9 Things To Make You Cry: Not Everyone Can Try Number 8 

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9 Things To Make You Cry

Most of us view crying as a bad thing. Some only cry when something terrible happens. These include losing a loved one, a close friend, colleague, or means of livelihood. But then, do we have to wait for bad things to happen before crying?

Well, I don’t think so. Crying is highly beneficial to our eyes, body, and soul. Yes, you can say that again. It helps fight bacteria, aids sleep, relieves stress and pain, improves vision, and has a soothing effect.

Unfortunately, most people can’t get themselves to cry. They lack the technique to make that happen. In this post, we shall be looking at things that can make people cry with ease. Do you want to know what these things are?

If yes, continue reading.

1. Recalling Past Events – The Terrible Ones:

Do you have memories you never want to remember again? Your reason for feeling this way is justifiable. But then, since the target is to make you cry, try to recall some of those events.

Doing so will bring your emotions to the surface. And this makes crying easier. Think about the saddest day or event. It doesn’t matter if it happened when you were little or grown-up.

Examples of such events could be when you lost a loved one, a friend, colleague, or a pet. It could be your child who’s holidaying in a distant place. The thought of not having your child around could make you feel emotional sometimes. It could cause tears of joy or sadness.

But either way, you have cried. You will feel much better when you wake up from your sleep or after shedding tears for a moment. Try it.

The thought of a breakup can also make you cry. Other events include losing a job, remembering how you have suffered in life, missed opportunities, etc.

A Handy Tip:  Your aim of thinking about past events is to have a good cry. Just cry and move on. Don’t feel sad or moody for the rest of the week. Thinking about the past may also be detrimental to some individual’s mental health. If you’re one of them, please avoid this tip. Move to the next tip instead.

2. Think About Past Or Current Events You’re Thankful For:

When was the last time you shed tears of joy? Is it five, ten, or twenty years ago? How did it happen? It would be when you remembered something positive. It could be a promotion or a favor you didn’t merit or have in mind. It just happened out of the blue.

Grace, a mum of three, claims she cries whenever she thinks about how helpful her mum has been to her. Grace’s mother has been taking care of the kids and doing school runs while she’s away working. She sheds tears of joy anytime she thinks about it.

Yours can be a past event you want to remember for eternity. It could be the love and care your husband showed to you the first time you both met. It could be favors of some sort. Just think about positive events, whether current or past.

A Handy Tip: There’s no way you will think about positive events that took place in your life and feel depressed afterward. It can only happen when you think of the sad moments. If thinking about tragic events isn’t good for your mental health, you shouldn’t try such. Instead, think about the positive events to protect your mental health.

3. Keep Your Eyes Wide Open For One Or Two Minutes:

This technique is simple. Keep the eyes wide open. When it’s open, stir in one direction for about one or two minutes. If you don’t blink your eyes, tears will start rolling down your cheek in no distant time.

The reason for blinking the eyes is to lubricate them. But keeping the eyes wide open will cause it to dry faster. And this will force the eyes themselves to do their job.

If you opened your eyes for one or two minutes, the tear glands called lacrimal glands would produce more tears.

A Handy Tip: By keeping the eyes wide open, you may feel some burning sensation when you finally close them. If this happens, don’t fret. It’s because you opened them in a usual position for quite a long time.

4. Re-Watch Films That Have Made Your Eyes Teary:

Films are a work of fiction, but most of them are from real-life events. They are there to entertain. But we sometimes get super emotional when watching some scenes. It could be scenes where a character we loved dies. It could be families or lovers reuniting after years of struggles.

For me, watching Boromir die in the Lord of The Ring movie (Fellowship of the Ring) made me cry uncontrollably. For others, it could be a scene in a romantic film. The scene could make you remember a past event in your life that looked similar.

A Handy Tip: To make the tears come naturally, don’t fast forward the movie to the scene that made you cry. Forward the film to three or two scenes before the major scene that made you cry. This way, the tears would come naturally. But if you have enough time to spare, there’s nothing wrong with re-watching the entire movie from start to finish.

5. Chop Fresh Onions: 

If you were unable to cry after trying every tip mentioned, cut fresh onions and cut to smaller sizes. In no time, you’ll find yourself crying uncontrollably.

Onions contain a chemical irritant called syn-Propanethial-S-Oxide, responsible for making the eyes teary. What this chemical does is stimulate the lachrymal glands of the eyes to produce tears.

Onions can make you cry no matter how you cut them. But make sure you’re using a fresh onion.

A Handy Tip: If you want the onions to make you cry, place them in the freezer before cutting. Chilling onions can help to reduce the chemical that irritates the eye’s tear glands.

Again, make sure you don’t have plans to cook after cutting the onions. Just cut, cry your eyes out and take a nap, if you can. By the time you wake up, you will feel much better. But if you plan to cook, have the onions chilled before cutting. This will help to reduce the chemical that irritates the eyes.

6. Using Eye Drop:

What do you think actors and actresses do to make themselves cry in movies? It will surprise you to know that most of them use eye drops. They can use glycerin, menthol, or tear stick to conjure the tears.

So, try the eye drop. Placing the artificial eye drop into your eyes will stimulate your tear gland to produce tears.

A Handy Tip: It’s hard for some actors and actresses to cry naturally in movies, but some do it anyway. I have heard of producers bullying actors and actresses to the point where they burst into tears. And there’s usually no bad blood after such an altercation since the aim is to make the scene look real.

7. Achieve Massive Success:

Have you ever shed tears of joy after winning a prize or achieving a goal? If yes, then it’s time to repeat such. Focus on that goal and achieve it. Be the best in your class, place of work, or place of residence.

You may think people don’t see your hard work in your current community, but a day will come when they will show appreciation.

The recognition might bring tears to your eyes. But the challenge with this technique is that such recognition may come once in a decade.

8. Consume Spicy Food: 

If you want to cry, try eating spicy food. In addition to drinking several bottles of water to save your burning tongue, you will have watering eyes and a running nose.

Most people may claim that this shouldn’t be possible since the food passes through the mouth and not the eyes. But the truth is the tear gland is never tired of releasing tears whenever we pass through pains. And that’s what happens when you consume spicy food.

Your tongue would seem like it’s on fire. The allyl isothiocyanate or capsaicin in the pepper is responsible for this. It irritates the eyes’ membrane, causing the tear duct to react. The tear duct reason for making the eyes teary is to wash off the irritant.

So, what causes running nose when we consume spicy food? It’s simple. Some of the tears produced when we consume spicy foods drain into our sinuses.

A Handy Tip: If you have a stomach ulcer, please avoid spicy foods. Most stomach ulcer patients claim that eating spicy foods increases their pain. If you’re one of them, avoid eating such meals. But if you don’t have a stomach ulcer, then try out some hot salsa or a bottle of chili paste to light up your tongue.

9. Watching Your Ex Getting Married To Someone You Know:

Relationships are always complex. Sometimes, you may love someone, but the person doesn’t love you back. And this hurts deeply.

Another is watching an ex, someone you just broke up with, getting married to your best friend. It’s like a slap on the face. To make matters worse, you discovered that they were already seeing each other the whole time, even before the breakup.

The truth is, not everyone is strong enough to survive a breakup. You may try to put up a happy face, but during the night, your pillow gets soaked with tears.

A Handy Tip: It’s better to get over a breakup for the sake of your mental health than dwelling in it. See yourself as the winner, not the loser. Your ex was only supposed to be part of the story and not the main character. The ideal person for you will come. So, get yourself together.


We have discussed things that can make you cry. They are simple techniques anyone can try. Crying is good sometimes. It helps to brighten one’s vision, fight bacteria and can help improve your sleep. It’s not a bad idea to shed emotional tears too. Pour everything in your mind out to make room for good things to come in.

When was the last time you cried? If you have not done so in a long time, now is the time. Try it. You’ll feel better afterward.

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