The Future Of Mobile Gaming In 2023

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The Future Of Mobile Gaming In 2023

A lot of people from around the world believe that console gaming is where all the money lies, but we are here to tell you that this is not entirely true. Look at PUBG Mobile; ever since its inception, it constantly breached records year after year, generating $2.6 billion with over 730 million downloads all just in 2020. Since then, the mobile gaming market is expanding constantly, changing the future of mobile gaming. What would it be like in 2023? What are other possibilities in mobile gaming?

Future Of Mobile Gaming

Look around you; everyone owns a mobile phone now. There is one thing you do need to keep in mind; not everyone has a PlayStation or PC and not everyone can afford it. Also, people who own either of these cannot carry them around at their convenience.

Moreover, people who have smartphones are always looking for ways to upgrade to better smartphones since their current ones cannot keep up with the latest updates. This is why developers are continuously doing everything they can to provide an experience with technologies on smaller screens.

Hence, with the gaming in the mobile phone getting better every day, here’s what we have narrowed down for the future of mobile gaming in 2023;

5G Fueling Real-Time Gaming

Many telecom companies have already introduced 5G technology for an advanced mobile phone experience. Just hit up any one of them such as Comcast customer service to learn about how they offer 5G technology to their mobile phone subscribers. This advancement from the telecom sector is referred to as a key contributor towards taking the mobile phone industry to a whole new level.

5G technology means having faster speeds that are 10 times faster than 4g, resulting in less congestion. What’s more, with lower latency in 5G, it will result in less battery being drained. This means that faster internet speeds will lead to faster downloads and less time taken for loading.

Usage of AR/VR

People are definitely familiar with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) but it hasn’t gotten the attention that it deserves yet. They did enjoy using Pokémon GO, which used the AR feature to make a Pokémon appear in their real-world environment. But AR and VR technology has a long way to go till it reaches its peak.

There have been no interested audiences of AR and VR yet. This means that there is no telling what is the future of AR and VR in mobile gaming now because there hasn’t been any new development.  

The Emergence of Mobile eSports

A few years ago, gaming was only something that everybody did for recreational purposes. Although that is still true today, there are others who have managed to make a career out of gaming. These professional players also participate in gaming competitions that are held every year and win rewards of thousands of dollars.

It’s still new but the past few years have witnessed a boom in electronic sports, which means that you’ll be able to stream eSports competitions from the comfort of your home.

Better Graphics and Controls

Since more games are being introduced and developed for mobile phones, mobile phone developers are working towards using their resources to enhance their devices. To let their customers have better gaming experiences, they are investing in better graphics. Moreover, they are also focused on introducing more storage and mobile phone batteries that last longer.

Also, the game developers are working together with mobile phone developers to introduce an optimized gaming experience by managing and designing easy-to-use controls.

New Free-To-Play Mobile Games

Most mobile gamers are just casual players and gaming companies target these casual players. It is important to note that these casual gamers do not prefer the idea of spending any money on games that they think they won’t play in the future.

Most mobile phone games such as League of Legends are free to play but they still have in-app purchases. These games give players the option to buy ONLY if they want to.

Hence, gaming developers are working towards developing games that players are willing to invest their time in.

Netflix Gaming

You read that right! One of the most popular streaming services, Netflix has introduced gaming as a part of their service. Netflix released a couple of games in November of 2022; Immortality, Into the Breach, Moonlighter, Asphalt Xtreme, and many more. All you need is your Netflix credentials and then you are able to download and play these games on your smartphone!

Final Thoughts

What the future holds for mobile phone gaming doesn’t stop here. What you have read above is just a speck of how much mobile gaming is evolving and being influenced by the help of technology! We are excited to see what mobile gaming in 2023 has in store for us!

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