Who Makes Allen And Roth Flooring-A Mini Guide To Allen And Roth Flooring

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Who Makes Allen And Roth Flooring-A Mini Guide To Allen And Roth Flooring

Allen and Roth laminate flooring is simply gorgeous. The floating design of this flooring makes switching from one option to another easier. Many homeowners are worried about their wood flooring placement but can eliminate such worries with Allen and Roth flooring.

Installation of Allen and Roth laminate flooring will transform any home and increase its value significantly. Hence, homeowners thinking of reselling their homes can boost their resale values by installing these laminate flooring options.

So, Who Makes Allen and Roth Flooring?

Allen and Roth Flooring are made by Lowe’s- A home improvement and retail store brand located in the United States of America.

Though Lowe’s brand is owned, many manufacturers now have the license to produce the flooring. One of the most trusted flooring manufacturers is “Unilin Flooring NC,” located in North Carolina. This company is also responsible for Allen and Roth flooring warranty. Its headquarters is located in Belgium.

Today, Lowe’s own more than 900 factories worldwide with more than 500 suppliers in Asia alone. Excellent quality, easy installation, and great are some of Allen and Roth flooring’s great benefits.

What Are The Differences Between Hardwood And Laminate Flooring Like Allen And Roth?

When it comes to choosing flooring options, the number of alternatives available can be overwhelming. With a bit of research and knowing what fits into your home best, you will be able to make the right choice.

You want flooring that will last long without you spending out of your budget. You probably wish to have flooring that can easily clean. Most flooring options come in hardwood or laminate options, and while hardwood floorings are more popular, people are beginning to pay attention to laminates like Allen and Roth flooring.

At first glance, there seems to be no noticeable difference between hardwood and laminate flooring. On further investigation, you will discover that hardwood flooring is made of wood, and it is appropriately sanded for an improved feel.

Hardwood flooring can last up to 75 years, depending on how well it is maintained. Hardwood can also be resurfaced every few years to remove scratches, dents, and dings and make it new again. Though hardwood will last longer than laminates, it scratches more easily and gets damaged more efficiently too.

Laminate flooring like Allen and Roth, on the other hand, is made of fiberboard and not hardwood. The laminates also come with a faux-wood pattern on top. With faux-wood on top, a laminate appears like hardwood on the surface.

The price difference is also noticeable. While laminate appears like hardwood, it costs much less; hence it saves more money.

Laminate flooring has several layers of fiberboard covered with protective coatings that are much easier to clean than hardwood and are less susceptible to scratches. This means you wouldn’t spend as much as you would on repairs on hardwood. Allen and Roth laminate flooring can be installed on any surface, including concrete and wood.

 The Allen And Roth Laminate Flooring

Allen and Roth laminate flooring and cheaper alternatives to hardwood flooring, and when they are installed correctly, they provide that gorgeous feel. With just a little effort, you can easily install laminate flooring on any existing flooring option. It pays to hire experts to install laminate flooring because you or any other untrained installer can easily mess it up with the wrong installation.

Allen and Roth flooring are exclusively sold by Lowe’s, supported by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Since Lowe’s has become a trusted brand worldwide, its flooring solutions are not the only products they sell; you can also find their cabinets, bath, and kitchen products of excellent quality. Allen and Roth laminates are available in diverse colors and finishes.

What Are The Essential Features To Look Out For In Laminate Flooring?

Undoubtedly, laminate flooring is easier on finances and more difficult to damage caused by chips and scratches from pets, kids, and accidental bumps. You should pay attention to certain things when changing your flooring type and switching to laminate flooring.

In addition to making your home gorgeous, you definitely want your laminae floor to match your interior and exterior home décor. Very cheaply made laminate flooring will not install correctly, hence you should check that you have the original Lowe’s laminate flooring. It is important you deal with accredited Allen and Roth Laminate flooring dealers only.

The thickness of boards is one of the most essential features you should check on a laminate. The general rule here is that the thicker the laminate floorboard, the better and more protective it is. If the board is too thin, there is a possibility that it wouldn’t hold properly. Too thin boards may install unevenly, therefore you must avoid them.

Ability to Withstand Wear and Tear

Though laminates flooring will protect the floor in areas where high traffic caused by pets and children can cause damage, it is still important to limit exposure of the laminate to such dangers. You should avoid placing laminates where heavy machinery is placed.

Warranty Policies

Warranty is very important when buying a laminate flooring. The warranty will protect your investment and ensure you are buying the original product. For Lowe’s original Allen and Roth laminate flooring, you should get up to 15 years. Other laminate flooring manufacturers may not offer up to those number of years. With a warranty in place, you can rest assured of free repairs within the warranty coverage. In some cases, there are free returns if there is any damage to the flooring before installation, and to get a refund or change of products, you need to prove that damages were not caused from your side.


You should consider the type of finishes that will suit your home and preference. Unlike most hardwood, laminate flooring comes in a wide range of colors, styles and finishes. You may want to go for laminates with thin interlocking boards or opt for the ones with wider designs depending on preference.

You may also opt for the natural finishing of wood, or the brightly-colored finishes, and those with some wood grain patterns. Experts suggest that you should go for a laminate that will not clash with existing home color patterns. You may choose a contrasting color scheme if you have plans for a major overhaul within the place you plan to install the laminate flooring.


Alongside finishes, warranty and ability to withstand wear and tear, are the different textures to consider. There are three different textures you may consider when it comes to laminates; Embossed or embossed in register, hand scraped, and high gloss.

The embossed or embossed in register is an all-over finish type of texture that is quite similar to natural hardwood finishing. This could be your ideal texture of choice if you are using hardwood before and you want a finishing ha is closer in appeal or appearance.

Hand-scraped is a fascinating texture. It appears like a sanded hardwood flooring but has a laminate flooring durability. This texture perhaps is ideal if you prefer a lighter one instead of the hardwood flooring tone.

The high gloss texture offers some classy feel and appearance to your laminate flooring. It comes with a shiny and glossy finish that will resist any dent or scratches on the surface.

You may want to check the laminate flooring’s AC rating. This rating is simply the abrasion qualities of the flooring and it varies from A1 to A5. The A1 rated laminate flooring is recommended for low traffic areas like the bedroom and spare rooms, while the A3, A4, and A5 laminate floorings are recommended for the high traffic areas such as living room, and the kitchen.

So, depending on which part of your home you are installing laminate flooring, you must check the AC rating before you make purchases. It is obvious that the A1 and A2 have less power to resist scratches and other damaging effects than the A4, and A5 laminates.

Keep in mind that the thicker the texture of the laminate flooring, the costlier it gets. You should also consider the costs of labor and transportation of the flooring materials to your address.


Lowe’s Allen and Roth laminate flooring have transformed the way new homes are being protected through flooring. In addition to stronger and more resistant features that come with Allen and Roth flooring, their fire resistance capabilities must also be mentioned. Hardwood does not possess the kind of fire-resistance that laminate flooring possesses, and that is a feature one should consider when living in a region with a high risk of fore accidents. The cost-effectiveness as well as the low maintenance costs of laminate flooring make it a budget-friendly for most home improvements and upgrades. It is also important to find flooring experts to install the materials to prevent any form of damage or irregularities after installation. It is equally important to purchase laminae flooring materials from recommended seller or vendor.

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