How To Reset Nespresso Vertuo- The A-To-Z Guide

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How To Reset Nespresso Vertuo

Coffee machines have become quite popular due to the convenience they offer. These machines are relatively easy to operate, and they have recently become quite affordable.

Many people love these machines because they save you money in the long run. If you have Starbucks every day for a year, you would be spending $2300 on coffee. 

Making coffee at home is way affordable. The coffee quality wouldn’t be tremendously different either.

Of the many coffee machine makers, Nespresso makes some of the best machines in the market. People gravitate towards Nespresso because their machines are functional. They offer customers an array of products covering nearly every price range.

You can program the Nespresso Vertuo machines to suit your exact tastes and preferences. The function is easy and intuitive, but people struggle to reset them.

How To Reset Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso makes many types of coffee makers. They vary in design and functionality.

The Vertuo product line is quite common in households and businesses. The professional-grade machine is highly programmable, making it a great choice for consumers.

Programming the machine is easy, but the challenge lies in resetting the device. It turns out that restoring the machine to its factory settings is not as difficult as you would imagine. You can do it in the following simple steps:

Step 1: Eject the capsule: Open the machine’s head to expose the capsule and remove it from the machine.

Step 2: Place the machine’s head down without turning the rotating knob, i.e., leave it unlocked.

Step 3: Rapidly push the top button five times.

If you have followed these steps, the button will flash five times in orange light. It indicates that you have reset the machine. 

Once the light turns green, you can use the machine factory mode. Resetting the machine allows you to add custom brewing modes.

Troubleshooting The Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso Vertuo machines are powerful and reliable. These machines are easy to use, as the interface is quite intuitive.

Like with all machinery, you are bound to run into a bit of trouble every once in a while, though it rarely happens with the Nespresso Vertuo. If it happens, you need to know how to fix the machine.

1. Two amber flash error

When brewing coffee, you might have experienced the error. The LED flashes twice, and the machine fails to start. 

It is a really simple error to clear. The double blink indicates that you haven’t fastened the lid properly or that the lid hasn’t been locked.

Locking the lid should clear the error. The double blink is a safety feature in all Vertuo machines. 

The capsule spins at over 60 rotations every second and has to be secured properly inside the coffee maker to prevent it from bolting off as you brew.

2. Red and yellow flash error

How frequently do you descale your Nespresso Vertuo? You might have noticed the red and yellow LED flash error if you don’t do it often. It is a warning that you should descale your machine.

The deposits that build up in the pipes make the machine ineffective. They also taint the quality of your coffee. 

If you don’t descale frequently, the coffee maker’s pipes will end up being clogged. There are several commercial descaling agents. It is recommended that you use Nespresso’s descaling agents for their machines.

3. The machine isn’t making a full cup.

A Nespresso machine’s tank capacity is 1.1 liters. It should be enough for more than one cup. If your tank is full and you cannot get a reasonable amount of coffee, your machine could be leaking.

Check the tank to ensure it is sitting correctly; otherwise, it will leak. Also, check the tank for cracks and holes.

4. The machine flashes and doesn’t make coffee.

Sometimes the machine takes a long to run because it needs to scan and authenticate the capsule. It also needs to wet the coffee. If it takes too long to start, ensure that you have inserted the capsule correctly.

The machine might also take some time to start if they have been put under intense brew loads. The system needs to cool down after a few hours of continuous use. Wait for about 20 minutes and try the machine.

5. The coffee is not hot enough.

Vertuo machines brew at the perfect extraction temperature. The manufacturer programs the machine to extract coffee without burning the pods. If your coffee is cold, you can try pre-heating water before adding it to the tank.

Pre-heating the water will make the machine brew faster, and your coffee will be hotter. Your machine could also be struggling to reach the right temperature if you do not descale it frequently.

You must descale the machine once every six to eight weeks to maintain peak brewing performance.

6. The Nespresso Vertuo can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network

If you are experiencing connection issues with your Wi-Fi network, you should ensure that the machine is within range. It would help to move the machine towards the router for a stronger connection.

When attempting to connect the machine to a network, the machine must be on. Open the Nespresso app on your phone and navigate to ‘Connectivity.’ Scan and select your desired network. Ensure that you use the correct password or won’t connect to the network.

If you cannot discover a network, you are probably out of the Wi-Fi range. You can also try updating the app. 

Installing the latest version of the Nespresso app should fix any connectivity bugs. Also, ensure that you run the upon a supported device.

7. The Nespresso Vertuo can’t connect to a Bluetooth network

To fix the issue, you should start by unpairing the device from your phone. Keep the machine turned on to perform a software reset.

Go to your Nespresso app or the Nespresso website. Log into your account. Navigate to ‘Machines’ and open to see the list of Nespresso devices. Deregister the device. Reset your machine, and try to pair it with your phone.

Ensure that you use a compatible device when pairing. It would help if you also were within range. 

The maximum distance between the machine and your phone should be ten meters (30 feet). The machine should always be on when connecting to Bluetooth.

How To Choose The Perfect Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are pretty popular. These machines have become household commodities. They are popular because they save you money, compared to buying retail coffee.

Here are some important features that you should look out for:

1. First and foremost, safety!

When purchasing a steam coffee maker, you must never disregard safety. Because the machine generates steam and conducts it at high pressure, you should ensure that it meets the required safety standards.

Defective equipment might result in significant scalding and burns, and you must review the safety features.

Steam valves and automatic switch-off systems are two useful safety measures.

2. Pressure Rating

It’s critical to make sure the machine you’re using is set to the highest extraction setting possible. A machine with a low bar rating will only extract a little amount of coffee. It produces an unpleasant espresso that is bland and mild.

When using a sub-optimal bar rating, you will waste a lot of coffee beans during the brewing process. 

When choosing a coffee maker, strive for a pressure rating of 9 to 15 bars since this is the ideal range for extraction.

3. Brewing Duration

It would help if you didn’t have to wait for your espresso, and you won’t have to with the appropriate machine. 

Many coffee machines now have technology that helps to speed up the heating and brewing processes. Your coffee should be ready in a couple of seconds if you use a good machine.

4. Steam wands

Any decent machine has either a steam wand or a milk frother. Choose a machine that has a strong wand. 

Most top-quality machines have manual steam wands. Manual steam wands are ideal because they are durable, making them perfect for long-term use.

5. Maintenance and cleaning

As a user, you will have a better experience if your machine is easy to clean. Cleaning and equipment regularly make it easier to maintain.

Descaling your machine minimizes clogging of the pressure mechanism, extending the machine’s life.

6. Programing functions

Programmable coffee machines are more convenient to operate since you can specify the time for your coffee to start brewing. 

Other features, such as auto shut off, keep you from scorching your cups after the brewing process is over.


Coffee machines, particularly Nespresso machines, have become a household commodity. These heaven-sent machines provide you with the convenience of having café retail-grade coffee from the comfort of your home.

Most Nespresso machines have an easy layout. The machines are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The most popular feature of the machine is that they are programmable to the user’s specifications. 

The article gives a definitive guide on resetting a Nespresso Vertuo machine.

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