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 How To Reset Samsung TV Without Using Remote

Samsung produces numerous high-end TVs. The firm’s smart televisions have an ergonomic design to integrate the new technology.

The operating system may fail to respond, prompting you to reset it. As you’re aware, you can use your remote to access the settings area to reset your TV.

How would you reset your TV if your remote is missing? Read along to find out how to reset your TV without a remote.

How To Reset Samsung TV Without Using Remote

You’ll need a means of getting to the settings section. An external keyboard or your smartphone will take you there. If you’re using your Samsung device:

  1. Open the SmartThings app.
  2. Select the device you want to control. Locate and click on a TV button in the SmartThings app.
  3. Voila! Your smartphone becomes your new remote. You can access settings using the smartphone remote and reset it.

Tips For Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung is actively taking on new technologies to serve the ever-changing market demands better. 

Samsung’s smart television comes preloaded with several hidden features. You might need to keep looking into every nook and cranny to find them.

Don’t worry if you can’t seem to find these cool features. This article has got you covered. Here are some tips you should consider:

1. Using Your Smartphone As A Remote

If you’ve lost your remote controller, you may have a hard time navigating through your TV. You don’t need to stress much about replacing the remote. You can use your phone.

This information also applies to individuals who enjoy their phone’s UI and prefer it over the TV remote. Note that you’ll have to download some Samsung applications beforehand.

You’ll need to install the smart things app from Appstore or Google’s play store. The next step is logging into the smart things app using your Samsung account. Once logged in, you’ll find your TV, provided your phone and TV are on the same network.

Make sure you connect your phone and the TV to the same network. Afterward, launch the smart view app. 

A list of TVs will pop up on your screen. Tap on the name of the TV you want to connect to link your devices.

A remote controller icon will appear at the bottom right corner. Click on it to launch the remote. You’ll access basic functions like changing channels adjusting volume, source, and menu on this remote. There you have it. It’s a doodle, and anyone can do it.

2. Private Listening And Powering Your TV

While most Android TVs let you connect Bluetooth and earphones, Samsung’s smart TV steps it a notch higher. You can access your audio privately straight from your phone. 

You only have to turn on this feature on your smart things app. The smart TV will route the audio through your smartphone, and you can access it privately by connecting a pair of headsets.

It is also interesting to note that this feature works universally. You can, therefore, access it whether in PC, HDMI, or any other model on your TV.

You might want to attempt this feature the next time you watch a program or play games on your console. 

Besides, this feature helps you coexist with others peacefully as the audio from the TV won’t interfere with them.

Albeit the smart things app allows you to turn the TV off, you won’t be able to power it on once it switches off. 

A couple of tweaks in the settings section will help you fix this. These tweaks will enable you to activate the feature that lets you turn the TV on using your phone.

You need to access the network settings then allow the option to power on the TV using your mobile. Follow these steps to enable this hidden feature:

  • Go to settings, locate the general settings, then press that button. The network should appear in the general settings. 
  • Click on the network to access the expert settings. It is in this section that the Power on with mobile feature appears.
  • Now head back to your smartphone’s remote and turn your TV back on. Pretty awesome, right?

3. Using Smart Keyboard And Mouse

Most of you have tried typing something on TV using the remote. The experience is slow and, frankly, sucks. With Samsung’s smart tv, you can use a smart keyboard for inputs.

Controlling your virtual remote using a remote will enhance your typing experience. With AI models, the smart keyboards can auto predict your texts, reducing the time to type. 

Alternatively, you can acquire an air mouse from Amazon or Alibaba and use it to control your smart tv. One of the air mouse models comes with a keyboard embedded at the back of the remote. 

A lot of applications are available on Samsung’s smart TVs. Navigating them using a keyboard will provide you with a whole new experience. 

To connect your wireless keyboard and mouse, go to the settings. Click on the external device manager and the input device manager inside the general section. 

Head to the Bluetooth device list. In this section, you’ll find the name of the listed devices. Locate your wireless keyboard and select it. Put it in pairing mode and confirm by tapping okay on the splash screen labeled connected. 

You can use the keyboard to access the browser play videos or games straight from your inbuilt browser. Additionally, you can even access the google docs feature using this keyboard. 

4. Mirroring Your Screen To A Computer

Conventional Samsung smart televisions have the mirror cast. This feature allows for mirroring or extension of the screen’s display. 

Your computer and Your computer should connect the smart tv to the same network. You have first to initiate the connection from the computer. 

Afterward, a pop-up will appear on your screen, requiring your permission to connect the two devices.

Occasionally, the devices may not be available in the list. Restarting both computers and the smart tv is an easy fix you should try out. 

This feature will come in handy during your presentations, meetings, or lectures. Therefore, a lot of content can be displayed when mirrored to extend the window of view.

Spanking New At Samsung

1. Samsung Micro LED

The introduction of the micro-LED aims at refining the viewers’ HDR experience in a smart TV. With lots of details and variables in play, the micro-LED provides an immersive viewing experience.

Micro LEDs consist of an array of light-emitting diodes. These diodes carry RGB shades (red, green, blue). Each of these LEDs shines independently hence producing highly defined displays. 

Moreover, the LEDs have light sensors that do a great job in complementing the Eye sensor mode. The screen automatically adjusts its brightness based on the tone in this mode. 

Samsung’s micro LEDs make it possible for object tracking sound pro-technology. This technology allows sound waves to travel in a room. 

Furthermore, the object tracking sound feature allows tracking objects on the screen. Consequently, realistic sounds come out.

2. Samsung Gaming

Samsung affords the users of its smart TVs a 4K games streaming opportunity right from the television without a console. The TVs currently support G-force, Google Stadia, and Utomik.

You should note that you’ll need faster data transmission rates to enjoy the experience fully. I’m talking about a range of 40mbps to 50mbps. 

Additionally, newer Samsung TV models have up to 4 HDMI 2.1s that support high frame rates. This information is good news for anyone thinking about acquiring the latest consoles. 

3. Samsung Tizen OS

Samsung’s high-end TV models come with a new operating system. The Tizen operating system focuses on the user experience. Therefore, a custom theme for a program will appear when you click on, say, gaming.

This OS streamlines the process, thus making watching content on Samsung’s smart TV more realistic. 

The new operating system will allow connection between all Samsung gadgets. Additionally, the software launches faster and improves the browsing experience since it is compatible with HTML5. 

4. Eco-friendly Samsung Remotes

With rising concerns about the effects of the climate situation, companies are striving to produce sustainable products. One such product is the solar charging Samsung remotes. 

The new remote comes with a solar panel at the back to facilitate the charging process. You should note that the new remotes don’t use batteries.

The remote also relies on the RF harvesting antenna to charge itself by electromagnetic induction from the television screen. 


There are several ways of resetting your Samsung smart TV without a remote. Using an external keyboard or your phone is one of the methods.

With the smart things app, users can conveniently use their phones to control their smart TVs. The app also plays a crucial role in other aspects of smart home technology.

Samsung has new and innovative features that will transform how we interact with our devices in the future.

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