How To Reset A Sentry Safe – Hacks On Sentry Safe

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How To Reset A Sentry Safe

Home Safes are important and popular for a reason. They help you protect your values such as documents, money, passports, guns, jewelry, and much more. 

The most important part about safes is their security measures. A safe comes with high-level security measures that protect valuables from all kinds of criminals.

However, sometimes it reaches a point where you forget your combination code and may need to reset your safe. 

Resetting a sentry safe is not easy since they have complex systems. However, in this article, you will learn step by step how to.

How to reset a sentry safe

Option 1

If you registered your security code with Sentry’s site, the process is easy.

  • First, you visit Sentry Recover Your Combination Website 
  • Provide usernames and passwords credentials to get registered combinations online.
  • Next, go ahead and click on “Recover Combination” to find your combination. The combination will be provided as long as you enter the correct details.

Option 2

If you have not registered your security code on Sentry’s Site, here are the steps to follow.

  • Start by visiting “” Lost combination page
  • Select ‘Download Notary Form”, then click on “Open” and download the Lost Combination/Security Key Notarized” form.
  • One must print your form then fill in all personal details required in the form. It is done to prove ownership of the form and avoid giving access to the wrong person. A legal document showing proof of ownership, such as power of attorney, may also be required.
  • Ensure you indicate whether you are requesting “Combo” or “Combo and Keys” at the top of your form. In case you have spoken to a representative, indicate the reference number.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Ensure the filled form has a notary witness and fax it to Sentry fax: 585-381-2940 and other documents.
  • If all documents are okay, the request is processed within 48 hours, and a combination is sent. 

How To Change Combination Codes On Sentry Safe

Other than resetting a sentry safe when you have forgotten the combination code, in some cases, you may need to change it out of the will. In such cases, it is just replacing with another one. 

It is a simple process, but you have to make sure you have the owner’s manual and only change the combination code when the safe is open to avoid locking yourself out. 

  1. Start by finding a 5- digit factory code on the owner’s manual. It is easy to find this as long as you have the manual.
  2. The next step is to delete any codes on the safe. To do this, press the “PROG” button and enter the factory code from the owner’s manual twice.
  3. Press the “PROG” button again, and it will give you a chance to enter your 5- digit factory code.
  4. In this case, you will have to enter a code of your choosing. This is the user code that one uses to open a safe. 
  5. Note the factory code is permanent and should not be shared. However, the user code can be changed severally.
  6. Once you have entered the new user code, make sure to test it with the safe open to ensure it works well.

What Happens If You Replace Your Sentry Safe Manual?

A sentry safe manual is crucial as it carries the 5- digit factory code. This code is unique to every safe and cannot be changed. 

As a result, if you have misplaced the manual, it means you may not be able to reset your user code in the future.

However, one can get their factory code even after misplacing the manual. The process involves contacting customer service and filing a request.

To do this, start by filling a request form for a factory code, then make sure it is notarized and send it to Sentry. 

They will provide the factory code for your safe in a few days, provided you gave the right information on the form. For this service, you will be charged a fee of $20.

Types Of Locks Found On Sentry Safes

Sentry is a company very popular for its safes. Many people like the company for its high-quality products. 

Sentry has been able to stay on top of the market for its secure safes and the options they offer their customers. 

The company works hard to provide varieties. One of that is in the lock systems they have for their safes.

They include the following.

1. Biometric Lock Safes

For this safe, you will find a biometric lock system. It means that the lock will require access using your biometric identity. 

Setting the biometric lock system is easy, and the system gives you room for resetting at any time.

2. Combination Lock System

It is a unique type of lock, and it is used quite often. Although this lock system borrows its functionality from the old type of locks, Sentry provides high-quality locks with this system. 

It is a system where one has to use a combination of several digits, one leading to the other, for the lock to open. It is a favorite system for some people.

3. Digital Lock 

In this case, you will find a digital lock system that uses electronics. The system has a keypad and a memory that stores all the data. 

As a result, one must key in all the combination codes for the safe to open. It is the most popular safe from Sentry as people find it straightforward to key in the digitals. 

3. Flat Key Lock

Some people prefer to have keys for their safe locks. Sentry Safes come in two different types of key locks, and one of them is a Flay key system. 

This is where you have a key with a flat shape, just like the name suggests. The structure is simple, and the key works like other flat keys. If you lose your key, you can always request another one by following all the required steps.

4. Tubular Key

This is the second type of key lock one can get from Sentry safe. For this one, the key is made in a tubular shape. It also works very well, and they are quite popular.

Here Is How To Change Batteries On A Sentry Safe?

For digital lock sentry safes, they have batteries that power the system, and at one point, you may need to change the batteries. 

However, many people do not know how to do this as the digital lock type of safes varies from one generation to the other. 

Here is how to change batteries depending on the model.

1. Models with codes beginning with OS, OA, MSW, MS, KSW, KS, DS, DA, CSW, and CS

  • Start by checking the bottom edge of the lock to locate screws, and remove them.
  • Then turn the electronic lock towards the right to remove it.
  • You will find the batteries, insert them in the required order, return the lock, and turn it back to the left.

2. Models starting with STW205G, STW123G, SFW205B, SFW123B, G, F, E, and SFW082B, F, G, E.

  • The first step is to pull out a battery drawer located on the side of the electronic lock. It is found on the right side.
  • Then insert four non-rechargeable batteries as required.
  • And lastly, slide back the battery drawer.

3. All models starting with A4, A3, A5: J4, J3, J5: S3, S0, S4, S7, S6, S8, SBW, Sb, Sc, SW; J4, J3, J5; LO, L3: V

  • The first step is to insert a pen point or paper clip into a small hole on the left side of the electronic lock cover.
  • Push inside as you slide to the right to remove the battery holder.
  • Insert four non-rechargeable batteries as recommended.
  • Push the battery holder back and slide it into place.

4. Models starting with SFW205T, U; SFW123T, U

  • The first step is to locate the battery compartment door
  • Open the door to remove the battery compartment.
  • Insert four non-rechargeable batteries as recommended.
  • Return the battery compartment to its position.

5. All models starting with PL and ESB

  • For this model, one has to use an override key.
  • Start by inserting the override key, use a turning dial-in to unlock the position then you can open the door.
  • Remove the door lid to locate the battery compartment.
  • Insert four non-rechargeable batteries as recommended.
  • Return the battery compartment to its position and the lid.


Like any other safe, security is crucial, and that comes with understanding and remembering the combinations. Safe companies make sure that the process of resetting combinations is complex, especially if someone has forgotten their codes to prevent thieves from accessing safes. 

As a result, the process on how to reset a sentry safe may sound difficult, especially when you have lost the combination code, but it is for the best.

Always make sure you do not share your combination codes. Make sure you keep your owner’s manual safe or store the factory code well.

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