand the volume of water you would be exposed to in a shower. Attempting to shower with Galaxy Buds Plus would damage the product. The minimum IP rating for products that are shower safe is IP67. An IP67 rating implies that the device would withstand being underwater for 30 minutes.

How To Pair Your Galaxy Buds Plus

Pairing the Galaxy Buds Plus is a straightforward and straightforward process. Though the headset was designed for Samsung products, it can be used with any Bluetooth device.

The pairing process is unique in comparison to other Bluetooth headsets. It is, however, simpler and more streamlined. To connect the Galaxy Buds Plus, to connect the Galaxy Buds Plus:

Step 1: Place the earpieces in your ears

Step 2: Synching and Pairing

Touch and hold the outside of both ends and hold to complete the synchronization before starting the pairing process. You will hear a sound to confirm that the process has been completed.

Step 3: Connecting to the device

Open Settings and tap Bluetooth. Under the list of available devices, you will see the Galaxy Buds Plus. Tap to connect.

After the first connection, the pairing process should occur seamlessly as soon as you take the buds out of the case. 

Any device synchronized with your Samsung account should pair automatically to your Galaxy Buds Plus.

Battery Life Of The Galaxy Buds Plus

The battery life of your Galaxy Buds Plus will vary depending on the extent of usage and the age of the headset. The Galaxy Buds Plus typically lasts 11 hours and 44 minutes at the beginning of their life cycle. 

Like most devices, the battery life will gradually reduce throughout its usage as its battery gets older.

The Galaxy Buds Plus uses a USB type C charger, and the battery lasts for an hour with just 5 minutes of charging time. 

You can opt for wireless charging using the Qi-certified wireless charging pad. Wireless charging is also a fast-charging option.

Troubleshooting The Galaxy Buds Plus

The Galaxy Buds Plus are a reliable pair of headsets. They rarely encounter problems in terms of connection. You should, however, learn how to troubleshoot them if you encounter any issues. Here is a quick guide on how to get the headset working again.

Connection Issues

Connection issues occur when the Galaxy Buds Plus fails to connect to your device. There are several reasons why you might run into trouble when connecting the Buds. Here is what you need to do:

Update the Buds Plus software

From time to time, releases Samsung releases new updates for all their wireless headsets, including the Buds Plus.

You may encounter issues if you are running an outdated version of the software. Ensure that the Buds are connected to the internet to keep receiving important Over Air updates.

Charging the Buds Plus

If you happen to drain the charge on the Buds Plus fully, you would need at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted charging before using them. Once the case is connected to an outlet, you will see the charging light.


The Buds Plus are reliant on Bluetooth waves. You will, therefore, be unable to use them if the Bluetooth signal is interrupted. Connect the device away from your microwave or radio.

Audio-related issues

Audio-related issues are relatively uncommon. They are:

Headsets Synchronizing Without Sound

If your headset is connecting, but you can’t hear audio, ensure that you know the device the headsets are synching to. The headset could have connected to a nearby device that had been previously paired. Turn off the Bluetooth on previously paired devices.

Only One Bud is Connecting to a Device

To solve the issue, reinsert both pieces into the case. Touch the two pieces while they are still in the charging case. The two buds should light up, indicating that they are in sync with each other.

Poor Audio Quality on One or Both Pieces

As stated earlier, the audio quality on the buds is exceptional. If you are getting poor audio:

Clean out the speaker grill. It can be done safely using cotton buds and 96% isopropyl alcohol.

Reduce the distance from the headset to your device. Bluetooth does not allow for lossless streaming. Lossless enables users to keep getting peak audio quality regardless of distance. In the case of Bluetooth, a considerable distance ultimately means a dip in sound quality.

Ensure that you use the headset within 10 meters of your device for optimal audio quality.

How To Update Your Galaxy Buds Plus

To ensure that users have the best experience, Samsung periodically provides Over the Air updates. These updates aim to improve the software and add new features that may benefit the user.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to access and install the latest updates:

Disconnect the Galaxy Buds from any paired device. The updates can not be installed while the device is in use.

You will need to update the ‘Galaxy Wearable’ application.

  1. Open the application.
  2. Tap on the options bar
  3. Select ‘About Galaxy Wearable’
  4. Tap ‘Update’

Update the earbuds

  1. To update the earbuds, you must ensure that they are paired.
  2. Open the ‘Galaxy Wearable’ Application.
  3. Select the earbuds settings
  4. Navigate to the software update and click to install.

Note that all updates must be performed when connected to the internet. If troubleshooting fails, contact Samsung for assistance.

How To Clean The Galaxy Buds Plus

Keeping your Buds Plus clean is essential. A buildup of dust and debris has the potential to impact your audio quality. 

Using dirty tips can also leave you susceptible to ear infections. Cleaning the Buds is relatively easy.

Detach the tips from the buds. Using a cotton swab and 96% isopropyl alcohol, clean out any wax and dust from the tips.

Use the tips to clean out the speaker grills. Please do not allow any liquid to enter the grills, leading to corrosion.

Cleaning the Case:

Using a vacuum cleaner on the lowest setting, blow out any dust and debris from the case. A low-power air compressor could also do the job.

Clean the exterior of the case using a dump cloth. Do not let any liquid into the case or the USB C charging port. It could lead to corrosion. 

Note that dipping the case in will result in damage. Plugging in a wet case is not only a fire hazard. It could lead to electrocution.

Why Are The Galaxy Buds Plus So Good?

The Galaxy Buds Plus is a top-tier product. They are light and comfortable to use. They also have spatial audio. 

Spatial audio enables users to have an immersive listening experience. The audio quality with the Buds Plus is comparable with the highest-end Bluetooth headset.

For Samsung devices, the Buds Plus enables you to connect seamlessly with all your devices. It pairs automatically with all devices logged into your Samsung account.

The Buds Plus also takes advantage of Google Assistant, an AI-based voice assistant from Google. It also works excellently with Samsung’s proprietary voice assistant Bixby.

Cons Of Using The Galaxy Buds Plus

Aside from the most significant weakness being a lack of water resistance, there isn’t much to dislike about the Buds Plus.

One criticism of the device is its battery life. While 11 hours 44 minutes is decent, it hardly matches up to some of the best headsets in the market. They also happen to be on the smaller side, and they might pop off during use.


Galaxy Buds Plus are excellent wireless headsets that are comfortable and offer superior audio quality. They have a decent range and provide spatial audio for an immersive listening experience.

The product, however, offers little in the way of resistance to water. The IPX2 rating makes them vulnerable to being damaged if exposed to water, even for a short duration. Do not shower with them.

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