How Big Is Israel Compared To A US State? Small Country, Innovative Giant

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How Big Is Israel Compared To A US State

Today, Israel is the only legitimate Jewish nation in the entire world. The country is found on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and is quite small.  

Despite its small size, the country plays a significant role in world affairs. Israel’s economy is strong; it also has a strong religion and bad relations with the neighboring Arab nations. 

Israel started the push to be a nation back in World War I, but the dream actualized after World War II. The Arabs countries did not support the UN decision to divide the area into Jewish and Arab states. 

Nonetheless, modern Israel became an independent nation in 1948. Israel and the Arabs have had a series of wars since then, but Israel usually emerges victorious. 

So, how small is Israel that people compare it to a US state? The article has information about Israel’s size and how it compares to different states in the Americas. 

How Big Is Israel Compared To a US State?

Geographically, The United States of America is approximately 448 times larger than Israel. The Israel nation is approximately 21,937 sq. km, and America is approximately 9,833.517 sq. km. Therefore America is 44,726% bigger than Israel. 

Today Israel’s population is about 8.7 million, while the population of America is approximately 332.7 million. With the information, it’s evident that Israel is smaller than most states in the US.

Israel Comparison To The US States 

In this section, you will find the comparison of Israel nation size to some US states.  

New York 

The popular Israel nation is about six times smaller than the New York state. Israel’s size is approximately 21,937 sq. km, and the  New York state size is about 122,283 sq. km. 

New York state’s current population is at 19.4 million, while Israel’s is 8.7 million. Technically, Israel has 10.7 million fewer people. 


The Israel nation is about eighteen times smaller than the California state. Israel’s size is around 21,937 sq. km, while California’s size is approximately 403,882 sq. km. 

On population, California has 37.3 million people, and therefore Israel has 28.6 million people less.


The Israel nation is 9.9 times smaller than Minnesota. The Minnesota state is in the Midwestern part of the US. 

It became the 32nd state of America on 11th May 1858. The total Minnesota area measures 206,232 km square while Israel measures 20,770 km square. 


The Israel nation is about six times smaller than the Florida state. Israel’s size is approximately 21,937 sq. km, while the Florida state is approximately 139,670 sq. km. 

The total population of Florida state is 18.8 million, and therefore Israel has 10.1 million fewer people than Florida.  

Israel Economy 

The small nation is among the world’s market economies that have the best technologies. Its workforce has top-notch skills and concentrates on venture capital, enabling the country to create innovative industries like clean-tech, high-tech, etc. 

Like other nations with great economies, Israel had a brief recession period in 2009, caused by the global financial crisis of 2009. 

However, Israel put perfect economic regulations and policies in place, plus the banking sector that quickly recovered the economy. 

Israel usually ranks high in the world’s economy regarding its research quality, availability of venture capital, and technological readiness.

The small nation ranks 1st in the availability of engineers, scientists, venture capital investments per capita, etc. 

Since its independence, the country has had a steady growth rate. Because Israel has a very small domestic consumer market, it strategically sells some of its products outside the borders and offers its technologies. 

The country currency is shekels, and currently, one US dollar is approximately 3.8220 ILS. The major industries in Israel are textile, chemical products, paper, and wood products, diamond cutting, plastics, beverages, food, metal product, and high technology products like aviation, communication, medical devices, and optics.

Economic Freedom

The Israel nation has an economic freedom score of 73.8, ranking its economy as the 26th free economy country in the 2021 index. 

How Israel’s government spends has been the key cause of the country’s greater economic freedom. 

The Background Of Israel 

The nation became independent in 1958, and it has a very vibrant democracy that makes the country unique and better in the region. The country has a thriving high-tech sector that attracts many foreign investors. 

Plus, the huge natural gas offshore deposits boost its energy security. The country had war with Hezbollah, Lebanon, and has frequent territorial issues with Hamas in Gaza, and it receives constant terrorism threats. 

However, all these do not affect Israel’s modern market economy, and the nation continues to be dynamic and fundamentally sound. 

In 2020, Israel nation made treaties with the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Sudan, and Bahrain with the hope of strengthening the relationship and increasing trade, tourism, investment, etc. 

Rule Of Law In Israel

In Israel, there are property rights; the government recognizes all properties and offer total protection. However, the process of registration and titling of property is quite cumbersome. 

The judicial system of Israel is an independent body that uses the British common law.  

The country does not allow bribery or any other forms of corruption. The strong societal intolerance of corruption and other types of graft have led to economic freedom.

Regulatory Efficiency  

The Israeli government allows businesses to register for value-added tax and corporate tax jointly. The country has a good education system that produces a skilled labor force that boosts productivity. 

Any foreign investor in Israel is eligible for subsidies from the Israeli government. Plus, everything is well priced, including medicines, banking services, gasoline, basic foods, etc.

The Best Places To Visit In Israel 

Other than its size and economy, Israel is a very beautiful nation. It has diverse scenery and landscape such as the green hills and the desert. 

Travel through Israel, and you will be amazed at how beautiful the country is. Let’s find out about the most beautiful places to visit in Israel. 

Ramon Crater

The popular Ramon is a wonder to those that live in the land. The crater is in the Negev desert. Many people did believe that the crater was formed after an asteroid collided with the earth. 

That after the collision, it made the huge crater-like landform and small others that are nearby it. However, the Ramon crater came about due to water erosion; it happened thousands of years ago when oceans covered the desert.  

The crater looks incredible and has unique wildlife and climate, and all these make it one of the best places to live in Israel.

Hula Valley 

The Hula Valley is so different from other regions of Israel that are sandy deserts. The Hula Valley is known for being an important stop-spot for birds that are migrating. 

Therefore, this makes it the perfect bird-watching site in the world. Before the Hula valley was a malarial swamp, it was drained and rehabilitated. 

People from different parts of the world visit the spot to watch birds. Other than the tranquil outlook, other peaceful leisure activities will amaze you. 

The Dead Sea 

The Dead Sea is quite popular for being the lowest place on earth. People travel from all parts of the world to come and marvel at the saline bright blue waters. 

The clear sunlight also creates perfect sunrises and sunsets. You can choose to go into the Dead Sea or admire its beauty from a distance. 

Jerusalem City 

The city of Jerusalem has a rich history in terms of religious history. People refer to it as the “city of gold,” and it’s so beautiful. The city has amazing spots like the Haas Promenade. 

The Haas Promenade is simply a stone that symbolizes the city, and the people of Israel consider it holy. The one thing that makes the city a great place to visit is the magical approach from the Jerusalem hills. 

The Mediterranean Coast 

From Israel’s Mediterranean coast, you will have a clear view of the amazing sunsets. You can choose to walk at the beach in the evening or sit at Caesarea, the beautiful archeological site, and enjoy the sunset. Alternatively, you can observe from the top of Mount Carmel. 

Overall, Israel is a uniquely beautiful country, but beauty is usually subjective. There are other great places that you can visit in Israel. 


The Israel nation is so small to the extent that people compare it to the US states. Funnily, almost all the US states are larger than Israel by far, plus have a higher population. 

However, being small does not limit Israel in any way; it’s actually among the countries that have stable economies. 

Its technological advancement is top-notch, and the country has very skilled workforces that boost its growth. 

In addition to economy and size, Israel is also a beautiful country with great spots that you can visit. 

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