How To Reset AT&T TV Remote – A Detailed Guide

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How To Reset AT&T TV Remote

Television technology can be dated back to the 1900s. John Logie Baird, otherwise known as “The father of television,” came up with the idea of color television. 

He was a Scottish electrical engineer who utilized mechanical scanning technology. 

Digital televisions, on the other hand, date back to the 1980s, when Toshiba produced a television set with intriguing digital capabilities. 

Sony and NEC Home Electronics later followed suit. However, during this time, digital TV broadcasts were not available. In the 1900s is when they were adopted.

AT&T TV is a TV service used for streaming. It comes with a set-top box and an AT&T TV remote. 

You can stream several things like; live channels, cloud DVR recording, and popular videos. Some of the premium apps offered are; Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, HBO, and more.

The best thing about AT&T TV is that it utilizes the internet. You don’t need to have a satellite. However, the internet should be at least 8Mbps.

How To Reset AT&T TV Remote

The AT&T TV remote is on point; its features are straightforward. To die for is its chic design and the Hey Google Assistant. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to set up the Hey Google Assistant.

It’s pretty easy; click on the Activate your Google Assistant. Then go through the terms and conditions and select Allow to activate it. 

Hold on to the mic button until it blinks blue to confirm it is working. Once done, you can try commanding to change channels.

The Hey Google Assistant uses voice commands to function. This way, you don’t have to point letters to change or select channels. How cool is that?

It reaches a point where we need to reset our AT&T TV remote. Mostly because we think it is not functioning. Before resetting, there are some major things to consider.


Confirm whether the batteries are functioning. Are the batteries low? If so, replace them. Hold on to the ATT button to know if the batteries are low. The ATT button should light up if the batteries are okay. 

If you are wondering where the ATT button is, it is just at the top of your remote. You can also try removing and reinstalling the batteries. It can be the batteries are wrongly placed.

Signal Interference

Your remote may fail to work due to overcrowding near the TV area. Physical obstructions tend to block the signal. Wireless devices around may also interfere with the signal. So try keeping these things away.


The issue could be the pairing between your remote and AT&T TV. It is vital to check the connection is still intact before resetting. First and foremost, you need to disconnect the remote from the AT&T TV device.

Step 1: Press the DASH sign (-) and Apps or Diamond-looking buttons on your remote. Hold them down until you see the LED lights blink blue twice.

Step 2: Restart your AT&T TV system afterward. There are two ways of doing this. One is by clicking on the red button on the side of your device. The other is by unplugging the AT&T TV device then plugging it back.

After disconnecting the remote, you have to pair it again. Below are the steps;

Step 1: Point your TV using the AT&T TV remote.

Step 2: Hold down the FAST FORWARD and REWIND buttons at the same time.

Step 3: Wait for about 2-3 seconds for the pairing to occur. You will know the process is successful if you receive an on-screen message. The message will inform you that your remote is good to go.

If you have done all the above, but your remote is still not working, it’s time to reset it. There are different brands of AT&T TV remotes. It is important to identify what brand your remote is before resetting.

The brands are nearly similar, but there exist tiny differences. Resetting a remote is easy-peasy. You don’t have to do much; below is a detailed process of resetting.

If the remote is Silver S10 or Point anywhere, you should adhere to the following; 

Step 1: Hold down the AT&T and okay keys simultaneously.

Step 2: Let go of both keys, and the entire four mode keys will blink twice. This indicates you have initiated the programming mode.

Step 3: Utilizing the number keys, enter the programming code 900. The AT&T key will then produce lasting flashes. 

This indicates that the code has been entered correctly and the remote has been reset to factory settings. If the remote is S20 or S30, you should follow the steps below;

Step 1: Press the Menu key and the OK key simultaneously.

Step 2: When you let go of the buttons, you will see flashes twice. The flashes indicate programming mode. The programming mode indicator produces them.

Step 3: Utilizing the number keys on your remote control, enter the programming code 981. The power key will produce four flashes. 

This indicates that the code has been entered successfully. Your remote will be immediately reset to default settings.

Categories Of AT&T TV Remotes

The Point Anywhere remotes

There is the Point Anywhere A20 and A30. They are pretty much similar; both don’t require a line-of-sight to the TV. Their flexibility is just on another level.

S20 and S30 remotes

There exists only one major difference between the two. All the S30 buttons light up when pressed. 

However, not all S20 buttons light up. Both the S20 and S30 remotes have interesting and captivating features.

Some of these features include; easy programming options, help buttons, audio devices, etc.

S10 remotes

S10 is the most widely used remote. It has comprehendible features and simple programming.

What Are The Benefits Of AT&T TV?

AT&T TV has tons of benefits. Some of the benefits include; 

AT&T TV can function with both the internet and satellites or cables

AT&T TV is some form of hybrid. Its design can utilize either the internet, cables, or satellites. It all depends on your preference. 

An AT&T TV account can support up to 3 devices. If so, an internet of at least 25Mbps is required. 

AT&T TV can utilize the internet since its set-top box receives power from Google Android TV. It can support around 4000 output at once and download over 5000 apps. 

This saves a lot on cost and space as installing a satellite is unnecessary. Moreover, you don’t have to go through the trouble of installing cables.

You are not limited to the AT&T TV set-top box to top it up. You can also stream using the AT&T mobile app. AT&T has a mobile security app known as AT&T mobile security for increased security.

AT&T TV Has The Best Channels And Videos

In terms of entertainment, AT&T TV got you. It offers the best channel lineup and videos. The premium channels include; BBC America, Food Network, Discovery, etc. Not to forget the variety of sports channels are superb.

Did you know that AT&T TV supports over 20 streams on the home network? Here the entertainment never ceases. Some of the compatible devices include; LG smart TV, Apple TV, Mac Windows, and more. 

What’s more interesting is that the AT&T TV package comes with its streaming device. The streaming device is free of charge. All you need to do is plug in your device to your TV’s HDMI port.

AT&T TV has something for everyone. If you are worried about the content your kids watch, try parental controls. 

AT&T TV has a variety of parental control options. This way, you get to monitor and track what your kids are doing.

AT&T TV offers 500 hours of DVR storage

The Digital Video Recorder allows you to store and record content in large amounts. It also allows you to access this content anywhere anytime. AT&T TV has a cloud DVR storage that maintains storage for 90 days for 500hours. 

It allows you to live stream and store recordings. It also aids in getting rid of any recording conflict that may arise.

Moreover, the AT&T TV DVR allows you to stream and record several programs at the same time.

Utilizing the AT&T TV DVR is simple; all you have to do is;

Step 1: Hold on to the mic button or tell Hey Google Assistant to start recording. You can also press the Okay button to start recording.

Step 2: To view your recordings choose the List option.


Digital technology has greatly impacted our lifestyle. Its positives are widely noticeable around the world. Some of the most affected sectors are; entertainment, travel, communication, and business.

The entertainment sector has evolved; competition is super high in this field. AT&T TV is one of the best providers of digital services. Everything about AT&T TV is incredible. Their offers, streaming quality, and packaging are on point. Everyone ought to take advantage of AT&T TV and its benefits. 

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