3 Ways To Locate A PO Box Owner With No Sweat

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Ways To Locate A PO Box Owner With No Sweat

A PO Box owner lookup can be quite tricky, particularly when you need to accomplish it without any hassle. But don’t worry; we’ve collected a list of the top three methods for swiftly and effectively locating a PO Box owner. You’ll be able to discover the owner of any post office box utilizing these methods without breaking a sweat. So, let’s dive in and see how to find a PO Box owner!

Search Engines Can Be Just What You Need

The good old search engines are still quite valuable when used as a source of information to track people. 


“Google it” – if you don’t know where to start, then it’s the PERFECT idea to use Google to look up the box owner. Easy-peasy. Start by typing the PO Box number and location into Google, along with relevant keywords such as “PO Box owner lookup” or “find the owner of the post office box.” Odds are, you might stumble upon some useful information that could lead you to the box owner. However, keep in mind that this method may not always yield accurate results.

Niche search engines

Apart from Google, there are niche search engines that focus on specific types of information. For example, websites like Spokeo or Whitepages can help you find the owner of a PO Box by searching for their name, address, or phone number. While these services may require a subscription or a one-time fee, they can provide valuable insights and save you time and effort.

Contacting The Local Post Office Isn’t A Bad Idea; After All

It might be a bit outdated, but yes – people still use post offices! And you can get quite good results, too.

Official request

You can also identify a PO Box owner by contacting the local post office responsible for the specific box. You can submit an authorized request, which may mandate delivering a valid reason for your query. In some cases, the post office might disclose the owner’s information but be prepared for the case that they may deny your request due to privacy matters.

Mail forwarding

If you have a genuine cause to contact the PO Box owner, you can request that your letter be forwarded to the owner’s address. This approach allows you to contact the owner without invading their privacy. This approach, however, is not appropriate if you are simply inquisitive about the owner’s identity.

How About Leveraging Social Media?

Social media is King in the 20’s, so it’s not a surprise it gets on our list.


Social media platforms can also be useful when trying to find the owner of a PO Box. Search for the PO Box number or location on Facebook, and you might discover relevant groups or posts that could lead you to the owner. Keep in mind that not all information found on social media is accurate, so it’s essential to verify your findings.


Twitter can be another helpful tool for your PO box owner lookup quest. Use the search bar to look for tweets containing the PO Box number or location, along with relevant keywords such as “find the owner of a PO Box” or “PO Box owner lookup.” You might come across tweets from the owner themselves or from someone who knows them. Be sure to verify any information you find before taking action.


LinkedIn is the most famous platform where you can dig for a PO Box owner, notably if you suspect the owner might be a business or professional. Use the search bar to find profiles, companies, or posts related to the PO Box number or location. This method can be particularly useful for finding business owners who use a PO Box as their mailing address.


A little ingenuity and the correct tools may make tracking down the owner of a PO Box surprisingly easy. You may quickly identify the owner of a post office box by using search engines, contacting the local post office, and making use of social media. Remember always to respect people’s privacy and verify any information you find. Last but not least- good luck finding how to find a PO box owner!

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