7 Qualities Of The Perfect Luxury RV

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7 Qualities Of The Perfect Luxury RV

There are not many experiences in life that are better than taking luxury RVs out for a road trip and staying off the grid for a couple of weeks. Investing luxury RVs is one of the best ways you could spend your money. Not only will portable luxury RVs save you so much money on the fuel you’d have to spend driving a traditional RV, but you also get so much in return: memories you’ll savor for a lifetime, a completely immersed experience in your natural surroundings, and quality time with your family without the distractions from society. 

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as perfect luxury RVs, and we are here today to tell you some of the qualities that make Bowlus RVs far better than other RV brands. By the end of this article, you’ll be dying to get a luxury RV for yourself and have the time of your life traveling the country. 

1. Aesthetic Design 

This is the quality of luxury RVs that people first notice: how good they look. There’s no denying that Bowlus luxury RVs are simply stunning to look at. From the sleek chrome exterior to the color-coordinated wooden interior, the look of luxury RVs can make your outdoor experience that much more comfortable. Say goodbye to the old school, dull look of traditional RVs, and say hello to the modern and sophisticated look of Bowlus luxury RVs. After seeing one, you’ll never want to road trip in anything else again. 

2. Master Bedroom 

An absolute necessity that the perfect luxury RV must have is a comfortable master bedroom. There needs to be a separate space dedicated to sleeping. Without a separate master bedroom, an RV can feel cramped, and there is no place to go when you just to need rest somewhere. Thankfully, every Bowlus luxury RV has a master bedroom that closes off to the rest of the RV. No more wondering where to sleep in a cramped RV.   

3. En Suite Bathroom 

The epitome of the perfect luxury RV is the en suite bathroom. Years ago, camping required walking to an outhouse to use the bathroom or even going in the woods. With luxury RVs, this is no longer the case. Bowlus luxury RVs include a stunning hotel-style en suite bathroom. Your bathroom experience should be clean and comfortable, just like the rest of your luxury RV. 

4. Dining Area 

Every luxury RV needs a place to invite people over for a meal. What’s sweeter than being invited over for dinner in a friend’s luxury RV that’s camped out at a national park? Bowlus luxury RVs are each equipped with a dining area that is suitable for up to four people. It’s super easy to have a family meal in a luxury RV; cook something up in the en suite kitchen, gather around the dining table, and you have yourself a top-notch dinner experience. The four-person dining area adds the important element of coziness that will make anyone feel right at home. 

5. Storage 

Even though RVs are pretty compact, there needs to be room to store all your things in order for it to be a perfect RV. Bowlus luxury RVs have all the storage space you’ll need on your road trip. Each Bowlus luxury RV has yours and mine closets, cupboards, drawers, and a vanity cabinet. All your supplies and other items will fit in your luxury RV storage space with extra room to spare, and on top of that, it will be organized as well. We love a spacious and organized luxury RV, and you will, too.

6. Water and Air Filters 

While luxury RVs are meant to be taken out into nature, no one wants to get too close to nature for comfort, which is why Bowlus luxury RVs are equipped with both air and water filters. After going through the water filtration system, the water will be completely clean and perfectly safe to drink straight from the tap. The air filters also ensure that the air within your luxury RV remains at pristine quality. Who said you can’t have clean water and air when you go off the grid? 

7. Large Batteries 

Speaking of going off the grid, Bowlus luxury RVs are equipped with the industry’s current largest batteries. With these batteries, your luxury RV can spend up to two weeks completely off the grid with no charging necessary. No matter what comes your way, these large lithium batteries will keep your Bowlus RV running smoothly and comfortably throughout your trip. 


We’ve covered seven things that the perfect luxury RV needs: an aesthetic design, a master bedroom, an en suite bathroom, a dining area, ample storage, water and air filters, and large batteries to spend a lot of time off the grid. Bowlus luxury RVs have all of these qualities and so much more. The best way to see all the qualities of Bowlus luxury RVs is to get one for yourself and travel the country. You’ll soon realize that Bowlus luxury RVs are the definition of the perfect RV. 

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