How To Get Free Stuff Out Of A Vending Machine – A Guide And Tips

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How to get free stuff out of a vending machine – A Guide and Tips

Many people want to know how to get free stuff out of a vending machine, especially when they are short of cash.

A vending machine is a machine that performs several dispensing works. It is an automated machine that offers snacks, beverages, lottery tickets, cigarettes, and many more only after money enters into it. A vending machine also accepts a credit or debit card.

So, How Can You Get A Free Stuff Out Of A Vending Machine?

One of the easiest ways of getting free stuff out of a vending machine is by Take-your-cash-back hacking. To do this, you will need paper money and packing tape. Stick your tape at one end of the paper money, then insert it into the vending machine. Once the vending machine has registered the dollar payment for the free stuff you want, use the popular pull-out method to retrieve the paper money and get your free item.

What You Should Know About Vending Machine?

The first automated Vending machine was functional in England, the UK, in 1880, and its purpose is to dispense Postcards only. Today, vending machines dispense everyday products; they also dispense unusual items in diverse countries.

Though the first vending machine remains functional in England, the first reference to a Vending machine was a product of several works by an Engineer and Mathematician of Egyptian origin, known as “Hero of Alexandria.” In the first century, his “vending machine” would accept a coin to dispense “Holy Water.”

The simple technology behind the Egyptian Vending machine was that it fell on a pan connected to a lever when a coin entered into it. The lever would then open a valve that allowed the “Holy water” to flow out.

By 1615, vending machines that dispensed tobacco were being operational in England, but such devices were primitive and active only in Taverns. It was until the 1880s that the real Vending machine came into the limelight in the country.

What Other Methods Can You Use To Get Free Kinds Of Stuff From A Vending Machine?

There are several other tricks you can use in getting lots of free stuff from a vending machine; these are seen below;

1. Use The Code For Free Drinks

Sometimes, you don’t need to use any trick on a vending machine to get free stuff from it. Special branded vending machines like the Nesquik vending machine provide free codes for a specific number of people to get free drinks. The numbers on the code will correspond to different values. Insert the code on the keypad and choose your free stuff.

2. Use The “Set Your Price” Trick

Another way to get free stuff from a vending machine is to set a “$0” price for your free stuff. This trick works very well on new Pepsi Vending machines. These machines come with more oversized buttons, and you need to use a specific device plus a particular combination of key presses. All Pepsi drink products are available for the zero price you set.

3. The Conveyor Belt Trick Machine

Conveyor belt may not work on all vending machines, but it will likely work on Coca-Cola machines. With this trick, you need to insert money first and then get your stuff. Stick your hand inside the machine and then push against the machine’s door to create some confusion. With this trick, the device will return the money, and you can repeat the steps until you take as much free stuff as you want.

4. The Older Snacks And Drink Trick

This trick is quite similar to the conveyor belt trick machine, just that it works much better and quicker on the older vending machines and not the new ones. In this case, you need to push upon the door of the device at the bottom.

By pushing up at the door, the machine will think no stuff is getting out to the user even though they see and take it. Wait a short while before choosing another item, or use the coin return mechanism to get a refund.

5. The Vending Gumball Machine Trick

The earlier users created this trick for the Gumball machines in the UK, but today it can work just anywhere. You will need a little luck with this trick, and you must perform it on an older machine.

This trick is simple, take your little coin, then wrap some layers of foil over it to make it look like a more significant and more valuable coin. With this trick, you may choose as many free pieces of stuff as possible, as long as the machine values your coin.

6. The Fake Paper-Coin Trick

Many machines were designed to detect and reject fake paper coins but you may never know if it works until you try.

It works like a tin foil or tape procedure; you can use this trick to get a free candy or drink. You will need to perform this trick on an old machine if it works. You can also perform this rick on vehicle meter machines.

What Are The Current Trends In Vending Machine?

Several trends have indicated ha vending machines will never remain the same worldwide. It will continue to evolve just like every other thing else. Hey are low-cost alternatives to delivering foods and drinks to people anywhere.

Today, vending dies are not just for providing cheap foods and drinks, they are now being used to dispense medications and special diets. With a long history dating back to ancient times, vending machines will remain part of human history for a very long time.

The current trend is that vending machines are directly and indirectly aiding obesity across the world. For this reason, governments are making amendments to what food and drinks are available in vending machines.

To this end, you can find many vending machines replacing sodas and chips with fruits and vegetables. There have been provisions to make more than 40% of vending machines provide healthy food and drink alternatives across many municipalities and countries worldwide.

There is also a drawn line between busy schedules and laziness- two critical factors that make people prefer to use vending machines. A survey has revealed that more than 40% of millennials are too lazy to prepare meals at home and the same percentage of working adults are just too busy to prepare meals at home too.

The availability of online and mobile applications for ordering foods and drinks have also affected he use of vending machines somehow. Online mobile application orderings have made the preparation of foods and drinks faster for quicker delivery. Restaurants now rely on use of vending machines to retrieve snacks, drinks and other food items quicker than before.

The Future Trends For Vending Machines

The basic government policies are being put in place to replace as many unhealthy food and drink choices wih healthy ones. It is therefore a guaranty that most vending machines will dispense healthy foods I the nearest future. As storage technology continues to improve, here will be an increase in demand for healthier choices of foods and drinks.

There will also be an increase in vending machines that will educate users on healthy nutrition. This means vending machines will serve as secondary labeling by providing information on components of foods.

Another trend expected of vending machines is that there will be an increase in the number of vending machines that will customize, prepare and cook meals. There will be vending machines hat will prepare pizzas from sauce and dough in less than 5 minutes. Customers can even choose their own toppings and flavor. Vending machines of such nature may even provide dozens of pizzas in less than an hour.

It is expected that there will be an increase in the number of online vending machines. This means there will be more vending machines connected online where you can order meals and drinks from your computer or smartphone applications.

There will also be a growth in the number of vending machines providing products other than food. In South Africa for instance, HIV/AIDS patients can now use special codes to collect their anti-retroviral medications at designated vending machines.

It is expected that more vending machines will be installed to dispense fashion wears, even small electronics and stationeries.


In addition to the above highlighted methods of getting free stuffs from vending machines, you may also benefit from technical glitches on such device. Most older vending machines are susceptible o technical issues though they might have been fixed right now. Some of the ricks and tips mentioned here may work for most vending machines but here are doubts if they will work for all. You may have to apply one or more of these tricks on a vending machine to know which will work for you. It is expected that the growth of vending machines all around the world will further enhance access to many basic supplies, even those not related to food and drinks.

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