Top 10 Funny Punishments For Losing A Bet

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Top 10 Funny Punishments For Losing A Bet

Have you ever had a bet with someone with the stakes of losing being a punishment? Winners of such bets might show no mercy. You have to face the punishment once you lose the bet.

The punishments for losing a bet could be anything. It often ranges from simple tasks like drinking two or more water glasses to scary punishments like consuming a plate of chili pepper.

Excitingly, we have managed to handpick the funniest punishments for losing a bet.

So, are you prepared to find out? Let’s dive in.

1. Funny Haircut Punishment:

There are numerous funny ways to punish bet losers via a haircut. And any barber can help get it done. Most barbers may even offer to do it free of charge.

The grandpa’s haircut is one of the numerous hilarious ways to cut someone’s hair after losing a bet. Take the person to a barbing salon and ask the barber for a cut that transforms the hair into a bald older man’s hair.

The only challenge this punishment has is that the loser has to carry it around for weeks. The grandpa’s haircut could also be an ideal way to punish erring kids since spanking is illegal.

Today, people still choose a haircut as punishment. It all depends on the agreement the bettors have. By the way, the punishment is decided before the challenge begins.

So, if the punishment you have in place for losing a bet is allowing the winner to choose a haircut of choice, think twice before you agree to the stakes of losing that bet. Hair takes time to grow. So if you eventually lose, you could be walking around with a messed-up haircut for weeks.

2. Multiple Chores Punishment:

This one hurts. It does. Losers have to do multiple tasks. These include grocery shopping, taking out the trash, cutting the grass, cooking, cleaning, washing the plates, massaging the winner’s toes, and others.

This betting punishment is great for couples, roommates, friends, or siblings. For couples, it doesn’t matter if the winner is a man or woman. The loser gets no help. He or she has to serve the punishment throughout the entire duration.

The duration for this punishment could be a week or more. It all depends on the agreement the bettors had.

The funny thing about this punishment is when the loser starts to sleep like a wood log after doing multiple chores daily. And it’s worse if the loser in question is a male.

Another way to spice up this punishment and make it funnier is having the loser perform an act of kindness most times per week. It could be to assist the neighbors in cleaning their garage, walking a neighbor’s dog, keeping an elderly person company, and so on.

3. The Crying Punishment:

Crying the whole day may seem like a simple task. The loser is made to cry like a baby all day. It could also be for an hour or more.

However, putting on a crying face is easier. Anyone can do that. What many can’t do is making tears roll down their eyes. It isn’t easy because of the reason behind the tears.

There are other ways bettors can make the punishment fun and, at the same time, embarrassing for the losers. One is to record them while crying and upload the video on Facebook, YouTube, or other platforms.

Another creative way to make this punishment funny and embarrassing to the loser is by asking the loser to cry as they walk along the road. You can also ask the loser to sit in front of the house while crying.

But before you allow your spouse, friend, neighbor, or sibling to cry while sitting in front of your house, be ready to address sympathizers. That’s because many of them would besiege your home when they hear the sound of someone crying.

Furthermore, there’s no limit to how creative you can get with this punishment. You can even paint the loser’s face like a joker while crying. Another way is to dress them up like a baby (wearing diapers) or tag on their neck with any inscription you like.

4. Awkward Nail Painting Punishment:

Getting your nails manicured and pedicured is a commendable hygienic practice. But if you have that one friend that enjoys spending the whole day in a nail salon or changing nail paintings that often, awkward nail painting would be an ideal punishment.

If you had a bet with such a friend, the stakes should be to do any nail painting the winner decides. And once painted, the loser has to carry the nails that way for 24 hours or more.

The winner is the nail technician. You don’t need to spend money in a salon to deliver this punishment. Just paint the loser’s nail with any color or design that comes to mind.

If you want to make the nails appear funnier and embarrassing, paint each of them with different colors and designs. And remember to paint the hand and toenails.

5. Wax The Legs Punishment:

Have you ever had your legs waxed? Did it hurt? Well, you don’t have to wax your legs to know whether it hurts or not. The truth is it hurts, though the pain is bearable.

You can use leg waxing as punishment for losing a bet. If the loser has enough hair on his or her legs, you would love this punishment.

It would be reasonable if you also kept a camera by the side when waxing. Capture the funny moments, how the loser screams and reacts as you pull the hairs out.

Upload the video to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or other platforms. You will receive funny reactions from different people on these platforms.

6. Eat This Spicy Noodle Punishment:

If you’re betting with someone who doesn’t like spicy foods, use the spicy noodles punishment as the stake for losing. The loser gets to eat a plate of spicy noodles prepared by the winner.

You can add diverse spices and pepper to make the noodle super hot. But ensure the person eating it isn’t an ulcer patient to avoid putting yourself and the person in question in danger.

You should also video the entire process and have it uploaded online. And as for the loser, there’s a high chance he or she would be visiting the toilet multiple times sooner or the next day. You can’t consume a whole plate of spicy noodles and expect your bowel to be the same.

7. The Walk Of Shame Punishment:

The name of this punishment says it all. The loser has to walk past strangers in a crowded place barefooted. Sometimes, the winner may task the loser to dress awkwardly.

If the loser is a man, he must wear a woman’s gown or do some heavy makeup. He may also be made to carry a lady’s bag or something awkward.

But there’s one thing. While walking around all dressed up like someone who’s insane, don’t take your minds off the people in that environment. Someone might call the police because they think you’re insane walking around all dressed up awkwardly.

You can also make this punishment funnier and creative in diverse ways. Instead of walking past strangers at a bar, ask the loser to buy items from the grocery dressed like a woman (if he’s a man).

8.Wearing The Punishment Shirt:

Making someone wear certain shirts for one or two weeks isn’t a bizarre thing. But if the shirt has a hilarious inscription, then it’s a big deal.

Punishment shirts are shirts with special inscriptions. The winner has the power to decide the write-up on the shirt.

Parents can also use the punishment shirt idea to punish their kids for misbehaving instead of spanking. You can urge the kids to wear it to school to serve as a warning.

9. The Sandwich Board Punishment:

When thinking about the sandwich board punishment, Estevan Mercury’s sports editor, Josh Lewis, comes to mind.

Josh had a high stake bet with a friend during the NHL 2013 playoff. Josh’s punishment was to wear the huge sandwich board and walk around town the entire day. The winner of the bet can decide what to write on the board.

The write-up may also be decided before the challenge even begins.

10. The No-Makeup Punishment:

Men don’t do makeup. So this bet and punishment might be between two ladies. It can also be between spouses. But the punishment for the man, if he eventually loses, would be something else.

As simple as this punishment may sound, the truth is, most ladies cannot step an inch out of their homes without makeup. Therefore, asking such a person to skip makeup for a week or two would be similar to taking candy from a baby.


So, there you have it, the top funny punishments for losing a bet. You can take any of these punishments and tweak them. Make them more hilarious and tough for the loser. But if you lose, get ready to face the punishment.

How ever, we know deep down inside that most people won’t be comfortable with haircut punishment. It’s because it takes time for hair to grow. And unless you’re in college, wearing a cap to school might not be visible. Even most college professors don’t permit cap-wearing in their classes.

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