Is A Polo Business Casual? Tips And Examples

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Is a Polo Business Casual

 Today’s business casual is different from what our grandfathers and mothers wore to work. Some think of business casual as just wearing beach t-shirts and shorts, and it’s not that easy. Many workers are still confused about the styling.

Business casual has different meanings in different industries. Although, when one shows at work with a short, it may be too casual. With a suit, you may be seen to be more official.

The polo shirt gives one a different feeling. Polo shirts are very stylish and comfortable. People are still not sure if polo shirts are business casual. They have always been looking for guidance from fashion experts. Here is an excellent answer for them.

Is a polo business casual?

Yes, they are business casual. Anyone can wear a polo shirt, but it should be correctly paired. It can be paired with chinos. If you put the style together in a great-looking way, it will give you that look of professionalism.  

Wearing a polo shirt, always remember to tuck it in neatly. You can add a flavor of nice-looking shoes like loafers. If your workplace allows shorts, you can pair them with a polo shirt.

Best Polo For A Business Casual

To look great in polo, make sure the polo is well tucked in. This should be done regardless of the type of polo. The most preferred are the strips or solid polo. Polo with wild patterns will give you an odd look.

Polo shirts are mainly made in wicking and pique materials. The polyester wicking fabric is excellent and gives you a golfer’s look. It is the best choice for summer together with a light chino. They will provide you with a lightweight feeling.

There is the cotton pique, but it may feel uncomfortable and heavy during hot days. The cotton pique polo is quite beautiful. Always wear a clean and well-ironed polo shirt.

What Is Business Casual?

Defining it is pretty troubling. Business casual is the less formal look but should be appropriate. It is much simpler compared to the traditional office look.

Business casual is not going to the office with sandals. Neither is it going to work in a suit. It’s all about dressing casually but not very formally.

History Of Business Casual

Its history is linked to the Friday casual that originated from Hawaii. During the 1960s, the Hawaiian companies encouraged men to wear Hawaiian shirts to work on Fridays.

In the early 90s, this concept was already in the United States. Since business casual has become a new normal

Business Casual For Men

Business casual makes you look professional and elegant. However, most people are still torn between choosing the right fit.

Below is a guide to selecting the proper casual wear, a guide to help you have an easy time deciding what to wear. It will help you transform your wardrobe.


Start your business casual look with a great blazer. It should be tight and nicely tailored, have a slim cut, and fit your shoulders well. Its sleeves should stop just before the shirt cuffs.

The blazers are made of various materials. The best choice is the classic single breast blazer made of light wool; its lapels should either be peak or notch.

This blazer will is comfortable regardless of the weather. Choose dark and neutral colors such as navy; it will give you a unique shape.

Some people dress according to seasons. There is something for tweed blazers will carry the day. Choose neutral colors like navy and grey.

Improve your wardrobe with different kinds of blazers as the day go. This will give you a lot of options as the seasons change.


The business casual shirt should cling tightly to the frame and shoulder. It should have the two straight seems on its back. Choose monochromatic colors like light blue, light white, or light pink.


Business casual shirts should be sophisticated or lavish like other outfits. You should wear clean and tight-fitting trousers. However, they should not be so tight, and this may be troublesome. Let it be slim.

These two will never make it wrong; a pair of mid-weight cotton chinos.  However, denim is also suitable, but it should be of excellent quality.

Remember to match the pants correctly with other outfits. An addition of dark jeans, slacks, and semi-formal pants will make your wardrobe unique.


Various shoes are accepted for business casual. A shoe is about style and quality. It’s the shoe that is mainly recognized in men’s outfits.

Modern shoes such as monk straps, oxfords, and loafers are recommended. They should be from leather and be of great colors like tan, dark red, or chocolate.


A tie is optional in business casual. If you should wear one, keep it classic with great color. You can add a wristwatch with leather straps.

However, it should be of high quality and expensive. You can also grab yourself a leather bag to carry your paperwork or gadget.

Business Casual For Women

The business casual looks great in women. Generally, women’s business casual is slacks, a nice top or blouse or a skirt and a top.

Their most popular combination includes a blazer with a nice top and black slacks. There are several business simple tips for women, but theirs is pretty complicated.

When putting on business casual, women should avoid overly revealing clothes. Business casual varies according to industries. To maintain a good and fresh look, you should be considerate of the following examples.

Corporate industry: slacks blouse, blazer, dresses (be of knee-length or longer).

Startup industry: khakis or nice jeans, blouse, dress or, skirts.

Casual:  blouse or nice t-shirts, slacks or jeans, skirt, dress.

Hair And Make Up

The topic of hair and lipstick has a lot of conflicting information.  The right thing to do is to be conscious of your choice. For a minute, please think of how others will perceive it.

Choose suitable hairstyles and excellent make-up. It should be in line with your outfits and should be of fantastic quality.


It has a significant effect on women’s business casual look. For slim-cut jeans with a sweater, wear them with either flip-flops or Chuck Taylors. It’ll give you a pretty simple look.

On the other hand, if you pair them with a pair of leather high heels. You’ll suddenly look smartly dressed and more casual. The shoe power is great among women. Transform your closet slowly but keenly.

Business Casual In A Manufacturing Setting

Your clothes should be well pressed, not wrinkled. Do not wear clothes that have offensive writings or pictures. Wearing sweaters or polo with the company name or logo is encouraged.

Business Casual For Interviews

Some companies do allow the use of business casual. When applying for a job in such companies, you’ll have to dress appropriately. Try to go for a look that is less business casual but more formal.

If the interviewer is dressing in crop tops and shorts, don’t dress the same. When going to interviews, you need to dress to impress while maintaining a professional look.

Men can wear a shirt, suit jacket, a slack, or even add a tie, while Women can go with pants, a blouse, or even a statement dress.  Both genders should avoid flash or bright colors.

Good clothes do boost one’s confidence. When going for interviews, choose the best clothes in your cabinet. Choose a classic interview outfit that matches the industry.

Do not over concentrate on trendy outfits. The interviewer may not be accustomed to modern trends. However, several outfits should be avoided, such as short skirts, shorts or jeans, flip-flops or tennis shoes, anything too tight, exposed undergarments, etc.

Guide To Finding The Best Business Casual

Take your industry into consideration

You can start by checking out how your coworkers dress and identify what you love. Draft a list of things that you will need for work.

It might be a few pairs of black slacks, shirts, or a dozen of blouses. You can fill your wardrobe with a mix and match of 40 or more total items to have various looks.

For the budget-conscious

Check your closet, and chances are you may already own several clothes that can be paired, To give you that business casual look.

If working in a startup, you can pair nice jeans with a jacket and a nice shirt. Note, you can repeat a pair of basic slacks in a week if you correctly switch up your top.

Shop For What You Need

There are several shops that unique in business casual like express, banana republic, etc. Go for what works for you, not what you saw your colleague with.

Go to budget-friendly stores and get items that you can match and mix. It should not necessarily be complete outfits.

Get yourself nice shoes. Shoes do speak a lot. Several stores offer convenience, like Zappos. You have the freedom to shop online at the comfort of your bed.


Business casual is a dres’ code for work. Therefore you will have to leave all your comfy clothes at home. Always wear clean clothes, pressed and fit you well.

Business casual also varies from industry to industry but has some similarities. When you have chosen the right outfit, you can level them up with accessories such as a watch and tie. Just make sure you do not cross the line.

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