How To Reset Tile- Resetting Tile Hardware/Software

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How To Reset Tile

Tracking devices have existed for a long time. Since the advent of GPS technology, we have tracked and pinpointed objects accurately.

Tracking technology has improved over the years, and it is only getting better. Initially, trackers were niche products reserved only for the automotive industry. Today, these devices are more accessible and common.

As technology improves, tracking becomes affordable. We had come a long way since the days when trackers were bulky pieces of machinery. 

Smart trackers sit in pockets. They assist us in locating items such as bags, phones, wallets, and even vehicles.

Tile is at the forefront of making some of the best trackers on the market. They have many practical products with varying designs. We shall find out how to reset the devices.

How To Reset Tile

Tile trackers are reliable and accurate. These devices use Bluetooth to function.

The trackers are only compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices. To use a Tile tracker, you should have an account. The trackers are easy to set up. 

Tile devices are popular as they are inexpensive, inconspicuous, and fashionable. The easiest and only way to reset a tile device is to transfer it to a new email.

It is impossible to reset a Tile and delink it from an email outrightly. Tile are security devices, and if anyone can delink the email, it compromises the functionality. A tile device must, therefore, always be linked to an email.

How do you transfer Tile to a new email?

Step 1: Open the Tile app on your phone or computer

Step 2: Navigate to the Tile home page.

Step 3: Select ‘Actions’.

Step 4: Select the ‘Transfer Tile’ option.

Step 5: Enter the new email address.

By entering a new address, you will be dissociating your old account and can no longer track the Tile device with the old email. 

You will receive a confirmation email informing you that you have successfully unlinked your device.

Resetting a Smart Key Tile

Open the Tile app and navigate to the tile devices. Under the list of available devices, select the smart key Tile that you wish to deactivate. Scroll to ‘More Options’ and select ‘Reset.’

Resetting a Tile Sport

You can reset a smart Tile Sport if you cannot detect it on the Tile app. Note that the device will still be linked to your email.

Hold down the button on your Tile for 10 seconds. You should now detect the device on the Tile app.

Troubleshooting Your Tile Device 

Tile devices are popular. They are reliable and efficient.

These functional tools help you locate misplaced items. You might have trouble using Tile trackers like any electronic device, though it rarely happens.

What are some common Tile problems?

  1. Your Tile is Unable to connect.
  2. The Tile makes a weird noise.
  3. You’re unable to update your tile detector
  4. The location on the Tile device is incorrect

1. Your Tile is Unable to Connect

It is one of the more common bugs with Tile trackers. If your Tile is unable to connect, the first thing you should do is to ensure that the tracker is within range. The maximum range on a Bluetooth device is 10 meters or 30 feet.

To connect to the device seamlessly, ensure it is right next to your phone. If you are still unable to connect, go to your phone’s settings. 

Open settings and navigate to ‘More Connections.’ Open Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off and on again.

If the device still hasn’t popped up yet, check the Tile. Ensure that there is enough charge on the device. You might be trying to connect a device that is dead. Charge the Tile tracker and try to connect it again.

You can press and hold the center button on the Tile device for 10 seconds. It will restart the tracker, and you should see it on the list of available devices.

Still can’t get the Tile device to connect? You will need to update the Tile App. Open the Play Store on your android device or Appstore on IOS. Search for the Tile App and click Update.

App updates normally fix connection bugs and other issues.

You can also install the latest version of IOS or update Google Play Services to clear bugs. If you still can’t connect to your Tile device, it might be faulty, and you may need to replace it.

2. The Tile Makes a Weird Noise

Have you tried contacting your phone using the Tile tracker, and all you get is a chirping sound? It is a common issue that you can fix.

You should know that the sound activates when trying to find your phone. The chirp could mean any of these five things:

Bluetooth is disabled on your phone; hence it cannot be tracked.

  • Due to some phone permissions, the tracker cannot locate your phone.
  • Your phone is not within tracking range.
  • Your IOS device is not running the application.
  • Your phone is on Do Not Disturb mode.

To prevent the chirping sound, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone all the time. The device should pick up the signal. Ensure that the device is within range. The Bluetooth range is 10 meters or 30 feet.

You should enable all the necessary settings on your smartphone to track the device. You normally have to enable the permissions as an opt-in agreement with Tile. You can read the permissions on the app download page on Play Store or App Store.

You should always ensure that the app is running in the background using an Apple device. If you close the app, the tracker cannot locate your iPhone.

If your phone is on Do Not Disturb mode, the tracker will chirp if you try to locate the phone. Turn off Do Not Disturb to use the tracker.

3. You’re Unable to Update the Tile Detector

As you get closer to the Tile tracker, you should hear a beeping noise. If it doesn’t happen, you should troubleshoot the device.

What causes the tracker to stop updating as you get closer?

  • The battery inside the tracker is dead
  • You might be using an unsupported device
  • Tracking permissions are disabled
  • You are using an older version of the Tile App
  • You need to update your OS

Regularly charge your tracker to keep it active and detectable.

Ensure that the device supports the latest version of Tile software. Tile may no longer support some older Android and IOS devices.

To track the device, you need to enable all of the essential settings on your smartphone. Tile usually requires you to enable the permissions as an opt-in agreement. The permissions are listed on the app’s download page on Google Play or the App Store.

Are you still having trouble with the tracker? Install the latest version of the Tile app. On your Android smartphone, go to the Play Store, and on your iPhone, go to the App Store. The Update should take care of the minor bugs.

You may also resolve issues by installing the most recent version of IOS or updating Google Play Services.

4. The Location on the Tile Tracker is Incorrect

You will rarely encounter the problem when using a Tile tracker. These trackers are normally very reliable. The issue can be caused by:

  • Running the application on an outdated operating system.
  • Location services are out of date.
  • Battery saver settings cause slow location updates.
  • Your device is not meeting the proper Tile connection requirements.

Updating your phone’s operating system to the latest version should fix the connection issues. You will get more accurate location readings.

Ensure that you are running the latest version of Google maps or Apple maps. Outdated maps may cause massive errors when tracking the device, ensuring that the services are up to date. Keeping the Tile application updated also helps to improve the accuracy of the readings.

Turn off the battery saver. The battery saver limits data to certain applications and causes them to run slow. 

Turning off your battery saver gives the location services unrestricted access to data and enables you to get more accurate readings.

If your Tile tracker is not connected to a W-Fi or Tile network, it won’t be easy to pinpoint the device’s location accurately.

You can sign out of the Tile Network and sign back in to see whether you will get a more accurate reading.

Interference can greatly impact the accuracy of the tracker. It happens where there are signal obstacles or conflicting signals.


Tracking technology has improved tremendously over the years. Trackers were at some point exclusive to the automotive industry. GPS technology has come a long way since trackers were invented. Today trackers are commonplace.

Tile makes some of the best trackers in the market. Their trackers are renowned for their accuracy and compactness. These trackers fit into pockets. People use Tile trackers to find misplaced items such as bags, wallets, phones, etc.

The informative article guides you through the reset process and basic troubleshooting.

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