Why Do Cats Cry At Night Like Babies?

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Why Do Cats Cry At Night Like Babies

New parents know that the crying of a baby can strike fear into the heart of even the bravest soul. But what if you also had to deal with babies at night? That’s right, we’re talking about cats. Cats tend to cry at night like babies, probably in an attempt to freak out their owners and get more attention. And just like new parents, the first time you hear your cat cry at night will throw you into a state of panic and make you wonder: Why do cats cry at night like babies? So let’s find out why cats cry at night like babies – read on to learn more!

Why Do Cats Cry at Night Like Babies?

The reason why cats cry at night like babies is that they are in pain and need help. They are trying to let their owners know that something is wrong so they can be taken to the veterinarian for treatment. Cats may cry at night because of a variety of reasons. It could be due to digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, nausea, or an upset stomach. It could also be due to behavioral problems such as being bored, suffering from anxiety, or being territorial or defensive over something or someone. It could also be due to an ear infection or pain in the abdomen, back, joints, or teeth. Owners should take any unusual behavior exhibited by their cats seriously, and go see the veterinarian if their cat is acting out of the norm. The veterinarian will check for any medical problems and provide treatment if needed.

What Is Causing Cats To Cry At Night?

Your cat is lonely and wants company

A sad fact about cats is that they can get lonely. Often, owners mistakenly assume that their feline friend is enjoying some time to himself when he’s really sitting alone in a corner, crying and meowing with longing for a companion. So, if you’ve observed this pattern in your cat’s behavior and he seems to be longing for company, you should take him up on his offer and accompany him for a snuggle or two. You should also try to acquire another kitty for your lonely feline friend. This will ease his loneliness and keep him from crying in the middle of the night. Cats who live in colonies have been observed to be less lonely, less stressed, and more resilient than cats who live alone.

Something in your house is making him feel unsafe

Your cat is sensitive enough to notice even the slightest change in his environment, so if something has changed and he’s not comfortable, he will definitely let you know. There are a few reasons why your kitty might be feeling unsafe in your house. First, if there’s a new addition to the family, like a dog, your cat might be afraid of him and he’s crying at night because the dog is keeping him up. Apart from that, there could be some new neighbors in the vicinity. Some of them might like to spend their time tormenting kitties, by throwing rocks or shooting guns. This could be scaring your kitty so much that he’s crying at night. Another cause for unease is a new construction project near your house; the noise and vibrations could be keeping your cat up.

He has an itch that can’t be scratched

As we’ve discussed before, cats are very clean creatures and they like to keep their fur clean, soft, and shiny. Also, they like to scratch their bellies and the backs of their legs, which helps them to shed their old fur. But sometimes even these motions can cause an itch on their skin that they just can’t scratch. If your kitty is constantly rubbing against furniture or trying to scratch his belly in an uncontrollable manner, he could have a condition that he can’t scratch. This could be flea or tick infestation or even a skin allergy. If your cat is really, really itching, he might be waking you up in the middle of the night because he wants you to scratch him. You can also buy some good-quality anti-flea and anti-tick sprays that can be applied to your cat’s fur.

He’s protesting a condition in his environment

Cats are creatures of habit, and they like everything in their environment to remain constant. If you go and change something in your kitty’s environment, he might become a bit unsettled. So, if you’ve recently rearranged the furniture, brought a new pet home, or changed your feline friend’s food, he might be protesting the change by crying at night. This could also happen if you’ve shifted to a new house, or if someone else has moved in with you and brought a new feline family member. If you’ve noticed any of these changes in your cat’s environment, try to make the transition easier for him by going back to their old ways, as much as you can.

How Do Stop Cats From Crying At Night Like Babies?

Give your cat more space during the day

If you live in a small apartment or condo, you need to make sure that your cat has enough space to feel comfortable by themselves. You can do this by providing lots of places where they can hide, scratch, and climb. Cat trees, scratching posts and an assortment of toys will give them the opportunities they need to exercise their natural instincts. Be sure to leave windows uncovered during the day if you want your kitty to feel more comfortable outside. If your cat is stressed because they feel trapped in a small space, they’ll make more noise at night as a result. Make sure that your cat has enough space to move around and feel comfortable exploring. This way, they’ll be less likely to cry during the evening hours.

Provide more enrichment

If your kitty is feeling bored, they’re likely to cry more often at night. Luckily, it’s easy to solve this problem by providing your cat with more enrichment. By enriching your cat’s environment, you can help them feel happier and more fulfilled. Better yet, there are many cost-effective ways to enrich your cat’s life. – Install Scratching Posts – Make sure that you have ample scratching posts around the house. These structures provide an outlet for your cat’s natural instincts. They also help protect your furniture from being scratched up! – Provide Toys – Cats love to play with toys. If you put out a few different toys, your cat is likely to become less bored and more fulfilled. – Increase the Routine – Cats enjoy having a routine and knowing when to expect certain things. Make sure that you have a set meal schedule, daily playtime, and consistent litter box cleaning. – Provide Quiet Time – Cats need time to rest and de-stress as much as humans do. Make sure that you have a place for your cat to rest undisturbed.

Don’t forget to feed your cat!

Cats are natural predators that have very specific dietary needs. If you have an indoor cat, there’s a good chance that they eat dry food. Dry food is tasty, cheap, and convenient. Unfortunately, it’s terrible for your feline friend’s health. If your cat is wailing at night, it may be because they’re hungry! If you feed your cat dry food, it’s important to make sure that they get enough calories. If they don’t, they may cry at night because they’re hungry. If you feed them dry food, try to add in a small amount of wet food to help your cat gain weight. If you don’t feed your cat at all, try to find good wet food for kittens.

Lock-in time for play and quality time with your kitty

Cats thrive on social interaction. If your kitty is crying at night, it may be because they crave a friend. Consider adopting a second cat or inviting a friendly feline over for dinner. If you have a single cat, try to spend as much time with them as possible. Cats love to be petted and played with, so make sure you have time for cuddles and playtime every day. If you have a single cat, try to spend more time with them during the day. Make sure that you have plenty of toys around the house, and spend time playing with your kitty during the day. Cats thrive on routine, so try to do the same activities during the day as you do at night.


Cats are mysterious creatures that can be very confusing to understand. Even though cats are very independent, they still need attention and love just like every other animal out there. Cats cry at night because they want your attention, and they want to be loved. If you take a few minutes every day to cuddle and love your cat, she will stop crying and will be happy. If you have a cat and she is crying at night, try not to panic. With some time and effort, you can find out what is wrong with your cat and make her feel loved and happy.

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