Erectile Dysfunction: Top 3 Causes

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Erectile Dysfunction Top 3 Causes

There are a lot of things that can make a man feel like a lot less of a person than they are. No one is immune to feeling down at any age, really, and the events that chip away at our self esteem and self confidence come in all different shapes and sizes. Kind of like we do as people, too. One of the most difficult things for a man to cope with can be erectile dysfunction. This is partially because of the societal pressure that people put onto men, and the importance of phallic imagery in our media. Erectile dysfunction can feel like the loss of manhood entirely. Especially without access to information and knowledge. 

Developing and managing erectile dysfunction by yourself can be daunting, isolating, and even make you feel ostracized. You may even feel a little bit of shame, or start to feel yourself losing self-confidence in other areas of your life as well. 

Don’t though. This may sound easier said than done, but the fact is that millions of men in America alone are suffering from some sort of erectile dysfunction or another. As such, you are far from alone in your situation, and there are plenty of legitimate resources to which you can look for support and treatment. Understanding some of the top causes that lead to ED, though, can help you choose a treatment plan that’s right for you and your levels of intimacy. 

Father Time

Time and age are two of the things in this world that are undisputed and inescapable. There’s no cheating father time, and we all get old eventually. These are natural processes, and the human body is subject to deterioration, degradation, and a loss in general functionality during the aging process.

The older we get, the less our bodies will do. Age is the number one cause of erectile dysfunction in men. This shouldn’t come as any surprise, but it’s a good reminder to keep in mind. Many older men who haven’t lost their desires or sex drives yet, though, look to ED pills for an easy, orally ingestible, erectile dysfunction treatment. 

These pills vary in the way they interact with the body, and choosing the right brand and right dosage for yourself can be a bit of a process in and of itself. That being said, popular brands like Viagra and Cialis are trusted by millions of men to help them achieve thick and firm erections that will satisfy themselves and their partners. 

Out Of Shape Or Overweight

The second biggest contributor to erectile dysfunction in men is being overweight or obese. There are a lot of health complications that already come along with being overweight, but erectile dysfunction is among that list. Even younger men who are simply overweight are more prone to developing early erectile dysfunction than older men who maintain a physical exercise routine. Part of this is due to improved blood flow and physical stamina, while another aspect is the maintenance of proper hormone levels in the body. 

When significantly overweight, the male body will begin converting testosterone into estrogen. Elevated estrogen levels in a male can result in weaker and less impressive erections, as well as a lower sex-drive overall. 

By maintaining a level of physical activity and integrating regular exercise into your routine, you’ll be less prone to developing erectile dysfunction and other performance issues in the bedroom. 

One final note about physical exercise, is that losing weight can actually make your member seem significantly bigger. If you’re wondering how to make your penis bigger, the answer may lie in trimming down your gut, and losing some inches around the waist, to benefit the size ratio in the favor of your member. 

Heart Disease And Other Medical Conditions

Heart health is actually directly correlated with penial functionality. This comes as a little bit of a surprise, but was first noticed when men with various heart diseases also displayed issues with erectile dysfunction and intimacy. 

However, the correlation was further evidenced when it was found that many healthy young men experiencing erectile dysfunction received a heart condition diagnosis less than five years later. 

If you’re otherwise healthy, and you feel like you’re too young to be experiencing naturally occurring ED, you may want to ask your doctor to check your heart, too.

Finishing Up

There are a lot of other potential factors that can lead to the development of erectile dysfunction, too. This can include the mental and emotional wellness of a person, what’s included in their regular diet, or can even be the side effect of a medicine treating a different issue altogether. 

No matter what’s causing your erectile dysfunction, take solace in knowing that you aren’t alone, and there are plenty of treatment options available. You just have to find the right one for you and your lover. 

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