Unique Marketing Opportunities For Your Business

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Unique Marketing Opportunities For Your Business

What are your ambitions as a business owner? Do you want to establish a brand that will serve a local community well into the future? Is your company online, and do you hope it becomes a nationally or even globally recognized name?

Increasing brand awareness is one of the most important objectives for growing companies. The more potential customers that know about you, the better chance there is that you can reach your revenue goals. However, marketing is not a simple formula that is guaranteed to work if you follow certain steps.

To leave an impression on consumers in a saturated market, you have to go the extra mile with your marketing. Sometimes, that means utilizing unique advertising channels to cater to specific people in your target audience. Here are a few unique marketing methods to try in 2023.

Instagram Highlights

Ideally, your brand has a social media presence in 2023. Most people use social media at some level, whether that includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, or others. However, plenty of businesses are already doing that too, including your competitors. Taking advantage of some of the more specialized features can help you stand out. For example, using Instagram highlights with compelling names can accomplish multiple objectives. First, it will help hone and show off brand identity. Second, it can increase profile visibility, drawing in more followers. Third, it improves the user experience so that people connect with your brand more easily. 


Usenet is a discussion forum-like platform that has existed since the late 70s. It is a place where people go to talk about almost any discussion topic you can imagine, from pop culture to news to politics. The main advantage of Usenet is the ability to download large files such as articles, documents, audio, and video at high speeds and with a great degree of privacy. People spend money to be connected to this server network, so it is a platform where you can connect with specific subgroups of your audience. You can even experiment with free Usenet services to dip your toes in and learn the ropes before using it as a new marketing channel. 

Posting/Sharing Blogs on LinkedIn

Another social media platform that can benefit your brand’s growth potential is LinkedIn. This platform is geared more toward building professional networks than purely social connections. As such, your use of this channel should be catered to a more professional audience. One method that can leverage this platform effectively is writing informational blogs to share on LinkedIn. Topics that are specific to industry topics and workforce consumers can gain a lot of traction on LinkedIn since that is its main focus. Then, people in your network will see and respond to your posts or share them with more people. Prioritize providing value with the knowledge you share in these blogs. 

Booths at Community Events

If your goal is to grow your audience in a specific town or community, then you need to be plugged into local events. When festivals or large community gatherings occur, your presence can propel brand awareness to the next level. Find out about what events occur throughout the year and get in touch with the organizers about how you could play a role. If possible, setting up a tent or booth for your business can bring a lot of visibility to the company while also allowing you to interact with people on a personal level. 

Promotional Products

Have you ever seen someone wearing an article of clothing or carrying a water bottle and you noticed a brand logo on the item? Then you have seen promotional product marketing at work. Companies invest in branded merchandise to reward loyal customers, express gratitude to employees, and generate awareness in the public of their brands. You can accomplish the same goals by investing in promotional items that provide value to your target audience. Buy giveaways that will be useful to the people you give them to so that you will gain maximum exposure from those items. Consider a healthy balance of bulk cheaper items and more expensive, high-quality gifts. This method can skyrocket your visibility if done correctly.

Embrace Creativity and Innovation With Marketing

Since advertising is never a guaranteed success, you must be willing to experiment and innovate with your marketing campaigns. Though some methods are more proven than others, you never know what channel will grant you perfect access to a specific audience subgroup or what message will strike a cord. 

Consider the benefits of embracing these unique marketing opportunities for your brand. Instagram highlights, Usenet, LinkedIn blogs, community events, and promotional products can all cast your business in a more positive light in various ways, so weigh the pros and cons of each before pursuing them. 

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