The Benefits Of Netsuite For Ecommerce Companies

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The Benefits Of Netsuite For Ecommerce Companies

Ecommerce is a thriving niche, one that many companies find more attractive by the year; it allows you a much greater audience than your local marketplace, and it requires far less upfront costs than a brick-and-mortar shop. Those that already have an established business presence in a given marketplace can also double up on their profits by having online storefronts as well as their physical presence, which is especially helpful for those who are selling merchandise as a side service to their core business. 

However, success in ecommerce doesn’t just require a great product and a strong brand. You also need to have the right technological solutions to ease the process and automate as much as possible so that you can focus on those soft-skill processes like wooing clients, finding good vendors, and strategizing for growth. One of the best options for ecommerce companies looking for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is NetSuite, a pioneer in cloud-based software services that remains a tough act to beat 25 years after its founding.

If you want a part of the staggering $4 trillion ecommerce industry, you’ll need solutions that meet your needs, and NetSuite is the best bet. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using NetSuite for ecommerce companies of any size, as well as a vital resource should you choose to utilize this tool.

You Have A United Platform For Everything Business-Related

One of the problems that many ecommerce companies come across is that they are simply using too many systems at once: they might have inventory through one program, invoicing through another, and still a third for customer relationship management (CRM). This can become a major problem quite quickly, as all of these programs may not smoothly interact with one another, leaving you to miss important details or alerts.

NetSuite is different: it provides everything you need to succeed all in one convenient platform. You can generate financial reports, order supplies, and track sales without switching platforms, making it much simpler to keep track of your business’s success. If you find you still need other programs, they provide peerless third-party integration so that you’re still centralizing all of your business needs. 

Keep Track Of Sales Across Multiple Channels And Sites Through Netsuite

Many ecommerce companies sell their products through multiple channels: they may have their own website but also list products on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. This can get challenging, as you need to be able to update inventory whenever you sell from one site to ensure that you’re not running out of stock and having to cancel orders. Similarly, you’ll also need to automate messages to customers, create shipping labels, and keep track of sales across all channels to identify what needs improvement. 

NetSuite allows you to manage all of your different channels on the same platform so you can get a holistic perspective on sales and inventory management without having to transfer and combine all the data together to get the full picture.

Cloud-Based Software Lets You Reduce Overhead – And Work From Anywhere

Maintaining your own IT infrastructure is expensive, and it may not be feasible if you’re a fully online business. You would need to either keep all of the servers and other hardware in your own home or rent out office space specifically for this purpose, which gets expensive very quickly. Thankfully, NetSuite will host all of your data on their own servers, giving you access to everything without building your own infrastructure.

Another great benefit is that because it’s all cloud-based, you can check the status of your business from anywhere. This is quite a relief for those who might travel to events in order to sell or who simply want the freedom to work from anywhere while still making a profit. All of your business data and controls will be right at your fingertips as long as you have an internet connection, easing your fears of missing an important message from a supplier or customer just because you were on vacation. 

There Are A Variety Of Resources Available For Netsuite Implementation

One of the problems with using a smaller, lesser-known ERP is that there aren’t many experts around to assist you; you might have to exhaustively scour the internet to find a provider that can help rescue a failing implementation or get you to full functionality in a decent timeline.

With NetSuite, you’re spoiled for choices when it comes to getting help, including top-rated companies who have worked on countless implementations like yours. With companies such as, you can receive fully managed service for your NetSuite project, including intervening should you find yourself over your head. This doesn’t just save you major headaches and heartache, but it also ensures that you’re starting strong with this powerful tool. 

Netsuite Works For Businesses Of All Types

When people think of ecommerce, they often believe that the sales channels give you all the tools necessary to succeed, but this isn’t true: you need a well-integrated, multifaceted product that will allow you to integrate information from every website you use to sell your products. You also need one that has dedicated support and a variety of help available so that even the freshest ecommerce seller can get exactly what they need from day one. Fortunately for budding online entrepreneurs, NetSuite provides all of this – and there are plenty of ways to get help. For businesses of all sizes and industries, this ERP is a proven winner, with a quarter of a century providing great solutions. It’s clear that your ecommerce company needs the best tools possible to compete in such a hot online market, and NetSuite is exactly that. 

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