How To Live Without A Job- The Steps To Frugal Living

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How to Live Without a Job

Many people often ask the question; Is it possible to live without a job? The answer is a simple Yes! With the ongoing ravaging Covid19 pandemic that has caused millions of job losses worldwide, it is clear that most people may have to live without jobs a one time or the other. You have to be prepared for the eventualities of job losses at some point because life itself can be unpredictable. People are searching constantly for alternatives to heir regular 9 to 5 jobs these days and it is about time you find alternatives too.

So, how do I live Without a Job?

The best way to live without a job is to have alternative income sources.

Some parents do set up Trust funds for their children to provide a means of sustenance in dire economic conditions. Passive income will help you sustain your lifestyle until you get another job.

Having an emergency fund is also one way to sustain your living when you are out of a job. Depending on the country you live in and the amount of money you can save after your monthly expenses, you should be able to have an emergency saving that should last you 3-6 months until you get another meaningful job. If your monthly bill is $2500, for instance, It may take up to 2 years to save $1000 monthly to have emergency funds to sustain that monthly bill for six months or more.

Controlling Your Expenses Will Help You Survive When Out Of Job

If you want to survive when you are out of a job, you must be prepared to control your expenses when you have one. Being frugal means spending less when you have in excess, and you only have what matters instead of what you want.

When you spend less than you make and avoid luxury. For instance, when you have a regular job, you may want to hire a cleaner, but when you consider how much you can save by doing away with a cleaner, you will save yourself quite a fortune.

The secret to frugal living is to keep your expenses low, and you will be able to live conveniently without a job.

Diversify Your Income While You Have A Job

Having several sources of income will save you when you lose your job. Here are so many ways you can diversify your income, you may write content for sites or individuals, rent out rooms in your home, sell salvaged books or other items, babysit kids or pets, and so on.

You may lose one income source called a job, but other income sources will help you through while you search for another job.

If you are already working, you may want to invest some money in house-flipping, lending clubs, or even flip your house and buy a smaller home. If you collect items like toys, books, and musical instruments, you can organize a garage sale and make money. You can salvage items from dumpsters and repair them to sell them again.

Be Prepared For Changes

Sometimes the best way to live without a job is to be prepared to accept changes. Sometimes, you feel you are about to lose your primary income source, which is your job.

Just any kind of income source can dry up quickly, which is why you must be prepared to embrace changes. What if you get sick or get injured while working and are unable to work, and you don’t even have income protection.

If you have contingency plans, you will have less stress when you lose your job, or something terrible happens, and you are unable to work.

Have Good Debt Only And Pay Off Your Debt

It can be difficult to avoid debt, but if your income can sustain your lifestyle and you have substantial money to save, you should avoid debt. Bad debt does not improve your financial situation. It is usually consumer debt where you have to pay for products and services.

Good debt is a financial-improving debt. I can be income-producing debt or money-saving debt. For instance, you can take up a good debt like higher education debt that will allow you to make more money in the future.

Another good debt is borrowing for real estate investment or borrowing to buy a home if such a decision is better than renting in the long term. Any obligation you have that does not inflict very high-interest rates on your savings or income.

Making Money Without A Job

Investing can be hard to do when you have no job; this is the reason why you should invest a substantial amount of your income while you still have a job or several sources of revenue.

One thing you should do to avoid financial stress when you lose your job is to refinance your debt. The main benefit of refinancing your debt is that you will have all your obligation in one place and get a better interest rate. In most cases, you will get a better repayment agreement ha will reduce your financial burden.

With lower interest rates and longer repayment terms, you will end up saving thousands and reduce financial burden, especially when you don’t have a job.  You can do some research to find the best debt refinancing service provider.

Earning on shopping for what you are already purchasing can also be one of the ways of boosting your income when you have no job. Some of the websites where you can earn rebates on shopping are Rakuten, Ibotta and Honey.

Rakuten for instance will give you cash back for items you purchased online. The site is very easy and all you need to do is sign up and do your shopping there. You can search for different categories by using the bar on top of the page. This site is completely free to use.

It even pays to sign up on these moneyback shopping sites if you registered via a referral. You can earn a minimum of $10 on a site like Rakuten when you sign up via a referral. If you refer people, you can even earn hundreds on a regular basis.

Moneyback shopping sites also offer bonus codes and you can apply them automatically to your next shopping cart. Aside from getting some money back on shopping, these sites will help you discover the best deals by comparing products bases on prices. You will have to download and install the apps or web extensions of these sites to enjoy all these benefits.

Websites like Ibotta will allow you to download their apps and unlock rebates at the online shops you buy stuffs. If you shop offline, all you will have to do is scan your receipt after purchasing a product, and the rebate will be deposited in your account almost instantly.

Starting a blog and working for content writing companies online can also be sustainable ways of generating income when you do have a job. When you have a blog, you can display ads on your website from companies, sell your own products and perform in affiliate marketing. You should also install Google Ads on your website and Google will pay you for advertising on your website.

Publishing your written book is another way of generating income for life. You only need to write a book once, and websites like Amazon will help you publish it without you paying a dime. You can write about just any topic, whether in fiction or non-fiction genre and get paid when someone buys or borrow the book.

One rule you must follow when it comes to surviving without a job is to pay more attention to your needs as oppose to your wants. When you are without a job, you need to cut down on your expenses even some essential needs may have to be suspended until you get another job or resume the one you temporary stopped.

A free resume builder can be an invaluable tool for crafting and polishing a professional-looking, effective resume. A free resume builder is easy to use and contains helpful templates that let you quickly lay out the backbone of your resume in no time. With just a few clicks, even those without writing experience can create effective resumes that showcase their skills and experience in a way that can help them stand out from the competition.

Revisit your lists of needs and wants and try to remove the ones you can do away with for a while. There is no problem revisiting your lists of wants when you eventually regain your job or find something even better. Some people eventually went on to turn their passive income businesses into full time job when they couldn’t find a job replacement after few months of searching with no luck.


The ease or difficulty of living without a job will depend on how prepared you are for such a situation. If you prepare your mind for such a bad situation, you will survive through and bounce back to your normal daily lifestyle. The secret to surviving without a job is to save more while you are working and expand your sources of income. Having an extra source of income will help complement your job income and should even help you save more. From multiple source of income, you can conveniently sustain your lifestyle even when you lose your main job.

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