Why Do My Friends Hate Me? Check Out The Possible Reasons And Advice

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Why Do My Friends Hate Me

Everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally and treated right. No one deserves to be hated and treated like trash, let alone by the people you call friends.

Have you ever noticed the people you call friends distancing themselves from you gradually? They no longer phone you or visit you like they used to.

The truth is that they hate you for some reason best known to them. It hurts, and you most definitely won’t be able to tell why your friends despise you despite how long you have been friends with them.

Now you have cried your eyes out and asked yourself a million times, “why do my friends hate me?”

This post is for people like you. Here, we’re going to look into several possible reasons your friends might have developed a hatred for you.

Keep reading to know why.

1. You Weren’t What They Wanted In The Long Term:

You want your friends and want the friendship to last long. You don’t care if they stop supporting you as friends.

The question is, do you think your friends ever wanted you? Do you think they see themselves being friends with you for the long term?

Life has thought me that the only things that can last are the moon, stars, and sun. Friendship is not one of them. Friendship can outlive its usefulness or value. And when it does, hatred takes over.

The truth is most friends are only there for the benefits. The day they stop getting free launch, a free ride, or a certain benefit, they stop being friends with you.

A student could become your friend because you have a personal car. But as soon as the car is no more, they start showing hatred towards you. They wanted a friend who could support them for the long term. But as things stand, you’re not the one.

A Handy Advice: Let’s call a spade a spade. Some things sustain friendships for the long term. It could be career, interests, passion, goals, or anything. If you have nothing in common with a friend or your friends, the friendship won’t survive long-term.

2. You Have A Habit They Don’t Like:

It’s time for you to examine yourself thoroughly. Do you have a habit that disgusts your friends? Have your friends been urging you to change that bad habit?

If your friends have warned you severally to work on your habit and you didn’t listen then, that’s where the problem is coming from.

Your bad habit may be affecting your friends’ reputation negatively. If the issue is about hygiene, your friends have every right to be angry.

True friends are the ones that are bold enough to call a spade a spade. If they have told you severally to change your habit, you’re the one at fault. But if they didn’t, then you’re in a trickier situation.

The habit could be anything. It could be nail-biting, dressing, or something else.

A Handy Advice: If you have a bad habit, start working on it. It would give your friends the feeling that you take their advice seriously and willing to change for the better.

3. Brag About Yourself And Your Family A Lot: 

Most times, we brag about how rich and successful our family is without knowing. You may even brag about yourself to your friends.

To you, such bragging is normal. You also didn’t plan to offend or make anyone feel bad or less of themselves. Now how would you know your constant bragging isn’t hurting your friends? You could be pushing them away by doing such.

So the reason your friends hate you is that you brag a lot. They feel you’re looking down on them.

A Handy Advice: If you’re the type that enjoys bragging a lot, you have to put a stop to that. Besides losing your friends, you could also be putting yourself at risk. Don’t say a word about your rich dad, uncle, or brother if none of your friends asked you about it.

Most people brag about themselves or their family to their friends to gain more respect from them. But hear this; true respect is earned. You can’t force it.

4. You’re More Intelligent Than Them:

Are you an intelligent person? If yes, do your friends hate you? Then that could be the primary reason for their hatred.

Think about it for a minute. You’re the most intelligent person among your friends. Do you think such a friendship would last? It can, though, but only when you’re friends with people who don’t get jealous.

So, if you’re intelligent and your friends are showing signs that they hate you, the reason is that they feel intimidated by your intelligence.

The reason they are showing some resentment towards you is that they want you out of their lives.

A Handy Advice: If the reason your friends hate you is that you’re intelligent and they’re not, it’s not your fault. If they aren’t ready to accept you for that, move on with your life. It’s so obvious they are not ready to grow in life.

5. You Always Render Advice To Your Friends:

Most people take pleasure in advising others and uplifting them. They can’t be around someone that’s down and not render help in the form of advice.

When you advise a friend who’s a gang member to quit and focus on building his or her life, two things can happen. It’s either he or she starts drifting away or starts implementing your advice.

True friends always mean well to each other. When one is down emotionally, the other is there to help.

However, you must be careful when advising your friends. Not all of them need or would respond to your advice positively. Some would assume you’re targeting them for no reason. And as a result, they may develop hatred towards you.

A Handy Advice – Some friends may take your advice the wrong way. So be mindful of who you offer your advice to. If they asked for it, go ahead and do the needful. But know when to draw the line.

6. They Find You Boring: 

Do you think you’re boring to have around? Then that could be the reason your friends hate you. Your friends need a chatty person. They don’t want to regret the time spent with you.

It would help if you also were mindful of the topics you raise when you’re around your friends. If you’re the type that enjoys gossiping or talking bad about others and your friends don’t, they would never want to have you around.

The kind of energy you give can determine if your friends like or hate having you around. If you’re the type that likes complaining about your struggles to gain sympathy, your friends might not want to have you around them.

A Handy Advice – You don’t have to be the only one talking when you’re in the midst of your friends. Let them have the floor sometimes. And if you’re a boring person, do all you can to change that. You don’t want your friends to regret every minute they spend with you.

Another piece of advice is to study your friends carefully. Understand their likes and dislikes. If they don’t like gossiping about others, respect their decision and don’t bring any related subject up for discussion. You should also know when to talk or keep calm when you’re with your friends discussing.

7. They No Longer Benefit From You:

It’s okay to help your friends or a friend in need. But if you have friends with an “entitlement mentality,” you better stop rendering help to such friends.

Most friends are with you because of the money, free ride, connection, or benefits they get from you. As soon as they notice the benefits are no longer forthcoming, they start developing hatred towards you.

A Handy Advice: Being in a friendship with many people with an entitlement mentality isn’t good for your sanity and mental health. So put an end to such a friendship and move ahead with your life.

A true friend is someone who has your back through thick and thin, good and bad times. If you can’t get these from the people you call friends, call off the friendship immediately.

8. You Violated Their Trust:

Trust is a simple word, but when it’s broken, it’s hard to mend. What keeps any relationship besides love is trust. Once trust is gone, it takes something special to continue loving someone.

So, think carefully. Have you ever violated your friends’ trust? That could be the major reason they are showing signs of hatred towards you. They are indirectly telling you to back off since they can no longer trust you.

A Handy Advice – If you truly violated your friends’ trust by exposing the group’s secret to an outsider, you truly deserve some punishment. But hatred shouldn’t be one of those.

However, time heals all wounds. If your friends are angry and avoiding you because you violated their privacy and trust, give your wounded friends time to heal and prove you’re a better person in any way you can.

If the friendship is meant to be, the wound will heal, and you’ll be accepted back into the group. If it’s not meant to be, accept your fate and move on with your life.


So, why do your friends hate you? Like we said, your friends could hate you for several reasons. It could be your fault or theirs. Your friend could hate you because you are more intelligent, successful, or more good-looking than them. It could be for other reasons.

While almost everyone will feel hurt seeing their friends going cold on them, you shouldn’t beat yourself up when such happens. If your actions caused the hatred, you have to mend your ways to fix things. If you try and they won’t budge, you have to move on with your life.

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