Spanish Curse Words That You Definitely Need To Know

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Spanish Curse Words That You Definitely Need To Know

Using curse words can be fun and exhilarating, especially since they’re considered taboo. However, cursing in English could get old and the power can become somewhat akin to a novelty overtime. Finding ways to curse in other languages is appealing for many people, especially those who love to swear in a multitude of situations. Another language that has a diverse selection of curse words with a musicality is Spanish. Even if you’re not a Native speaker, you probably have a rough familiarity with at least a few words. Spanish curse words vary from region to region and have a different impact depending on the specific area. Wherever you are in your Spanish journey, it’s fine because we’ve done the research and have outlined an extensive list of Spanish curse words that you definitely need to know below. 


Mierda is one of the most useful Spanish curse words you can use on a daily basis. Mierda translates to ‘crap’ or ‘shit.’ You can use the word to express your anger or frustration. If you really want to fit in, elongate the ‘r’ in the word, so people can feel you on deep levels. If you hurt yourself or someone cuts you off in traffic, that’s the perfect moment to utilize mierda. 


Joder is another great Spanish curse word you can use in a variety of ways. Joder translates to “fuck.” Joder doesn’t carry the same weight or shock value as the f-bomb does in English. In fact, many Spanish speakers use it casually and many people use it loosely without offending others. Many people say joder without the “d” so try this form out to sound more authentic. 

Que Cabron 

Que Cabron is another fun Spanish curse word you can add to your literary arsenal. Cabron translates to a big male goat with horns, but is has another meaning, which is “What a bastard!” An old Spanish saying goes, when a man who is cheating on is wife is known as a cabron and his horns are growing. This is a mild curse word and is commonly used in friendly banter or in a sarcastic fashion. 


Another common Spanish curse word people use is gilipollas. This Spanish curse word translates to idiot or jerk. One phrase you usually hear is “no seas gilipollas” which means “don’t be a dumbass” or “don’t be a jerk.” Depending on the context and intention, you can use it for ‘brat’ or ‘jerk.’ “Gili” by itself means idiot, if you want to mix things up with your Spanish vocabulary. 


You’ve probably heard the word Pendejo tossed around in a movie or a show, but it’s one of the most offensive Spanish curse words you should know about. Pendejo meaning may be somewhat confusing at first glance, especially since it translates to pubic hair. Many people use it to mean “asshole” or “idiot.” This word isn’t meant to be used lightly and most people use it in a playful manner among close friends. Otherwise, people will take personal offense to the word, which could result in a negative outcome for you. 

Los Cojones

Los cojones are two words you’ve probably heard before on TV and serve as one of the most versatile Spanish phrases around. Spanish men are proud and like to flaunt their masculinity by using these two words. Los cojones translates to testicles/balls. If someone is giving you a dumb excuse for something, you can call their bluff with los cojones. Some people think of it as a form of calling one on their “bullshit.” Also, you can say “Tienes cojones,” which means someone has “balls” and they just did something brave or bold. 


Cono is one of the most offensive Spanish curse words you can use in the colorful language. It translates to cunt and has the same impact as the English word. Be careful when using this swear word because you can say it to the wrong person, and you could end up being in danger. 


Using swear words in Spanish is somewhat different than English, especially since certain words are used on a more casual basis. Still, Spanish has its fair share of offensive Spanish words you need to be careful saying when you’re out and about. Certain words you should try to incorporate into your Spanish vocabulary include mierda when you wish to express frustration or joder is another good way to let off some steam. Que cabron is a fun curse word while Gilipollas. Pendejo is one of the more serious curse words while los cojones can be used in a variety of bold ways. Lastly, you can use cono if you really want to give someone a piece of your mind. These are only seven curse words you can add to your Spanish repertoire, and you can always continue studying on your own and learn the rest in time. Either way, this will help strengthen your mastery of the language and put you on the path to becoming bilingual. 

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