How To Reset Lifx Bulb- An Elaborate Guide

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 How To Reset Lifx Bulb

Lifx is a type of multi-colored LED bulb that is energy-efficient. These bulbs can be controlled by various devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. You can also connect your Lifx bulb with Amazon Alexa, Flic, Nest, Google Assistant, and others.

Lifx bulbs are known to add shimmer wherever they are. Their vibrant colors create this warm atmosphere. 

Did you know that Lifx Bulbs have over 1000 shades of white? As if that’s not enough, there are sixteen million colors to choose from. 

The history of LED bulbs traces back to the 1900s. Nick Holoyank, the father of the light-emitting Diode, came up with the first LED bulb. 

He was working at General Electric by then. Since then, LED bulbs have advanced and have become popular.

How To Reset A Lifx Bulb

There are various reasons for resetting a LIFX bulb. It can be to add in or remove a network. It can also be the Lifx bulb has stopped or is having trouble functioning. Maybe you want to change or edit passwords. On all these occasions, resetting is essential.

Resetting a Lifx Bulb is simple; however, most people find it complicated. Please do not despair, though; we got you. Below is an easy step-by-step guide on how to reset a Lifx Bulb.

These steps apply to all Lifx bulbs except the Lifx original bulb.

Step 1: Turn on your Lifx bulb.

Step 2: Turn your light on and off consistently at the same pace. It would be best if you did this five times.

Step 3: Your bulb will start emitting flashes of color; this depends on the type of Lifx bulb you have. Lifx color products will emit a red, green, blue, or white color. The Lifx Mini Day & Dusk will emit either warm or cool coloring. In contrast, the Lifx Mini White Light becomes medium dim.

Step 4: Once the bulb stops flashing, the resetting process is done. Then, all you have to do is set up a new network on the Lifx app. Ensure the bulb is turned on during this process. 

Lifx Z bulbs can be reset using the steps above or below.

How To Reset Lifx Z And Beam

Step 1: Identify the reset switch behind the controller.

Step 2: Press it for about 10 to 15 seconds, then let go. You should expect to see flashes of colors like red, green, blue, and white. Once you have spotted the white color, it means your Lifx has been reset.

How To Reset Lifx Original Bulb

Step 1: Turn off the Lifx original bulb at the power supply.

Step 2:  At the back of the bulb, you will find a reset switch. Move the reset switch to the opposite direction.

Step 3: Turn on the bulb. You should expect to see it flashing red, green, blue, or white. The white flash signifies that you have successfully reset the bulb.

Step 4: You can successfully set up your network or whatever details you wish.

Types Of Lifx Bulbs

There is a wide variety of Lifx bulbs out there. Some of the commonly used Lifx bulbs are;

Everyday bulb (Lifx color A19)

This color is quite popular because it easily blends with things. The Everyday bulb has 1100 lumens and shines brightly.

Downlight bulb (Lifx GU10)

Downlight is a tiny bulb that has about 400 lumens and 6 watts. 

See in the dark (Lifx +)

See in the dark bulbs are primarily used on night vision cameras. It is because they have infrared light.

Floodlight Bulb (Lifx color BR30)

This bulb has 1100 lumens and a 120-degree beam angle.

What Makes Lifx Bulbs So Famous?

Lifx bulbs, as we are aware, are LED bulbs. Studies show that LED bulbs are preferred more than incandescent bulbs. Primarily due to their numerous benefits.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Lifx bulbs.

Lifx Bulbs Are Energy Efficient. 

This means that Lifx bulbs use less energy to lighten up a room. The energy efficiency of bulbs is measured using Lumens per watt. 

So to calculate the efficiency of a bulb, there are two things you should know—the amount of energy produced and consumed by the bulb to produce light.

LED lights like Lifx save more energy rather than consume it. Lifx bulbs can produce up to 90% light. They achieve this by utilizing a semiconductor that converts electricity to light. 

Less consumption of energy means less power hence budget-friendly. Lifx bulbs cut on cost as they don’t consume much power. This way, you can save up more or allocate the money elsewhere.

Lifx Bulbs Have High Durability

Lifx bulbs are long-lasting; they can function for 40,000 hours. This means they can last up to 27 years when utilized for 4 hours per day. The reliability of the Lifx bulb is out of this world. 

On the other hand, incandescent bulbs last for about 1000 hours in about one year. As for CFL bulbs, they last for almost ten years or more. 

Having a Lifx bulb means you won’t have to purchase a new bulb now and then. Hence, your maintenance costs and replacement costs are reduced.

Lifx Bulbs Are Environmentally Friendly.

Lifx bulbs are eco-friendly; they don’t contaminate the environment at all. Their reason being Lifx bulbs don’t contain mercury or fluorescent, unlike incandescent bulbs. Some incandescent bulbs have traces of mercury which is harmful to the environment.

Also, Lifx bulbs don’t release ultraviolet rays or produce blue light. Moreover, they are made from recyclable material that has no harmful chemicals.

Blue light damages a person’s eyes by destroying the retina and photoreceptors. It does this by penetrating the back of the retina, thus making it the most dangerous of them all.

On the other hand, an ultraviolet ray damages both the skin and eyes. It damages the cornea and causes cataracts and pterygium. Choosing the correct bulb is essential for the safety of your health.

Lifx Bulbs Emit Minimal Heat.

Lifx bulbs emit minimal heat as most energy is converted to light. Hence no loss or wastage is experienced. This makes these bulbs great for illuminating art.

Incandescent bulbs produce less light as most of their energy is lost to heat. They can use almost 95% of their energy on heat and only 5% on the light. The heat produced mainly contributes to burnout.

Lifx Has Dimming Capabilities.

You can control the dimming properties of a Lifx bulb using the Lifx app or other integrations. The Lifx app allows you to dim lights by setting a dimming time.

To achieve this, you need to go to the app’s dashboard. Then click on the name of the Lifx bulb. Afterward, select the dim time from the list provided. 

Dimming is good as it helps you save on power. This way you can cut off electricity expenses. Furthermore, dimming increases the lifespan of the bulb.

However, dimming incandescent bulbs and metal halides is impossible.

Lifx Has Higher Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The color rendering index defines how well a bulb shows the actual appearance. It ranks bulbs on a scale of 0 to 100. At zero, all colors are similar; at 100, the object’s actual color is displayed.

Bulbs that have a CRI of 80 and above are considered good. Lifx bulbs have a CRI of 86, which is pretty good.

Lifx Bulbs Can Operate In Both Cold And Hot Conditions

There are specific Lifx bulbs designed to work in cold and hot conditions. Hence, these Lifx bulbs don’t require a higher voltage to begin operating. When in cold conditions, incandescent bulbs always utilize higher voltage to start.

Lifx Bulbs Can Withstand Instantaneous Lighting And Frequencies

Lifx bulbs have a longer lifespan regardless of frequent switching. Moreover, they can light up immediately. This makes Lifx bulbs great for applications that require impromptu switching of lights. 

We also have the Lifx light strips. A light strip is a circuit board that entails LED lights. The most common Lifx light strip is light strip 80. 

It is flexible, extendable, and has several colors. Light strips generally make good decorations for events, such as Christmas tree decorations.

Metal halide lamps are known to take time before they light up. Frequent switching on and off causes them to burn out quickly.


Lifx bulbs have intensely spiced up homesteads. Today they are being used for décor in modern buildings

More and more people are beginning to appreciate these bulbs. Their small sizes make them applicable anywhere. From commercial buildings to stadiums, Lifx bulbs are everywhere. 

These bulbs provide an intense glow, thus eliminating the need for many bulbs. Since only fewer bulbs are needed, the cost is significantly reduced. To add more, they brighten up events and bring about that positive vibe. Lifx bulbs’ positives are indeed incredible.

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