How to Sell Custom Merch Online: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Sell Custom Merch Online

Many of your friends found ways to make money on the internet during the pandemic. Although you would like to make a little extra money, you’re not sure exactly what to do. You’re a creative person with a good sense of humor, you do not have the time to paint, knit, or come up with original recipes. You do not have the skills to teach a class.

Why not design and sell custom merchandise online? You read that sentence correctly. You can not only sell merchandise online, but you can also make products in cyberspace. Nowadays, there are on-demand printing websites on which you can create your very own merchandise.

You can make a comedic shirt or a mug expressing your political views. You can design a beautiful pattern on the back of a faux leather bomber or jean jacket. You can also make a poster to hang in your living room or give to someone you care about for the holidays.

How Do I Get Started

Every great business starts with a simple idea. Decide what kind of design or phrase you would like to put on an article of clothing or novelty item. Think about things that you feel passionately about.

If you care deeply about politics, you can make a shirt to honor a favorite politician or a political ideology. If you were the funny one in your group of friends, come up with a witty observation or sarcastic remark to put on a mug. If you have some technical skills and can draw, Create an image of something important to you.

Are you known as a sage in your family? If so, you may want to think of an inspiring thought or image that will comfort others and make them feel good about themselves.

Put it on an Object

Once you have created a design or a message, you need to find a good on-demand printer to make your creation come to life. Not all of these printers are the same. Find a printer that has a huge warehouse with a wide selection of merchandise.

It’s best to start by offering your design on mugs or t-shirts. People are more likely to buy a less expensive item from a new company.  Once customers know and trust your products, they may be willing to buy a more expensive item like a hoodie, jacket, or tote bag.

The very best on-demand printing companies will have state-of-the-art embroidery machines. These machines can make perfect stitches in a short time. It is always a good idea to offer an embroidered item or two on your website.

Be sure that the on-demand printer’s website can link to your eCommerce store. Your customers should have a seamless experience when they buy your product. If their payment does not go through, or if they have to take extra steps, they may get frustrated and abandon their cart.

Once you order samples and ensure your product looks good, you’re ready to start selling.

Setting Up a Store

Select an eCommerce platform with a free trial period and a low monthly rate for small businesses.

Esty is a platform that focuses on selling the merchandise of independent artists. It’s a great place to start if your design appears on a poster or clothing. Shopify is also a good place to get started. It has an easy-to-use interface. They offer SEO and plenty of plug-ins.

Select a platform on which you can write a weekly blog. You should get an email address and a plug-in to email anyone who has visited your site. It should let you use many keywords as well. Payment options are essential. You should take credit cards, gift cards, and PayPal.

When someone orders one of your products, your store should connect to the on-demand printer. They will pay for their product, and the printer will take out their fee, print the item, and send it to the customer.


Social media and email are the best way to market your products. Remember to post your product, so people who will buy it will likely see it. Target your customers on Twitter with very specific hashtags. Join Facebook groups that people who will buy your products are likely to join. If you have a shirt that will appeal to dog owners, join a group geared toward dog owners and post your shirt there.

There is little risk in starting an eCommerce store. If you take the right steps, you will have fun and make money.

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