Is Cyberpowerpc Good? What We Found Out

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Is Cyberpowerpc good

I know we, gamers, want killer devices to improve the experience when doing what we love. Different brand manufacturers offer wholesome fascinating products.

Have you heard of the CyberPowerPC? I bet if you are a pro in this field, you have undoubtedly come across this name.

CyberPowerPC is a well-known computer establish-er across the United States. Some prefer their high-performing devices, while others think they are not well-deserving.

Which side do you belong to? That does not matter a lot. But newbies might want to know; is Cyberpowerpc good? Do I need to have it for my gaming?

Yes, Cyber Power PCs are excellent, and they offer a wide range of pre-built PCs. However, as with many companies that build pre-built PCs for sale, many of them are way overpriced.


Before diving deeper into recommending someone to have this machine, let us have an overview of this popular gaming machine.

Cyberpowerpc is a private company in Los Angeles with the fastest growth since its inception in February 1998 in the country. Businesses, gamers, and even government agencies rely on this brand for their daily operations.

The company provides gaming devices, notebook programs, and workstations to help its target market meet their needs. It primarily operates with the objectives of offering cutting-edge technology and providing superb support.

With the significant technology transformation, the company provides excellent prices to match all the computing desires. Cyberpowerpc outsmarts its competitors by ensuring its devices go through solid testing before getting out of production.

Their primary products are for gaming purposes. They have third-party components that come well prepared in their packaging during purchase. Let us look at the desktop and laptop products available on CyberPowerPC.

The introduction of Virtual Reality in 2004 led CyberPowerPC in association with Oculus VR to the release of a budget-friendly computer. Brendan Iribe, the Oculus CEO, said that the machine could run the Oculus Rift virtual reality system.

After a while, the retailer became famous for establishing a PC that has a significant purpose for streaming video games. Most of these desktops meet the user requirements and come with several builds. An outstanding series from CyberPowerPC is the Elgato Stream Machine.

Cyberpowerpc laptops are into different sets called series. As of 2016, these devices had the Intel core i7 CPUs plus the Nvidia GeForce GPUs.

Some of the unforgettable series include the Tracer Series, which came with older graphic cards and locked CPUs. Also, there is the Vector series which has today’s graphic cards and unlocked CPUs. The other model, the Fangbook series, has good graphic cards and high-performing CPUs.

In 2014, Cyberpowerpc came up with Steam Machine that was highly competitive with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 platform.

Customers with a significant focus on customization options and diversity will have CyberPowerPC as their best pick.

Features Of Cyberpowerpc

Some of the highlighted features of CyberPowerPC might include:

  • The PC has a liquid solution that assures its users with high-performing cooling on the devices. It comes with a 120mm aluminum radiator alongside the latest generation copper plates and joined pumps.
  • It focuses on a wide range of hardware options spanning from low, medium, to high-performing devices—these different options tag along with varying costs.

The PC is incredibly customizable. Cyberpowerpc has a pool of exclusive options, such as the creator pro series and the Mini Evo.

  • The products have varying screen sizes and PC for gaming. These sizes range from 13’’- 15’’ to screen size 17’’ – 19’’.
  • The price costs for these devices depend on your customization option. If your choice is a bit complex or comes with high features, you might pocket out more dollars.

You can rely on offers and discounts on their official site or physical outlets. Otherwise, there are several product options with budget-friendly costs.

  • There are unique categories every week of fascinating PC including ship machines and desktops for businesses. For those into 3D gaming and VR-related games, CyberPowerPC has a pool of diverse options for you all.

Is Cyberpowerpc The Best Choice For Gaming?

CyberPowerPC products are ultimately for a gamer. For those with long-term experience, they have their reviews about the product. Some may come front to proclaim it as the best one, while others may be against the product.

Whichever review you have, how can we help a beginner in making the right decision? It would be best for CyberPowerPC new users to consider individual preferences when making their purchase decisions.

You can focus on the design, size, performance, and additional features of this retailer brand. Customers love the GPU features of CyberPowerPC. It minimizes performance lagging.

Most individuals think the product is most suitable for beginners and lazy gamers rather than experienced ones. It is simple to set it up and has minor hurdles when running it. It performs perfectly for your game.

With all this information, it is up to you to make the decision. Nonetheless, I assure you of some good times when you purchase CyberPowerPC for your gaming.


Now that we know some of the notable features of the CyberPowerPC let us weigh the vast benefits that come with this device.

  • CyberPowerPC is best known for its outstanding customer service. When you find a defect on your product after purchase, you can report it immediately for exchange or refund. The service team works tirelessly to assist in meeting your needs.
  • Also, you get a product or service warranty when you purchase a product from CyberPowerPC. In case of a damaged product, the company fixes your device appropriately.
  • Where is the fun of a gaming PC with slow responses? Nobody likes a gaming device with so much lagging. That is why most U.S residents populate around these CyberPowerPC products. The devices have integrated components that contribute to the fantastic gaming experience.
  • The products utilize the latest technologies, including Virtual Reality. They have cooling components that make the device work faster.
  • Good things never go unnoticed. Cyberpowerpc has acquired several awards and recognitions for its high-performing products. The retailer brand is reputable across the country. You can find this famous brand in most outlets within the region.
  • The ultimate benefit that you enjoy with CyberPowerPC is the wide variety of customization options. The experienced team in the business operation develops your gaming PC that matches your taste and preference. You can trust CyberPowerPC when it comes to gaming devices.


Some individuals experience several challenges after purchasing CyberPowerPC. Below are the related drawbacks of buying CyberPowerPC.

  • Some gamers might complain about the pricey idea when it comes to CyberPowerPC. They think the price costs are higher than the average charges. Price is generally affected by the available superior components.
  • When your product has more features, you should expect a higher price during your shopping. Also, remember high-quality products have higher price tags. CyberPowerPC might have higher costs but come with maximum satisfaction. It is worthwhile your hard-earned money.
  • If the price is a significant issue for you, you can opt to build your gaming PC and save several bucks.
  • We have seen that the product has suitable cooling components for maximum performance. Some individuals do not like the effect of these components after being used for a longer time. They complain about the decreased effectiveness of the cooling part after more extensive use.
  • Others find the customer service to be a bit slow since it is a bigger brand.

Cyberpowerpc Or Build My Own, Which Is The Better Option?

At some point, you might weigh the option of either picking CyberPowerPC or coming up with your own. Which side do beginner gamers usually end up on?

The sides are clear over here. An individual might pick the option of spending more money on a high-quality product that has vast customizable options. Or, take your time and put effort into establishing a personalized PC version for your gaming with fewer bucks.

If you have a killer passion for gaming besides computers and customization, you might consider developing your customized gaming PC. However, if you are not well versed in this field, you might establish an inferior product that might not satisfy your needs.

Picking a CyberPowerPC will save you a lot of time. If you are a newbie, this might be your most suitable option.

For the computer gurus, you might leap and customize your gaming machine at budget-friendly costs.

Cyberpowerpc Vs. iBuyPower

Other than CyberPowerPC, there is the iBuyPower, a competitive product in the market. Almost all gamers have found themselves weighing the features and benefits of these two big names.

Which is the best one? Your purchasing decision depends on your gaming desires. If you significantly focus on a pool variety of options, then CyberPowerPC is the best option for you. Otherwise, you might consider iBuyPower for your gaming activities.

You might compare the pricing differences of the two popular gaming companies.


I hope the article has assisted you in deciding whether CyberPowerPC is good for you. It has highlighted the product overview, its features, benefits, and drawbacks of having CyberPowerPC. Also, it has brought out its competitive analysis in the gaming market.

The higher popularity of CyberPowerPC shouts the vast benefits and advantages of having the device for your vigorous activities. If you are a gamer, you will undoubtedly enjoy the gaming experience with CyberPowerPC.

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