How To Make Your Voice Deeper – Tips On Getting A Masculine Voice

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How To Make Your Voice Deeper

Girls love deep voices; it is every guy’s dream to have a deep attractive voice. Even if you want to be a radio announcer or an actor, having a deep voice could be a significant advantage.

There is a lot of information when this topic is concerned. Some techniques are used to lower the pitch of your voice. This would make your voice more profound and more attractive.

Some believe voices are natural. You get the voice as you mature, and you can’t make it deeper. So is it possible to make your voice deeper? If it is, then how can you do it? Let us look into the question;

How to make your voice deeper?

It isn’t much you can do to deepen your voice. You are stuck with the voice nature gave you. The deepness of the voice is dependent on the length and thickness of the vocal cords. You cannot deepen your voice, but deep voice training techniques will give your voice a deeper impression.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper

A deep voice can be a significant advantage. It is easier to listen to, and it shows confidence and authority. You could use some of the following tips to get a deeper voice.

Get and maintain physical fitness

The human body is connected in extraordinary ways. Things that would seem to have absolutely no relationship could turn out to be directly linked.

Get a lot of sleep, eat enough natural foods and work out regularly. Stay well-hydrated, drinking pure water. When you want to optimize your body for anything, physical fitness is compulsory.

The same applies to developing your voice. Get a gym and get yourself in shape. Your voice ought to be as sexy as your appearance.

Feel good about yourself

Your voice is a projection of your thoughts; feeling good about yourself will make you sound better. A low or high-pitched voice could be a sign of a lack of self-confidence.

It could also be a reaction to something negative in your past. There are people with nervous voices, but they have the potential to speak with better voices.

Your childhood and upbringing could affect your voice. If you were constantly pinned down and silenced as a kid, it may damage you. Bullying at an early age could also be a reason for shy voices.

Understand that you have every right to be where you are. There are a lot of people that are very interested in hearing what you have to say. It would be best if you believe in yourself as must as they do.

Find your tension spots

One of the reasons your voice is low could be that you have tension issues. There are areas in your body that get affected when you are tense, which might impact your voice.

To find these spots, pretend you are in a tense situation. It could be you on stage in front of a large crowd or even on a TV show. Be keen to feel the tight muscles.

They will probably be in your neck area, through, or shoulder. When you know which muscles are tense, relax them fully.

When relaxed, get a preset voice. This preset voice is one you could easily snap into when you are intense situations.

Learn to speak using your chest cavity. A guitar string does not sound like a musical instrument without the body cavity of the guitar. The same applies to your vocal cords.

Most people speak from the throat. Use your chest cavity to gain resonance when you talk.  It will help you get a deeper voice.


Yawning sounds a bit stupid, but it will help with your voice. Yawn, even if you are not tired.  Yawning relaxes the neck muscles and the vocal cords, which are responsible for your voice’s pitch.

Relaxed vocal cords are a key to deep mature voice quality. You will notice that your voice is so much deeper in the morning when you wake up.

This depth o is because your vocal cords and body are completely relaxed. Your voice has a higher pitch in the evening when you are stressed out. Yawn to keep your cord relaxed, and your voice will get deeper.

Exercise your abdominal muscles and diaphragm. It would help if you had a strong and long-lasting volume of air to speak.  You can exercise the diaphragm by blowing out sharply about forty times.

The invisible straw

Close your mouth tightly and suck on a straw that isn’t there. You will feel your thought get stiffened when you suck the straw. Hold the pressure on for about five seconds, then release.

This exercise will help strengthen all the vital muscle groups in your neck. You should be careful not to do it too much since it might cause you to pass out.

Talk about things you believe in

To improve your voice, make sure you believe in whatever you are talking about.  Have a passion for what you are talking about and every word you say.

Are you wondering what this has to do with your voice? When you believe deeply in something, it makes your voice deeper. Intonation and depth of speech can be used to detect lies.

This detection implies that when you are untrue, your voice will have a higher pitch. Make sure you convince yourself that you are speaking the truth, and your voice will deepen.

Simple regular vocal exercises

The thickness of your vocal cords determines the depth of your voice. You, therefore, need constant vocal exercises to make your vocal cords thicker.

Simple exercises like humming will go a long way in helping improve your voice. Humming is a fun and simple way to enhance the depth of your voice.

You should do this in a relaxed position. Stand, do not sit or crouch.

Ensure all your neck muscles and diaphragm is completely relaxed. Then take a deep breath and hum comfortably as long as you can. Do this for a minimum of ten minutes a day, and you will notice a change.

Advantages Of Having A Deep Voice

Having a deeper voice has created a lot of fuss, and you are curious as to what advantages come with it. It is advantageous, and here are some reasons why;

Most of the ladies are attracted to deep voices

Notice how girls are into Jason Momoa, Chris Hemsworth, and Gerard Butler? They all have one thing in common, a deep voice. This attraction is most potent in more feminine and prettier women.

Having a deep voice will increase your chances with the ladies. Some women prefer a deep masculine voice over physical appearance.

Most people relate the depth of voice to testosterone levels. A deeper voice would imply more testosterone.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for all general manly growth. A higher level implies that you are manlier and stronger, which many ladies find very attractive.

It gives you more authority and respect

A deep voice creates an impression of an intelligent, more confident, healthier, and more respectable man. This might or might not be true, but it is what a deep voice would imply.

A deep voice will therefore give you some advantage in an interview. Some people even prefer to vote for people that have deeper voices. It is meant to be more assuring and empowering to hear.

Imagine having two bosses, one with a really deep voice and the other with a high-pitched voice. If they were to both, give you instructions, which would you follow?

The deeper voice exerts more authority. You will obey the one with a deeper voice with more submission. Most CEOs with deep voices run bigger companies.

It makes you feel more powerful and persuasive

Many things can boost your confidence, and a deep voice is one of them. A deep voice is normal in men, so having a deep voice gives you a feeling of safety.

The voice will make you more open to making your ideas and thoughts known. You will be able to talk more fluently and make your opinions known to people.

Have you noticed how persuasive Barrack Obama sounds? Speakers with deep voices tend to change people’s minds more during a discussion.

Even retention is better when listening to a deep voice. Not just in a romantic context, deep voices demand more attention from listeners.


Having a deep voice is a big deal for most men. It has a lot of advantages, including an insane amount of sexiness. You could have a high-pitched sound and still have other attractive qualities.

A deep voice is not all that matters. It is just an advantage, but you will be just fine without it. Don’t worry too much about getting your voice to deepen; be confident as you are.

There are some techniques mentioned that could help deepen your voice. If they do not work, you could see a voice coach. They will help identify why your voice is high-pitched and help you fix it.

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