Improve Your Public Service Announcements With These Tips

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Improve Your Public Service Announcements With These Tips

PSAs are a great way to get people’s attention and spread important information. But they’ve been around for so long that they’ve become stale, boring, and ineffective. Public service announcements need an update, and we’ve got just the thing: these tips on how to make your next PSA more effective.

With a little strategy and creativity, you can create effective PSAs that will get your audience’s attention and help them learn what they need to know. For example, you can start using a public service announcement maker, such as the one offered by StoryboardThat, to improve the design and save your time. 

Whether you are only starting on your way to outstanding public service announcements or you already have some experience in making them, these tips will help you get the message across. 

Make Eye-Catching Designs

The first rule of PSA is that you only have ten seconds to grab someone’s attention. This means you have to be fast and efficient, but also make sure the viewer knows what you’re trying to get across. You can do this by using bold colors and interesting design elements, as well as creating a PSA that is quick to understand. 

Make sure your main points stand out! Simple fonts with effective typography are key to easy legibility. Try using bullet points or numbered lists whenever possible—they help break up the text, so people don’t feel overwhelmed by it all at once (and they’ll also help keep things organized).

Use Friendly Language

People don’t want to be talked down to. They don’t want to be lectured or simply given a list of reasons why they should care about something. People are busy, and if you’re going to put yourself out there in any way, your announcement needs to be captivating and relevant—not like another sales pitch for your product or service.

Provide Relevant Data

The most important thing to remember is that data is the new currency. It’s what you need to get your message across, and it can help you create a personal connection with your audience. If you have an advantage over other advertisers, such as having a new product or service or having a good story behind your brand, then using data will help you tailor both the content of your PSA itself and its delivery method.

Avoid PSA Jargon

Another rule in making a good PSA is to avoid jargon, clichés, and buzzwords. These are all phrases that have become so common in the corporate world that people use them without really knowing what they mean. You don’t want your audience to feel like they’re being talked down to by some high-ranking executive.

Know Your Audience

To make your PSA effective, you need to know your audience. This can be a challenge if you’re new to the field and don’t have much experience with creating PSAs. But it’s also important if you’re trying something new or different in your PSA—it’s possible that if your idea is too unfamiliar, people just won’t understand why they should care about what you’re saying.

Knowing who the target audience is has everything to do with understanding their needs and fears, as well as their pain points. You need to figure out how those aspects apply specifically within the context of that particular campaign.

Then there’s knowing what values, beliefs, and goals these people share with each other. This will help frame the message before production begins

Define The Action You Want People To Perform

You need to understand your audience. Are they:

  • worried about something in the environment?
  • worried about something in their community?
  • excited to get involved with a cause or organization?

If you can’t answer these questions, you’re going to have difficulty getting people to take action. Your public service announcement should have a call to action that is created considering every aspect of your audience’s behavior, so keep that in mind.


PSAs can be an effective tool in your communication arsenal. They work best when paired with other forms of communication like social media posts or email blasts so that people who aren’t interested in listening to a PSA will still hear your message elsewhere. You can make your public service announcements more effective and influential by trying some of the tips we’ve listed here. 

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