How To Set The Date On My Freestyle Shark Watch: The Guide

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How To Set The Date On My Freestyle Shark Watch

There are different types of freestyle watches in the market today. These products vary in prices, appearance and functionality. 

The most popular brands include the killer shark, shark classic mini, shark clip, and shark leash.

All these watches are known for their simplicity and desirable design. They also use the same function when it comes to setting the date. So how do you set the date on your Freestyle shark watch?

How To Set The Date On A Freestyle Shark Watch

 The Freestyle shark watch has four buttons, two on each side. Each pusher has a function label engraved on the backplate of the watch.

The top left pusher turns on the backlight while the lower-left pusher changes the mode. The top pusher is the start/stop button on the right side, whereas the lower is the lap reset.

You can reset the date on your timepiece by following these steps;

Step 1

Press the lower left button four times to set the mode to time. This mode allows you to edit the date and time settings on the watch.

Step 2

Press and hold the lower right button to rest. Hold onto the reset button until you see the seconds section blinking at the top right corner of the screen. The blinking will start right after the word set is displayed on the screen.

Step 3

 Use the top right button to change the values of the blinking number. By default, the seconds’ section is always the first to be reset. 

To move to the next number, push the lower-left button once. The reset button allows you to reset the minutes and the hour to your desired setting.

Step 4

 After resetting the seconds, push the lower left button to move to minutes and use the upper right pusher to reset. Do the same to reset the hours.

Step 5

After setting the hours, press the lower-left button to move to the date set. 

Step 6

Use the top right button to change the date to move to the month section by pressing the lower right button. Use the same pusher to change the month value.

Step 7

Next, push the lower right button to move to the day section. This section is at the top of the screen. Use the upper right button to change its values.

Step 8

Press the lower-left pusher after setting the day to select the time display format. Most freestyle shark watches will allow you to select between the 12 hours and the 24 hour time format. Some freestyle watch models also allow you to customize the time, date, and day display format.

Step 9

Press the lower right button to exit the time setting mode. Pressing the mode button should eliminate all the blinking sections on the screen and display your desired date.

Build Quality Of The Freestyle Shark Watch

Compact design

The shark watch has a plastic casing with a stainless steel backplate. The watch weighs about 30g—the watch’s lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for lots of people. 

The case size is less than 40 mm with a lag to lag width of 43 mm. This rather average size makes the watch a perfect fit for everyone. 

The watch almost disappears on the wrist. You wear it to bed without worrying about dealing with a sweaty wrist.

Water resistance

The freestyle shark watch has a water resistance of about 100 meters. All of its four buttons work well underwater. The waterproof nature allows you to access all of its functionalities underwater. 

Night vision backlight

 The freestyle shark watch features a night vision backlight that works perfectly in the dark. The lighting technology illuminates the entire screen allowing you to see clearly. 

Accuracy of timekeeping

Freestyle watches have a good reputation for keeping accurate time. Once set, the watch can go for a very long time without gaining or losing time.

Second-time zone

These cool features set the freestyle watch apart from its competitors. It allows you to track time in a different time zone. 

This feature can help keep track of time for individuals who have relatives abroad. Furthermore, you can set the alarm in both time zones.

How To Read The Time On A Freestyle Shark Watch

The freestyle shark watch displays time in a 12 hour or 24-hour format. When displaying in a 12-hour format, the watch will show ‘am’ or ‘pm’ beside the time to indicate whether it’s day or night.

 Directly above the time, there is an alarm section. An “AL” displayed in this section indicates an armed alarm. The watch displays ticking seconds adjacent to the day section

 in the upper right corner. 

Push the lower right button to access your second-time zone. The time zone indicator will appear below the am/pm display. You can set the alarm on the second time zone as well.

Freestyle Shark Watch Features

The freestyle shark watch has several cool functionalities. These functionalities can be accessed and customized using the mode button. Some of the features accessible via the mode pusher include;


The alarm mode is the first mode feature. You can access it by pushing the lower-left button once. The screen should display the ‘AL1’ message to notify you that you are in alarm mode.

 This mode allows you to set and activate an alarm and disarm it. Activate the alarm Press the start/stop button twice to activate the alarm and set the hourly indicator. You should see a bell pop up on the left side of the alarm time. 

 The watch will display any alarms set on the first time zone by default. However, you can access the second time zone alarm menu by pressing the top right button. An ‘AL2’ message will appear right above the alarm time to show you the respective time zone.


The basic stopwatch functionality is normally the second mode feature on a freestyle shark watch. 

Press the mode button two times consecutively to get to the stopwatch feature. After the second push, the screen will display an ‘STW’ message to inform you that you are in stopwatch mode.

The upper right-hand button will start and stop the stopwatch, while the lower button will reset it. 


 The countdown timer function is accessible by pressing the mode button thrice. The screen will display a ‘TMA’ message to indicate the timer mode.

You will use the lower left button to set the time interval. By default, freestyle shark watches feature a preset interval of up to 60 minutes. The upper right pusher starts and stops the timer while the lower right resets it.

Should I Shower With My Freestyle Watch?

Technically, the freestyle shark watch is a water-resistant timepiece that works well for up to 100 meters underwater. 

However, exposing your watch to various extreme temperatures might degrade its water resistance.

Exposure to chemicals and soap solvents can also destroy your watch. Some parts of the watch like the strap and the mineral quartz might deteriorate or discolor and exposure to these chemicals.

Remember to rinse your watch with clean water after exposing it to harmful elements. Replace any cracked screens to prolong the water-resistance feature of your watch.

It’s also advisable to pressure test your watch every year and have it refurbished in case of any issues.

Freestyle Shark Watch Shortcomings 

Even though the watch has several desirable features, it also has its fair share of shortcomings.

Weak buckle

The Freestyle shark clip watch features a rather weak buckle clip. The clip built is not sturdy enough to endure strong impact. 

The flimsy clip is a huge problem for surfing funs as the watch can be easily washed away from your wrist by a strong tide. If you intend to surf with this watch, consider replacing its strap with something more sturdy. 

Viewing angle

The Freestyle shark watch has a rather bad viewing angle. The time is readable with left or right rotations but blurs with a 30-degree vertical rotation. 

Battery and crystal lifespan

The projected lifespan of the watch’s battery is 2-3 years. This lifespan is a rather short time for a watch with fewer features. It also features a mineral crystal that scratches up and breaks easily.

No mute feature

Lastly, the watch has no mute feature for its sounds. The sounds are quite loud and can cause considerable distraction in a quiet environment.


Freestyle shark watches have been around for quite some time now. They are competitive in the market because they are affordable, reasonably durable, and have excellent features.

The design of these watches is also something to be desired. Apart from being comfortable on the wrist, they are easy to calibrate. 

With four clearly labeled buttons, even inexperienced users can set the date on the watch. For these reasons, millions of people worldwide are still choosing the freestyle watch over other watches.

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