How To Bypass Verizon Family Base – A Simple Way To Get Access

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How to Bypass Verizon Family Base

There has been a lot of uncensored data on the internet lately. Children are at the risk of getting exposed to pornography, violence, and other inappropriate material at a very young age.

Several parental guidance apps have existed to fight this problem. One of the best apps to use is the Verizon family. It is a simple app that you can get for any device.

You can use Verizon to filter your child’s content, monitor device usage hours, track locations, and many other features. You might want to bypass the app’s restrictions.

You can do this easily should the need arise. Here is a straight forward way to go around the Verizon Family base restrictions;

How to Bypass Verizon Family Base?

Deleting the app will do the trick. It will remove restrictions on social media, texting, and generally the internet. However, this will not disable the time limit set by your parent.

Before going into details, know that your parents will get notified if you delete the app. Even if you manage to bypass it, some restrictions will still have over your device.

Details On Verizon Family

The Verizon Smart Family is a set of features that Verizon designed to help parents manage their kids’ devices. You can use it to control access to the internet and a smartphone or any other device.

The app itself is simple to use and is available for both android and IOS. You would need to install two apps. One app will be on the parents’ device and the other on the child’s device.

The companion app (child’s phone) is straightforward. It is mostly just a slave app to the parent phone app. This app is a link for which to control the child’s phone.

By default, the parent will not be sharing their location. The app screen for the kid will allow him or her to request the parent’s location. A parent could share their location with the child if they wish to.

When it comes to settings, the companion does not have much. You could only deactivate the app, and this requires permission from the parent app.

The parent app is the most crucial part of the whole setup. When you launch the parent app, it will display some details on the companion phone.

It will show you the name and battery percentage of your child’s phone. It will also show you your child’s location. The location is impressively accurate, and it will update itself over time.

There is a button on the lower part of the screen that says, “Pause internet.” You can use it to disable internet access to the companion phone.

This button will not disable texts or phone calls, just the internet. There are other functions such as activities and phone calls made.

You have several options for managing the companion phone.

1. The First Feature Is Location Alerts

Location alerts are a feature that will come in handy when you want to know where your child is. This monitoring will help see whether they are at the location they are supposed to be in.

You can also set limitations in terms of distance and time when they are in certain areas. There are scheduled alerts for specific times to check their location.

This feature will remind you to see if they are maybe at school or home. You can add a specific alert depending on the schedule you use.

There is also a place and alerts feature. This feature will alert you when your child goes to a location they shouldn’t go to.

You can add the location, and you will get a notification whenever the companion device is in the area. They are easy to add and customize with the shifting schedules.

2. The Second Feature Is Limits

There are several factors about the companion phone that the parent phone can limit. You could have time restrictions, data usage, purchasing limit, text, and call limit.

  • Time restrictions are an essential part of this app. You need to be able to control your kid’s screen time even when you are absent. For instance, if your kids are at school, you won’t want them to be using their phones.

You could set the school time, Monday to Friday, like school hours. It will limit the usability of the companion device. It will still have some uses, but the most time-consuming ones would be disabled.

  • Data usage restrictions will allow you to manage the amount of data used by your child. The limit is set to 1 gigabyte by default, but you can change it.
  • The purchase limit comes in if your child can use the companion phone to make orders. You can’t have a child wasting money on extravagant expenses.

So you can allocate a fair amount and set it as a limit. The app will not allow purchases past the specified amount.

  • Text and call limit is also important. It will help you cut down on your bills. It will also keep the number of texts and calls made by the child under control.
  • The third feature is the Content Filter.Filtering is one of the app’s most powerful tools, and it has numerous options. There is objectionable messaging, social media, games, videos, downloads, malware, websites, and more.
  • Under downloads, you will be able to control Playstore or Applestore and iTunes. By blocking these apps, you will prevent the companion device from downloading applications from the apps.

When you unblock the apps, make sure you save the changes to get unlocked on the companion device.

  • On the video option, Verizon will provide you with a list of all available video apps. You could click on any of them and block them.
  • When you click on the game’s option, it will provide all the games that are on the companion device. You can block those that you feel are inappropriate for your child and leave the rest.

A lot of kids love games. This would also be an essential part of controlling to protect your child.

  • The website option is also essential. Pornography has become a big issue, and you can efficiently deal with it using the website option. You should click on the website option and then block a site.

You will be asked to give the name of the site. You should then write the website’s name, and Verizon will block that site on the companion device. The site will stay locked even if the browser is changed.

To allow access to a website, go back to the option and delete the site from your list of blocked sites.  There is also a list of trusted sites. This would include those sites you want the kids to visit.

  • The contact option also works with the same concept. You can block some contacts on your child’s phone. You could also add some trusted contacts that you are okay with him or her calling.

Advantages Of Using Verizon Family Base

At this point, it should be clear to you that Verizon has a lot of unique advantages. All the features mentioned will help you manage your child’s device.

It has the best coverage of all the plans in the country

Verizon 4G LTE covers over 70% of the United States. Their 3G covers 62 % of the country.

Verizon will offer you the best chances of getting a signal and connection to your child’s device wherever you are. Verizon currently provides 5G speeds which is the fastest network.

It helps build responsibility in kids

The point of restricting use is to teach the children when and how they are to use their devices. Verizon will lock the device at appropriate times to keep your child responsible. It will allow your child to grow with discipline in regards to using a mobile device.

It is flexible and easy to use

The app is pretty straightforward. You can quickly get the hang of it. This is because all the features and capabilities are well outlined for you.

The app is flexible in that it allows you to get down to specifics. It will enable you to limit some features while allowing others to work fine.

This option is better than reducing the performance of the entire device at the same time. There is a list of payment options that are suited for people in different earning clusters.


The Verizon Smart family is a tool that will help relieve you of a lot of parenting stress. It will allow you to give young children smartphones and ensure that they are used healthily.

The best part of this app is how dynamic it is. It allows you to block some specific features instead of limiting all the features of the device. You can give internet access and block specific sites only.

There are many options to choose from, and the app is generally very effective. Verizon would be a fantastic choice for a parent with a busy schedule or who isn’t at home most of the time. Get the app and try it.

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