How To Get Rid Of Geese In My Yard

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How To Get Rid Of Geese In My Yard

Geese are aggressive birds that defend their territory by hissing and flapping their wings. They also hiss when they’re threatened. If you have a pond or lake on your property, geese are likely to visit from time to time. Despite their homebody nature and tendency not to stray far from where they were hatched, geese can become pests if they frequent a private residence too frequently. If you’ve had enough of these feathered friends and would like to get rid of them for good, read on for helpful advice about how to get rid of geese in your yard.

How To Get Rid Of Geese In My Yard? 

1. Install a Scarecrow

It’s a proven fact that birds are territorial creatures, so if you install a scarecrow in your yard, geese will consider your yard as their territory. Once they consider your property as their territory, they won’t be able to nest or build their homes there. The sound of a scarecrow flapping in the wind will keep geese away from the area surrounding it. If you want to keep geese away from your yard, a scarecrow is the best choice. Scarecrows will scare away geese with noise and sight. However, if you want to scare away geese from your garden or crops, you should get a Scarecrow Goose Repellent.

2. Build a Mexican Goose Trap

A Mexican Goose Trap is an effective way to cull large numbers of geese from your yard. A Mexican Goose Trap is a humane trap that doesn’t kill the geese and releases them alive. The Trap can be made at home using some simple materials. You can also buy a ready-made Mexican Goose Trap from a nearby store. Here’s how you can build a Mexican Goose Trap: – Create a funnel with a piece of cardboard and attach it to a plastic bucket. – Place the bucket near a water source such as a pond or stream. – Place a few handfuls of corn kernels inside the bucket. Geese are known to be attracted to corn and will be drawn towards the bucket. – Once the birds get accustomed to the sight and smell of the feed, they will enter the bucket to eat the corn. – The funnel will lead the birds into the bucket and they will be trapped inside.

3. Use an Electronic Goose Shocker

An electronic goose shocker is an effective way to prevent geese from taking over your property. An electronic goose shocker is a device that emits a loud sound from a speaker when it comes in contact with water. Goose is known to stay away from flowing water, so by placing a shocker in your water source, you’ll be able to drive them away. Goose shuckers can be used in ponds, lakes, drains, or any other water source that geese frequent. The noise created by the shocker will drive the geese away and prevent them from returning to the area. Goose shuckers come in different shapes and sizes based on the size of the water source where it’s placed. If you want to use a goose shocker in a small water source such as a garden pond, you can choose the smaller models. However, if you’re using the shocker in a water source that’s larger in size such as a lake or river, you should go for a large model.

4. Try a Natural Repellent

Geese are known to be highly territorial birds, so if you use a natural repellent on your yard, they will be scared away. Here are some of the natural repellents you can use to drive away the geese: – Noises and Sounds: Loud noises such as recordings of crying babies or hissing sounds can scare away the geese and keep them away from your property. You can also use a radio to play loud music to keep the geese away. – Pepper Sprays: If you want to keep geese away from your garden, you can use pepper sprays or chili pepper repellents. Most birds don’t like the smell of pepper and they will stay away from your yard. – Plants: If you want to keep geese away from your yard, you can use plants that have a strong scent and are toxic to birds. Some of the best plants to keep geese away from the yard are cayenne pepper, chili pepper, and black pepper. – Essential Oils: Some scents such as lavender, peppermint, and orange can keep geese away. If you want to keep geese away from your yard, you can use essential oils to make a natural repellent. – Coconut Oil: You can make a natural repellent using coconut oil. The strong scent will scare the geese away.

Why You Should Get Rid Of Geese In Your Yard? 

There’s too much poop

Geese poop a lot. They actually poop as many as 20 times a day. And while you’ve probably seen them popping in ponds and lakes, that’s not where you want it to end up. In fact, you might notice a few extra brown spots in your yard or garden. That’s because geese often use their feet to dig in the ground to make a place to go to the bathroom. They’ll do this on your lawn, flowerbeds, and even your driveway. They might even be happy to use your house as a potty, especially if there are no other more appropriate places nearby. As you can imagine, all that extra poop can lead to some pretty unpleasant smells. It can also spread disease. And if you try to mow your lawn with that extra poop still on there, it can clog up your mower and make it harder to get a nice, even cut.

Geese can cause harm to your property

Geese can be aggressive, especially when they’re protecting their young. They’re territorial and can even attack humans if they feel threatened by them. Even if you don’t have young geese, you can still get attacked. If you try to feed them or get too close to their nests, they might try to defend themselves. Geese can actually cause harm to your property through more than just aggression, too. They like to build nests on high ground where they feel safe. They’ll build them on the ground, on roofs, and on the sides of buildings. That can cause problems if the nest falls down or if the materials they use end up damaging your house. And if they build nests on top of power lines, they can seriously hurt themselves and even cause blackouts in your area.

They can be noisy

Geese can be noisy at all hours of the day and night. They’re actually migratory birds, so they go between different locations depending on the season. If you live near a river, lake, or pond, you might notice them around in the spring and fall. If you have a flock of geese that stays in your yard year-round, you’re probably hearing them every day. They make a lot of different sounds, from hissing when you get too close to their nests to making noise when you try to shoo them away or feed them. They can even cackle loudly when they’re mating or if the nest is disturbed.

They eat a lot of grass and plants

Geese are grazing animals, which means they eat grass and plants. But they eat more than just a few blades of grass here and there. They actually eat enough to cause real damage to your lawn. Not to mention that they’ll probably leave behind a lot of droppings. Even if you do have a large yard, it’s hard to maintain a lawn that’s constantly being eaten by geese. Your grass will either be patchy or it’ll never get long enough to be useful for a nice, shady place to relax. And if you have a garden, the geese eating your plants can be a big problem. They’re not selective about what they eat, after all. They’ll eat almost anything that’s edible. If you have young plants you’re trying to grow, you might end up having to use a lot of pesticides to protect them from the geese.

Pros Of Getting Rid Of Geese

If you’re considering getting rid of geese in your backyard, there are a few advantages to keep in mind: 

  1. They cause a mess. Geese poop a lot and can make a mess in your yard. 
  2. They can damage your property. Geese can damage your plants and lawn as well as your house. 
  3.  They can be aggressive towards humans. Some geese are aggressive towards humans. – They smell. Geese smell bad.
  4. They’re a public health risk. Geese can carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. 
  5.  They may damage your swimming pool. Geese often go near swimming pools, leaving droppings and making a mess. 
  6.  They can damage your roof. Geese can sometimes damage roofs


Geese are a common sight on golf courses and parks, but they don’t belong in a residential backyard. If you’ve had enough of these feathered friends and would like to get rid of them for good, read on for helpful advice about how to get rid of geese in your yard. There are a number of tried-and-true ways to get rid of geese, so you don’t have to suffer the annoyance of their constant chatter and territorial hissing. Once they’ve become accustomed to visiting your property, it can take some time for them to learn that there’s a new threat in their way. Keep these methods in mind, and you’ll be able to rid your property of these pesky birds in no time at all.

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