How To Add Tips To Dominos Online Order – How To Tip Your Driver

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How to Add Tips to Dominos Online Order

Domino’s has always had an online ordering system. Initially, there was no need to tip online since you would tip the delivery guy when they bring your order.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, this tipping system is risky to both the delivery expert and the customer.

To stay safe, you would need to maintain a distance of 6 feet apart. You should also avoid any form of physical contact, which would include cash tips.

These precautions have made a lot of people opt to tip the deliveries online. Is there a way to tip online orders? Let us go into it and see just how you can go about it;

How to add Tips to Dominos Online Order?

You can very easily add a tip to your online order or the Domino’s app. You can go to pre-payment and pre-tipping to give a tip without making physical contact.

Dominos recently introduced this tipping feature to their ordering system. They will count the tips out, and the driver will get paid.

How To Use Domino’s App To Order Pizza

Ordering online will help you save a lot of time. With the current pandemic, it would be so much safer to use online ordering and payment.

Ordering online is simple since both the website and app are user-friendly.

The first thing you need to do on the site is select delivery or carry out. If you select delivery, someone will take the order from the restaurant and bring it to you.

If you select to carry out or pick up, it would mean that you will go for the order yourself. After making the selection, Dominos will provide you with the menu.

Dominos has a long and fantastic menu for you to choose from. There is Pizza, different kinds of bread, pasta, desserts and so much more. For Pizza, you will have two options.

You could choose specialty pizzas or build your Pizza.

For specialty pizzas

all the aspects and toppings are picked for you. You will have to select one from the list provided.

This choice has a lot of options. Dominos will mention some pizzas and toppings under each Pizza. You can click on the customize button below each order to know what ingredients are in each Pizza.

You can also make some changes to the Pizza you buy. These changes will ensure that you get exactly the taste you want. You can then place your order and wait for the flavor.

If you selected to build your Pizza

then you would have to begin from scratch. You should only choose this option if you know how to make a pizza and prefer your own.

The first thing to select is size. There are four options, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Dominos will provide details on the sizes on the website. For instance, the medium-sized Pizza is 12 inches, and it can feed 2 – 4 people.

The next option will be the crust. The crust is the lower part of the Pizza, and it constitutes most of it. The available crusts are hand-tossed crunchy thin crust, handmade pan, gluten-free, and Brooklyn style crust.

The two options are the foundation of a good pizza. You can now choose whether you want cheese on the Pizza. If yes, you can select whether it should be on the whole Pizza or just one half.

You can also choose the amount of cheese you want. The choices are light, normal, extra, or double.

The sauce is also vital in the taste of a pizza. There are three choices for the amount of sauce under each type; light, normal and extra.

The sauces available include; robust inspired tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, garlic parmesan sauce (white), hearty marinara sauce, and Alfredo sauce.

Each sauce has a picture to ensure that you know what you are selecting.

The final part is the toppings. Toppings are the food you select to put on top of the Pizza. On the Dominos website, you will have to categorize; meats and non-meats (veggies).

There is ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef, salami, bacon, premium chicken, and steak under meats.

For veggies, there is hot sauce, banana peppers, diced tomatoes, hollapino peppers, onions, black olives, mushrooms, pineapple, green peppers, shredded cheese, spinach, and roasted red peppers.

You could also add some special instructions at the bottom. You can instruct on how to bake and cut the Pizza. If you like, squire pieces, or you want them triangular or even unsliced.

You can also order a side meal to serve with the main meal. You can also choose some dipping sauces such as ranch, garlic dipping sauce, or marinara dipping sauce.

Online ordering is better than calling since it doesn’t need you to know too much. You will select a pizza based on what information you are given.

When calling, you would need to know the specific name of the Pizza you want. Calling is also limited since you won’t be able to get down to your pizza preparation specifics.

Domino’s Contactless Delivery

Like every other restaurant, Dominos is dedicated to the health and hygiene of the customers and employees. Their use of contactless delivery during the coronavirus pandemic has shown this.

Zero contact delivery will ensure that there is no contact between the delivery expert and the customer. This reduction in contact will help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

You can select this option on the website or app, depending on what you are using. The system is entirely safe, and you don’t have to worry about your order’s damage or loss.

Dominos will need you to provide your exact location and instructions on where the delivery should be placed. By default, the delivery expert will come to your door and place the package on the floor.

The driver will then move two meters away from your door. He or she will then call you to inform you that the delivery has been made to you.

The drivers will then stay there and wait for you. They wait to ensure that you get your order and prevent it from getting stolen or damaged.

You can then make the payment online to ensure there is no contact. This system has the speed and efficiency of standard delivery.

There is a tipping feature added on the sites. This might have caused some outrage among people who felt like employees were being underpaid.

Tipping is generosity or payment for quick delivery or good service. You do not have to tip the driver; you could make your exact payment and leave it at that.

How Much Is Domino’s Franchise Worth?

You might be a business person that loves Pizza. If you decide to own a piece of a pizza company, you would need to understand its worth. Dominos would be a good choice for you.

Dominos is one of the biggest pizza companies in the world. The stakeholders in this business make a lot of money, and you should probably get in on the action.

Dominos started with just one store in 1960. By 1978 they had 200 restaurants, and they were growing steadily. By 1985 there were almost 500 dominos stores.

Today, there are more than 17,000 stores across the globe. This is a franchise that has been on steady upward growth, and if you are looking for an investment, this would be a good one.

To purchase a franchise location, you would need a net worth of $250,000 and $75,000 in liquid assets. When you meet the requirements, you would need to build your stores.

Each store would cost you between $102 000 and $569 000. You would also have to pay an initial franchise fee of $ 10,000. This is expensive, and most people are wondering about the returns.

An average Dominos store will make almost 1 million dollars annually. You will be able to raise profits of up to $140 000 per store.

In 2019, dominos generated revenue of 3.62 billion. This figure has been increasing, and it is still improving.

Owners of stores make six-digit returns yearly. This is a business that will give back much more than you gave in.


Domino’s Pizza has been serving fantastic food to Americans and many other nations since its founding. There have been some issues with the quality of food in the past.

The management dealt with it and got better chefs. Currently, Domino’s has a rich menu that will impress anyone.

You can easily make comments or talk to the management should any issues come up with your order.

To improve customer service, Dominos has included a feature to allow you to make your Pizza. This has made a lot of customers happy since they get exactly the taste they want.

Domino’s has embraced the Coronavirus restrictions and is using contactless delivery. This is a safe way to ensure the infection does not spread further.

You could add a tip for your driver when you are placing your order, and they will receive the bonus at the end of the day.

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