iCloud Tricks And Tips You Need To Know

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iCloud Tricks And Tips You Need To Know

Do you use an iPad, Mac or iPhone? If so, you are probably aware of iCloud, Apple’s online storage. Although iCloud might not be used the same way as other cloud storage options like Google Drive or Dropbox, it is just as essential to help you store your data and free up system storage space. 

iCloud enables users to back up critical data, including documents, videos, photos and passwords. You can keep them synced across your Apple devices so the files and documents can be accessed from anywhere, using any one of your Apple devices. 

If you wish to get the most out of the iCloud service, here are some tricks to help you. 

Sync iCloud Data 

One of the top reasons to use iCloud is that it syncs across Apple devices. When the service is set up, iCloud will keep information from applications like contacts, photos, mail and calendar. The information will be synced so you can use it on any device. 

You can sync your iCloud data by using the same Apple ID on all your Apple devices. You must also ensure your applications are enabled in iCloud settings. 

On your iPad and iPhone, go to Settings > tap your name > tap iCloud > turn the apps you want to keep in sync by swiping their buttons to the right. 

On your Mac, click the Apple logo > select System Preferences > click Apple ID > turn on app syncing on the iCloud tab by clicking the checkbox to the left of each application. 

Take Advantage Of Temporary iCloud Storage 

Most users complain about the iCloud free storage limitation of 5GB. You can get more storage, but you’ll need to pay for it. If you do not want to subscribe to iCloud + or are already using another cloud storage service, you can get temporary iCloud storage. You can back up your iPhone or iPad by connecting to your Mac or completing it wirelessly. 

Users can store more than 5GB of data, but the caveat is that the data is stored for only 21-days. Within the 21-days, users must transfer the backed-up data to another device. 

Click ‘Back Up Now’ For Immediate Backups 

If your device is having trouble and the only way to fix the issue is by formatting the system, you might need to back up all your necessary data immediately. Although you might have set up an automatic backup, triggering an immediate iCloud backup is critical in some situations. 

Go to iCloud Backup and click/tap Back Up Now to perform an immediate backup if your device is having trouble. For example, you need to factory reset or urgently format the operating system. 

Archive Large Videos And Photos On Your iPhone 

Videos and pictures can take up a lot of space on your device. But if you don’t want to delete them, iCloud can come in handy. Instead, optimize your device by preserving full-quality, full-size pictures in the cloud and keeping a smaller size on your phone. 

Go to Settings > tap your name > tap iCloud and then Photos > tap Optimize iPhone Storage. 

Select The Apps You Want To Back Up 

Although iCloud can do many things, its primary responsibility is to back up mobile devices. If you are on the 5GB plan and running low on space, control it by choosing which apps to back up on iCloud. You can skip the non-essential applications to save space. 

Go to Settings > tap your name > tap iCloud and then Manage Storage > tap Backups. In this section, tap the device you wish to personalize. Then, wait for the list of applications to appear. You can even tap Show All Apps to see the entire list. After that, disable backups for specific apps. 

Share An Album With Your Loved Ones 

The Photos application enables users to create wonderful albums that can be shared with other Mac, iPhone or iPad users. But what do you do if your friends use Windows or Android devices?

Thanks to iCloud, it is easy for everyone to view a Shared Album. 

Go to the Photos app > open a Shared Album > tap the People icon > turn on Public Website in the Edit Shared Album page > tap Share link. Then, share the link with your friends. 

Share A Single Icloud Account With The Entire Family 

Does everyone in your family own an iPad or iPhone? It can get pretty expensive to maintain separate iCloud accounts. Luckily, you can use a single account for the entire family. 

Go to Settings > tap your name > tap Family Sharing and then follow the instructions to add your family members. 

The Bottom Line 

These are handy iCloud tricks and tips every Apple user must know. These will help you get the most out of the service. So, go ahead and turn on iCloud backups. 

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