Who Makes Insignia TV? What You Should Know About Insignia TV

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Who Makes Insignia Tv

Insignia TVs have been designed to be low-cost TVs and are meant to rival popular brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, and many more.

Though many people say Insignia TVs are not economical to repair, researches and tests conducted show that such TVs can last as long as its leading rival brands.

So, Who Makes Insignia TVs?

Best Buy makes insignia TVs

Insignia TV manufacturing procedures are completed according to specifications provided by Best Buy to the manufacturing companies. This production step means Best Buy outsources the production of these TVs to other companies.

What Types Of Insignia Tvs Will You Find In The Market?

Insignia TVs come in varieties of sizes and qualities. The sizes vary from 22″ to 120″ TV screens.

You can also find Insignia TVs in wide varieties of qualities; these include the traditional flat-tube standard definition to the regular LCD HDTV, LED HDTV, LED 720p, LED 1080p, and LED 4K UHD. Insignia is not available in a range of smart TVs that work with high-speed internet.

Some Insignia TVs are designed for wall attachment only, and you can find those with regular stands for placements on different surfaces.

Description Of Top Best-Selling Insignia Smart TV 4K Resolution

The 65″ Class LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV is one of Insignia’s giant smart TVs. It is pretty immersive and produces excellent quality, vividly-sharp images for a beautiful user experience.

The immersive TV allows you to play your favorite games, watch your favorite shows and videos on a 65″ screen. The maximum resolution for this TV is 3840 x 2160, and this resolution delivers a very stunning and vivid visual at a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The TV is compatible with HDR10, which supports very sharp and vivid colors with excellent graphics. As a smart TV, it comes with an in-built Wi-Fi internet, which means you can stream media directly from the internet wirelessly as long as you are connected to the internet. The smart TV also allows you to check your social media pages and download or record your favorite videos and shows. Three HDMI ports on this TV will enable you to connect secondary devices without stress.

With Insignia smart TV, you can enjoy movies in 4K resolutions four times the resolutions offered on Full HD television. You will never want to return to Full HD when you upscale to 4k resolution. With connectivity to the internet, you can download and use as many integrated apps as you can.

The smart TV also provides endless entertainment with pre-installation of movie vendors like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO. All of these pre-installed movie vendors will give you access to more than 500,000 movies, documentaries, and music channels.

This smart TV also works with voice control devices like Google’s Alexa. You can also use your voice control feature to launch apps, control inputs like switching from one channel to another, search for movie titles, control smart home devices, and play music.

You can also activate the parental control feature on this smart TV and manage your kids’ viewing experience. There is an in-built V-chip that allows you to block content based on the program ratings. You can also check the ratings of programs that you are unfamiliar with.

Keep in mind that all web-based services on this smart TV will require moderate to super-fast internet speed. This TV also comes with accessories, including the remote control, extra batteries, and a stand.

Concerns Over The Quality And Durability Of Insignia

There are several concerns about Insignia TVs, especially on durability and quality. Many people are skeptical about this brand, and it is pretty common to see negative reviews of the products on the top product review website.

Top on the list of concerns is dead pixels appearing after some months or years. This problem can put someone off instantly, but it is not an issue peculiar to Insignia TVs too. Color distortion is another problem many people report after a while of using Insignia TVs.

Fading and Fuzzy screens may also occur in Insignia TVs, which are also not peculiar to Insignia TVs. Image retention may also appear on some Insignia TVs after a few months or years of usage, and it is common in other brands.

Despite all the negative press around many Insignia TVs, it is still common to see many of these TVs out-performing and outlasting many of the more popular and costlier brands of TVs around.

Fortunate, Insignia offers online and on-site technical support for its brand of TVs. Though this service is not available worldwide, you can still get solutions to common problems on the brand’s website or contact customer support.

Expert technicians believe that a typical LCD flat-screen will probably last for about 100,000, with some exceptions.

In addition to contacting Insignia customer support, it is essential to avoid buying imitation Insignia TVs that tend to come with inferior quality components that can become faulty at any time. It would help if you considered purchasing the TVs from Insignia licensed or recommended stores or outlets only; failure to do this means you wouldn’t have a warranty cover on the TV.

Insignia TVs are Energy Star qualified, which means they are designed to consume less energy and meet the strict energy-efficiency guidelines. Energy efficiency guidelines were set out by the Environmental Protection Agency alongside the US Department of Energy.

Most of the concerns about Insignia products, especially the TVs are borne out of mere rumors, and until you use one, you will always believe such rumors.  These products are tested against all standards before they are released into the market hence there should be no reason for distrust of the brand.

The Insignia 19″ Class 720p LCD Kitchen HDTV

One of the smallest Insignia TVs you will find today is the 19″ LCD HDTV. It is most suitable for the kitchen and other places where you likely wouldn’t watch it often. This TV comes with a wide range of features despite its miniature size.

There are 3 HDMI inputs that allow you to connect a wide range of HD components. It offers all TV shows, movies, and entertainment features you will find in larger TVs. There is an FM tuner inbuilt ha allows you to enjoy your favorite radio stations while you handle other tasks.

This TV also comes with an HDTV tuner antenna that allows the TV to receive over-the-air, high-definition broadcasts. Over-the-air HD broadcasting service is not available everywhere. The TV also has a wide XGA resolution which is 1366x 768. It will support 720p signals for great image quality.

It offers a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 which offers cinema-style entertainment for viewers. It also comes with a 3:2 Inverse pulldown which is great for accurate reproduction of film-based sources. It offers an incredible contrast ratio of 1000:1for an excellent viewing experience. High brightness of 300 cd/m2 offers a great viewing experience.

It has a wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles of 160 and 170 degrees. These versatile angles ensure that viewers can watch the TV from different places. TheThe internal digital comb filter of this TV will deliver an excellent color enhancement to help prevent color saturation or lack of color.

With two 5Watt stereo speakers inbuilt, plus sound leveler that works with Dolby volume, you will get a lush sound experience you will cherish for long. There is a PC video input alongside the three HDMI inputs for connecting your computer to the TV for enhance images.

There are several additional features included in this package, and one of such is a multi-lingual menu comprising of English, Spanish and French. This can help you set up your TV quickly and also contain the warranty information. Other items included are; sleep timer, close captioning, auto zoom and channel labeling.

For some customizable appearance, this TV offers decorative blue and red bezels. There is an in-built remote holder that offers a convenient place where you can store your remote control when not in use. Extra batteries are also included to ensure that you don’t run out of power for a long time. Only The Insignia batteries must be used when operating your remote control to avoid complications. The use of non-compatible items of inferior qualities from other brands are known to reduce efficiency and lifespan of Insignia products.


Insignia TVs may not be as popular as other brands in the market today, but Best Buy has created a brand that can save money and perform creditably well. In addition to TVs, Insignia also provide a number of other electronics and mechanical devices. You may want to compare Insignia products with other brands in terms of performance and price and not on rumors. The fact that these Insignia products come with warranty means you can return them and get refunded or simply replace them within the warranty period. Insignia has become a tested and trusted brand , though there is still a long way to go in meeting up with the highest standards.

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