Does It Snow In Houston, Texas? Expecting Texas Summers

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Does It Snow In Houston Texas

When moving to a new place, one of the most important things you need to look into is the weather and how extreme it gets. 

This is the information you need since it will determine the options you have for clothing and the location for your house, among other factors.

Houston is as good a place as any to live in the US; it has a lot of people, culture, and places to visit. 

Before you go to Houston, you need to look at their weather patterns to see if they will favor your lifestyle so let’s get into it;

Does It Snow In Houston, Texas?

It can slow in Houston, but it doesn’t happen every winter. The snow patterns are irregular, and the most recent one was in February of 2021, although winter did not hit Houston as hard as it did in other parts of the US.

During winter in Houston, you should not always expect snow, but there is a chance it will happen.

What Weather You Should Expect In Texas

You must have heard about Texas at some point, one minute it’s hot, the next it’s cold, and before you know it, it’s raining cats and dogs. The weather is a big reason why most people move to or fail to move to Texas. 

Dallas is in North Texas, while Houston is in Southeast Texas, going towards Mexico. North Mexico, including Dallas, typically has one very long summer season followed by a 3-month winter season, then two short seasons of fall and spring. 

Texas has some extreme weather conditions, and the most common is tornados which have scared many people from this state. 

Dallas will have tornado scares once or twice each year, and sometimes a devastating tornado touches down.

One of the more common and troublesome weather conditions is high winds and hail. There is a lot of rain and hail in most parts of Texas during spring, so you might want to park your car underneath a solid structure.

High winds and heavy rains could cause a lot of damage to fences, roofing materials, bridges, and other structures, so you need to brace for it. 

Hail will come every year, and it could get really bad, but most of the time, it is quarter-sized and doesn’t do too much damage.

You need to know that Texas has typically fair weather patterns when it comes to rain. There have been drought seasons without enough rain to fill the lakes and ponds, which threatened the municipal water supply, but the system always bounces back.

After the long drought, three or four-year wet seasons typically recover from the missing rain to bring back a balance. 

You should expect extreme heat in the summer without enough rain, so vegetation and lakes will struggle. 

Each region deals with its ups and downs with the weather, and there are swings regarding draught and rain.

Water supply is becoming a bigger concern, especially in North Texas since the population is increasing rapidly.

The Government is currently building more lakes to help retain more water and back up the municipal reserves to help cover the dropping water levels. Snow in Texas is rare, but it often shits down the cities or states when it happens.

What you have to think about is how rare snow and ice are in Texas. It snows once in a couple of years, so it is easier to shut down services for a few days rather than spend more money on equipment they won’t use.

Texas drivers are also not skilled in driving in snow, so it is safer for the Government to shut everything down rather than put the citizens at risk. 

The extreme heat followed by heavy rains might lead to floods, they are rare, but they can happen.

One of the best parts of the Texas weather is the long warm summer nights. You could swim, go for walks or play outside with your family well into the night. The summers in Texas are a great time to have some fun at home and enjoy sports.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Move To Texas

Texas is one of the most popular states in the US, and people are moving into Texas more than any other state in recent years. 

This is because there are many jobs available in Texas, and the cost of living is significantly lower than in other cities.

Texas is a great place with many amazing people, and it is an example of what a state should be in many ways. But before you head to Texas, here are some things you need to keep in mind;

  • Texas has notoriously aggressive drivers, so it might not be the best fit for you if you are a slow driver that likes to stick in the slow lane. 
  • Obnoxiously proud residents are another thing you need to worry about. Some Texas natives tend to be overly patriotic, and they could get vulgar or violent should you express beliefs that go against their customs.
  • Tornados are a bit common in Texas, and some devastating tornadoes have hit major cities in Texas. While lives are not often lost, these disasters cause millions of property damage, so you might want to stay away to avoid getting into this mess.
  • Texas is not all deserts, but a big portion of it is dry and hot. Some cities in central Texas have set all-time high temperatures of up to 1040C, so Texas might not be the best place for you if you can’t handle the heat.
  • One of the biggest issues is that Texas has one of the highest exoneration rates of all the states in the US. This means they have a high rate of wrongful convictions, which should concern you since Texas is the leading state in executions.

Best Places To Live In Texas

Texas has been an attractive state for many people for many years because of its mostly good climate, low state taxes, exciting cities, affordable housing, and you could want to be a part of this. Here are some of the best places to live in Texas;

1. Killeen 

Killeen is a mid-sized city in central Texas with a population of 140 thousand people. It is an ethnically diverse city with a thriving economy and surroundings that make it friendly to all family members; thus, you can raise a family here.

The cost of living in Killeen is lower than the national average and that of other states in the US. This means it will be a good place for you to live even if you dint have too much freedom with your paycheck and budget.

2. Houston

Houston is a state that attracts people with entrepreneurship dreams and those looking to work with America’s largest companies.

Houston is the core of the oil and gas companies in the US, and it also has a robust healthcare system. 

Despite issues with oil prices, the housing market in Houston is performing better than ever. There are affordable apartments for rent in Bellaire, one of the best suburbs in Houston. Houston’s healthy economy continues to attract new residents looking for jobs in the energy industry; thus, there is an increase in demand for housing.

You might go through rough commutes and traffic when you live in Houston, but it will be worth it, considering how rapidly the economy develops. Lake Houston is a good place to go for fishing, swimming, or other recreational activities. 

3. Corpus Christi 

Corpus Christi is one of the best cities in the US and the largest city on the Texas coast. Corpus Christi is popular for the high wind speeds that make it ideal for kiteboarding and windsurfing. 

This city has a thriving economy, and many energy companies have invested along the ports to increase transportation routes. It is cheaper to live in Corpus Christi than other areas around the US that offer the same amenities.

Corpus Christi also homes many families and retired people because of its low crime rates. This city has an affordable and laid-back lifestyle that makes it a good place to retire from.

4. The Woodlands

The Woodlands is one of the best places to live in the US. The landscape is full of lush green vegetation amidst clear skyscrapers to make for a natural yet modern look that is enchanting. This city has great schools for kids and cinemas for entertainment. 

If you need to go shopping, there are several big malls you could go to to get everything done. The cost of living is lower than other places, and you will get more value for your money. There are amazing eateries, hiking trails, and fun amenities to use.


You could get snow in Houston, but it is rare, and it can happen once in a few years. This pattern has made it hard to keep machinery to deal with snow, and that is why it is common for Texas cities to shut down because of relatively mild snow

There are other nice places to live in Texas apart from Houston. Most of these places have low crime rates, considerable populations, and low living costs, making them a good option for most people.

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