Your List Of Essential Makeup Tools

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Your List Of Essential Makeup Tools

Wearing makeup is fun, but the process itself can be get to be too much for many. The endless number of videos on YouTube and social media can make learning makeup skills an overwhelming experience. Whether you’re a newby to makeup or a pro at the process, having the appropriate makeup tools at the ready is crucial to achieving the look you want. W​ithout the right tools, it may be more difficult to apply makeup in a way that delivers the desired look. There’s no need to overcomplicate things when makeup tools to simplify everything. Make things easier on yourself by using these helpful makeup tools:

Eyelash Curler

D​efined eyelashes can take any look to the next level—from great to amazing. An effective way to achieve a lash look that stays is to curl your lashes using an eyelash curler. This takes your lashes from straight and scraggly to curly and orderly. And when you complete this step before applying mascara, lashes are in a better position to receive more volume without the clumping. Whether using it as a step in your eyelash extension kit or simply trying to elongate your natural lashes, an eyelash curler is soon to become a trusty tool.

B​lending Brush

M​akeup that sits on and sticks to the skin in a clumpy way would make anyone not want to entertain the idea of “getting done up”. Using a blending brush to apply your makeup can eliminate this discomfort by evenly distributing the makeup across the surface of your skin. Blending brushes are most commonly used to apply foundation but is also great at blending in countour, blush, highlight, and anything else you decide to use. No need to use a tissue or let the makeup sit when a blending brush will do the trick.

B​lending Sponge

B​lending’s not just for brushes; sponges are also known for being amazing blending devices. The absorbing properties of the sponge hold the makeup in, making for a better spread on the skin. Used for powders but most popular with liquids, sponges make for both a great applicator and a great makeup remover depending on how you choose to use it. What’s more, wetting the sponge makes it easier to spread liquids, allowing you to get more out of your makeup without having to reapply. Being able to use this tool either dry or wet makes it stand out for the best.

Eyeb​row Brush

T​he eyebrows frame the face and are important to any makeup look. To make yours look the way you want, grab an eyebrow brush and use it to shape your brows. Some brushes have a small, slanted edge, while others have a straight edge, or even a large, round tip. No matter which brush you use, you can use it to both shape and apply makeup to the brows to make them look bold or connected. Some brushes even come with a spool on the other end that can help you address the fly-away hairs. In all, the eyebrow brush does what your fingers can’t.


B​elieve it or not, tweezers can be a valuable tool in enhancing your makeup look. Areas like the brows tend to grow freely without intervention. For this reason, many people wax, thread, and pluck their eyebrows to clean up the look and make it easier to use brow pencils, brow enhancers, and the likes. Tweezers are great for managing your brows in between appointments and is a good alternative to more abrasive hair-removal methods. A quick clean-up can help you get the best out of your makeup.

Lip Smudger

T​here’s a way to get a plump-lip look without overusing product. The lip smudger is a small tool that can help you blend in lip liner into the edge of your lips for round, juicy lips. With a lip smudger, you run the risk of either wasting product when using fingers to blend things in, or using an excessive amount of product to attempt a smudge look without tools. Some lip smudgers come in the form of a dual-use tool for lining and smuding product on the lips. Other lip smudgers can be purchased individually. No matter which one you go with, adding this utensil to your tool belt will make life much easier.

M​akeup Tool Takeaways

A​nyone can be great at doing makeup with the right tools. These tools are made to target certain types of makeup and application methods. In other words, they were made to make your life easier by simplifying the makeup process. What’s more, the tools don’t have to be expensive or niche in order to give you the results you want. It doesn’t have to be difficult—it just has to work for you. Grab a brush, a sponge, or a kit and enjoy the process!

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