Countries With Free Healthcare And College- Universal Healthcare

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Countries With Free Healthcare and College

Studying abroad is a dream come true for most U.S residents. The college education costs in the country are undeniably higher. Families are looking for ways to get their sons and daughters into higher education facilities.

Many might face hurdles to settle utility bills. The article has come in handy to provide you with a list of free healthcare and college countries.  Most of our list items are European nations. Take a look.


Studying abroad comes with massive benefits. You get to meet a lot of people of diverse cultures alongside tasting different cuisines. Who would not like such an adventurous lifestyle? However, the vast college fees and expensive living conditions might be unbearable for others.

Do not be so hard on yourself. Several countries cater for all these expenses; medical and college tuition fees, be it for local or international students.

List Of Countries Providing Free Healthcare And College

Below is a detailed pool of countries that will help you attain a global degree or master’s holder at minimum costs.

1. Germany

Germany is at the top when it comes to exemplary higher education at free or minimal charges. Public education facilities in this European country do not pose costs on tuition fees. You only need to pay for the minimum administration costs at the institutions.

The healthcare costs are free as well. It embraces a global multi-payer system. Workers in Germany allot at least 7.5 percent of their earnings to a healthcare insurance pool.

The European country has an earlier social health insurance system that has existed since 1883. Most physicians in the private sector adopt a decentralized approach that ushers effective ambulatory care services.

A more significant proportion of non-profit organizations offer most of the inpatient care.

2. Belgium

Belgium is another country on our list. It educates students at an accessible cost and backs it up with a practical and theoretical learning system. Most of the lucky international students who study in Belgium can afford the tuition.

If you maintain good grades and perform well in school, you might get placements after completing your studies.

As of 2016 figures, research works found out that Belgium spends at least 10 percent of its GDP on its healthcare system. They rank the country at the ninth position of all European Union countries and the European Free Trade Association.

For a Belgian resident, the State Belgian healthcare will grant you coverage as long as you comply with compulsory regulations. The health system leads in Europe.  It has several sectors; state and private sectors.

The state sector receives funds from mandatory insurance. Using this system allows its occupants to access adequate dental care, maternity charges, and prescriptions at little to no cost.

3. Norway

Hospitals in Norway get funds from the public. They come from the national budget—residents who are sixteen and below receive free medical services.

However, residents within the adulthood range have to pay annual deductible fees. They do this before qualifying for an exemption card which might grant you free medical services across the country.

Some think the services are not entirely free due to the imposed annual fees. Concerning education, Norway is among the European countries with free college and health care.

The reason behind this is that the Norwegian government covers college fees using taxes. Some of the most excellent universities in the country offer the Norwegian language course. It will be helpful to be proficient with the language and become a high-performer.

4. Denmark

Denmark is also one of the countries that provide free college and healthcare. It would be wise for local students from Switzerland and the European Union to leverage this golden advantage.

However, international students might have to pay annual fees of at least 8000 euros, depending on the university and the study discipline.

Its system is global and works under the principle of no cost and equal healthcare access for all residents. The Danish healthcare services are on-point. The majority of them get funds from taxes.

5. France

France is an elegant nation, especially in the health care and education sectors. The education present in this loved country is modern. International students can afford the education fees when pursuing further studies.

You can select multiple course programs from several colleges. The healthcare program in this top country in the world offers all its citizens the best services, regardless of age or social status.

It consists of a solid association of private and public health facilities, medical service providers, and doctors. France adds up to the powerful countries that provide free healthcare and education.

5. Austria

Austrian healthcare is a two-tier system. It provides free public services to all its citizens. But individuals have to pay some fees to receive superior private health services.

With the private healthcare plan, you might get special services, including private rooms and flexible patient visits.

When we look at the Austrian education system, some colleges might provide free courses and study programs to local and international students. While in other universities, you might have to pay nominal fees to access the school programs.

The country also provides international students with scholarships and grants to pursue their desired courses. It would be best to explore some of these sponsorship programs online.

6. Hungary

Hungary is famous for being a fascinating destination full of diversity. The European country has high-quality life with significant education institutions at affordable costs. You will have a fantastic experience in Hungary.

In terms of education, most of the schools are public entities with free education programs. Alongside that, the health system for students is free for the whole study period.

The health program gets funds from taxes. The National Health Insurance Fund manages these funds. However, of late, there have been reports that the Hungarian health care system has been receiving inadequate funds.

7. Finland

Students from the European Union can receive a free college education. From 2017, international students who are interested in undergraduate studies pay 1500 euros every year.

Finland universities have different charges depending on the study and course program. Doctoral students do not have to pay any tuition fees. It applies the same to individuals who are partaking in Swedish or Finnish language courses.

International students with brilliant educational backgrounds might receive government grants or scholarships to study in Hungary.

The country has an effective three-level healthcare system that gets funds from the public. Plus, a minor private sector that gives its residents superb universal health services.

8. Greece

The Greece education system has been providing high-quality programs since its ancient times. You can apply and study for doctoral and postgraduate education programs in this country. Most of the existing course programs are in English.

Greece is a home country for prominent individuals, including Plato and Aristotle. They both played primary roles in the education system.

Students in this country do not pay college fees. The country’s constitution grants all citizens free education. International students also enjoy free learning. However, there are multiple terms and conditions.

Besides, Greece healthcare has the National Health System that provides effective services. It works with the ultimate objective of delivering equitable and outstanding services for all residents.

A combination of public and private medical service providers builds up a solid health system. There are primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of service delivery.

9. Latvia

The government taxes fund the Latvian healthcare system. Some colleges in Latvia might have college fees while others might not. The decision depends on the college policies and not the government.

However, there are complaints about the Latvian health system delaying services and having poor access to medical services.

10. Sweden

The Swedish healthcare program receives funds from the government. All citizens enjoy decentralized and free medical services. It also has a private sector.

It is pretty rare to find private facilities in Sweden. The few that exist get mandates from city councils.

There are more public universities in Sweden. Most of them provide free undergraduate and postgraduate course programs to students from the EU or Switzerland. Swedish colleges offer free education.

That explains its popularity by most international students. However, some affordable fees may apply to international students.

11. Brazil

Beyond Europe, Brazil fits as one of the multiple nations that provide free healthcare and college. Its citizens have been enjoying free healthcare services for many numerous years now.

The Brazilian constitution passed the statute in1988. The students in the country also enjoy free education in public facilities. They provide a variety of competitive and high-quality course programs.


Studying in countries with free education and healthcare is a significant privilege for many prospective students. You get a chance to broaden your desired field at little to minimal costs.

The article has prepared you with an in-depth list of countries with free healthcare and colleges. You can have a look and get an idea for your this year abroad destination. It is wise to learn from the best at budget-friendly costs.

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